Jerusalem revives plan to raze Palestinian homes

Dear Editor,

With amazement we see how you let Amy Teibel make AP the laughing-stock of Middle-East reporting. Her “Jerusalem revives plan to raze Palestinian homes” is unprecedented in distortion and chutzpah!


The mayor of Jerusalem, a business man and not a political animal, wants to give the run-down Arab neighborhood of west Jerusalem a face-lift. That will improve the value of the existing property greatly and the standard of living of the mainly Arab inhabitants.

It’s hard to make an omelet without braking any eggs. So in the process of improvement, no less than 723 illegal houses will be legalized, only 22 demolished. Further there will be more facilities, like parks. (Guess what Mrs. Teibel mentions, the 723 or the 22? For her it’s Catch 22.)

So what does AP report? Jerusalem is “to raze 22 Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem to make room for an Israeli tourist center.” That is not a misunderstanding, not just biased, not cherry-picking the truth, but rather outright defamation.

[Of course you mention that the illegal structures are the result of a difficulty to obtain legal permits (we’ve seen the lie before). Then you need to answer how come there are only 745 illegal structures in an area housing 50,000 people. That’s less than 1 %!]

There are in fact 18 new projects here, 16 small ones on request of the Arab residents and two larger ones, one in Gan Hamelech and one in greater Silwan. Not a word about a mayor who wants to please the residents.


And then of course, we have to read again how Jews are busy with “fast-track Judaization” of east Jerusalem. “Israel annexed east Jerusalem and nearly 200,000 Jews living alongside 250,000 Palestinians in an uneasy coexistence.” Mrs. Teibel here seems to invert Herzl’s hallmark credo into: If you don’t want it, tell a fairytale.

The quarter of a million Jews in the new Jewish neighborhoods don’t live in the proximity of the Arab neighborhoods at all. Neighborhoods like Har-Nof, Ramot, Gilo, Har-Choma, Givat-Zeev, French-Hill, etc. were built where no or hardly any Arabs lived. This kind of living apart together is most comfortable to all. The number of places where Jews and Arabs live in each other’s vicinity is very small. These are exceptions that confirm the rule of separate living.

Mrs. Teibel also throws in bonuses like: Gaza blockade of 1.5 million Gazans (nothing about Gilat Shalit), not recognized unification of Jerusalem, tensions with the US Administration, ANYTHING that says: where there are Jews there is trouble.

I understand that when peace breaks out, Mrs, Teibel would lose her job, so she would like to exaggerate and harp about any local tension; but she should be fired already, because she makes you look ridiculous. Is she paid by Reuters, maybe? She should be.


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