Israeli police officer killed in shooting attack

Dear Editor,

“Israeli police officer killed in shooting attack” treats us to euphemisms.

The murderers are here “gunmen,” not terrorists.

The attack is “a rare flare-up of violence,” not: finally another “hit” after many, weekly, sometimes daily attempts to murder Israelis. The calm has two sources:

1. The vigilance of the Israeli soldiers at the check posts where West Bank roads enter Israel proper. There are continuous attempts to smuggle in weapons and other deadly stuff. And attacks on these conscripts.

2. Fatah stopping Hamas attacks at the West Bank in exchange for easing by Israel at the check posts, much improving life locally.

On the latter point, I was pleasantly surprised to see this mentioned in an AP report. Are you planning on writing an article on how Palestinian self-regulation against violence is paying off and how Israel has no interest in bothering the Palestinian population? (Or was this just another token sentence at the end of an AP report that for the rest confirms stereotypes and steers opinions – away from truth and facts?)


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