Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest school ruling

Dear Editor,

“Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest school ruling”is a whole long report that gives no insight into what is happening. This comes from the reporter not really knowing what’s going on. She restricts herself to presenting myriads of stereotypes and generalizations. A brilliant example is this:

“Most of the demonstrators were men wearing the long beards and heavy black clothing typical among ultra-Orthodox Jews.” (Most man that don’t cut their facial hair will NOT automatically end up sporting LONG beards – but this is what your reporter sees.)

Not a word about widespread doubts if this conflict has anything to do with past tensions between European and Meddle-Eastern Jews.

Total silence about the changes in Israeli society where more and more “ultra-orthodox” men join the army and the work force and “nonreligious” Jews more and more learn about our tradition and reclaim pride in our joined roots and history.

But in any case, a brilliant opportunity to maintain the myth that Jews and Israel are trouble-makers.

“Man bites hound” is news.

“Hound bites man” is no news.

Except when either of them is Jewish.


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