Defense chief criticizes Jerusalem demolition plan

Dear Editor,

I must hand it to you. With “Defense chief criticizes Jerusalem demolition plan” you’re not just spreading propaganda and lies, you also manage to confuse. A naive bystander could ask if a news agency should not inform, which is the opposite of providing indoctrination and discontentment. Insiders would receive such a question with howls of derision.

1. Your report against the demolition plan.

Unfortunately for you, there is no demolition plan – only a renovation plan in which

Thousands of houses will be build,

– Large facilities for the neighborhood will be erected (outstretched parks, a large community center, tourist attractions like shops, restaurants, art galleries will make the neighborhood flourish),

723 illegal houses will be legalized and

– 22 illegal houses will be razed (new living quarters for their inhabitants in the same area).

A dream for any city planner and city dweller. To call this a demolition plan is beyond demagoguery.

When the Jews don’t develop Arab neighborhoods they are racist and selfish; when they do develop them (in extended consultation with the inhabitants) they’re colonialists who judaize the city.

2. The (false) concept that this IS a demolition plan is very fruitful, though. Look:

* Ehud Barak calls it a lack of “common sense or good timing” to find favor with the US administration and his extreme left-wing Labor party.

* The U.S. State Department (always happy to attack the Jewish State) voiced concern, “that [this] undermines trust and potentially incites emotions and adds to the risk of violence.”

* Mahmoud Abbas “categorically rejects” it as “a stumbling-block in the path of the political process.”

* The U.N. spokesman calls it “worrying” and “provocative steps.”

* Saeb Erekat accused Netanyahu to plan “demolishing Palestinian houses.”

All these people and institutions know that this is not a demolition plan, but they are opportunists and abuse the misinformation begun by AP to further their political rhetoric. But the biggest opportunist is AP. Why? Because politicians are supposed to be lying unless proven otherwise. But the media should be beyond distortions – at least not distort knowingly.

3. The truth is tucked away in this report as Easter eggs hidden in a jungle.

Especially, part of the opening sentence “to raze 22 Palestinian homes to make room for an Israeli tourist center” kills for good any chance to understand what is truly going on. The full extent of the true plan is mentioned unprominently (after the killer sentence and later, beyond half way down the report), and so is drowned out by all the political waves that are made by so many people.

4. Old, tested & proven lies (debunked before) are recycled like in brainwashing.

* “Israel annexed east Jerusalem after capturing it from Jordan.” After Jordan annexed it from Israel – an annexation that was never recognized except by two states.

* “Palestinians want to build their capital in east Jerusalem and see any Israeli construction there as undercutting their claim.” They don’t claim the new Jewish neighborhoods and how could a face-lift for an Arab neighborhood undercut a claim on its sovereignty?

[You did take out a nonsense statement in an earlier report as if Jews and Arabs in the new Jerusalem neighborhoods live “in an uneasy coexistence.”

But you left in the numbers as if Jews live in great numbers in east Jerusalem; rather, new Jerusalem is: east (Arab), north (Ramot, Givat-Zeev, Jewish), south (Gilo, Har Homa, Jewish) and west (Har-Nof, Jewish). In each there are a few “others” sprincled around, but less than one percent.]

And then they say that crime doesn’t pay – one can’t tell from this report. You get away with the nonsense. Enjoy it; the truth will have it’s time soon.


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