Israel drafting new list of goods banned from Gaza

Dear Editor,

The first three paragraph of your report “Israel drafting new list of goods banned from Gaza” contain the news as it is. And then we get again the recycling (harping?) of half and whole untruths (alternated with paragraphs with real information), pointed out to you time and again, but you won’t give up. For now.

The truth assaulted – again.

Raid on the flotilla killed nine. The dictionaries say that a raid is “a sudden attack on the enemy, as by air or by a small land force.” It was not sudden. The violence was just on one boat, not all, where Turkish terrorists had set out to capture Israeli commando’s to give them (a bit bruised) as a present to the Gaza rulers. We can see from the present fate of Gilad Shalit that that was a mortal danger, and so the Israeli’s had the duty to shoot themselves to safety. (Why do you fail to name Shalit and state that he’s held against all international laws without any excess of international supervision, like the Red Cross? Despicable!)

Up to now, Israel banned cement. Not true. I send you proof, that all building projects not under supervision of Hamas, got cement and all building materials that were needed.

Israel has banned all exports from Gaza. The nerve to state this. The accompanying AP picture shows “Palestinian trucks loaded; FILE – In this file photo taken on Thursday, June 10, 2010, Palestinian trucks loaded with fruits and other goods arrive in Rafah from Israel through the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip.” What would Gazans live from if not from export? Tourism?

Israel is completely not credited by AP for keeping 1.5 million Gazans alive and well – 1. There is no hunger in Gaza; 2. There is all that is needed for medical treatment in Gaza and patients in too complicated states are admitted into Israel for treatment; 3. There is enough fuel and electricity admitted into Gaza for heating, cooking and transportation (most deaths in Gaza fall in traffic now); 4. There is enough money under the population to set up and pay for an extensive smuggling operation through tunnels from Egypt (an impoverished population could never pay for this and then there would be no more smuggling.); 5. From this we can see that Gazans get good prices for their merchandise exported to/through Israel.

Why would AP not stick to truth & fairness when reporting about Israel?

AP is a non-profit organization, but you do have thousands of people who need to be paid their salaries, and much costs to cover, so you can’t be TOO idealistic – we understand. How many countries would go to Reuters when AP stops slandering Israel? We understand your anxiety. But we don’t approve. It’s falsehood and baseless hatred and oppression of an innocent People, prosecuted over centuries and still not free to live in peace in its own country.

So we can’t prove if you’re against Israel for the money or for the irrational hatred of the Jews – but we reject either argument and call you to change course.

Would it be so bad if cigarette producers would receive fines so heavy that it would put them out of business? We doubt that. Who needs people to smoke? They did real harm – let them pay for it.

Would it be so bad if AP and all other news outlets that unfairly portray Israel would receive such penalties that they would be put out of business? We doubt it. But we need people to report. But not in a crooked, propagandist way. They did real harm – let them pay for it.

There can be no doubt about what the future will bring.

Let’s clear the way for fair Middle-East reporting. If you don’t ensure it, you will be forced, eventually. It’s just a matter of time. The people who gave a hand to spreading hatred will be noted for history. The only way out with grace will be to give it up voluntarily, as we saw with the White South-African rulers who gave up Apartheid.

Any way it will go, hate has no future. But it’s up to you, how history will (dis)credit you. Were you a disgrace to mankind, or did you have the guts to say: till here?

And we need more than just a benign boss who ensures that this stops (until another malignant one takes over). We need an executive who sets up a system of checks and balances to ensure that AP is on the side of Truth and Humanity forever.


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