Iran to send aid ship to Gaza

Dear Editor,

In “Iran to send aid ship to Gaza” again you quote an Israel detractor, this time state television of the fundamentalist Muslim dictatorship of Iran from Tehran, no less. There is just no source too low or quoting its anti-Israel rants are worthy of your services.

You report a lot of points of view by all kinds of politicians but never without presenting some of their opponents’ opinions – except when it concerns Israel.

The whole viewpoint is here obsessively from Iran’s side. “Dispatching a ship to Gaza risks a high-seas confrontation with the Israelis.”

How about considering “Iran dispatching a ship to Gaza brings for Israel extra danger. Being passive might enable a dangerous arms transport and encourage future ones; being proactive might lead to more confrontations with murderous terrorists, slandering news agencies and partial foreign governments.”?

Your bias gives away that you consider terrorists and dictators confronting Israel as brave (the brave risk) and that by implication you consider Israelis defending themselves as unworthy (the unworthy are not considered). Their blood is cheap and their lives are dispensable.

Please prove me wrong.


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