Israel approves inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid

Dear Editor,

Twice five days ago and once yesterday, I pointed out to you that Israel does transfer building material into the Gaza Strip. But again, today in your “Israel approves inquiry into Gaza flotilla raid” report you state that:

“Israel refuses to allow cement, metal and other building materials into Gaza, fearing Hamas will use them to build weapons.”

I gave you the link to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Behind the Headlines: The Israeli humanitarian lifeline to Gaza,” specifying Building Materials allowed in all the time, including recently. You should have acknowledged this official Israeli information. After that, you could have stated that “AP has learned that this is untruthful because…” Instead you don’t dispute this counter info – you simply ignore it.

(The rest of the information in this article is largely factual but is all presented with a framing that says that anything reasonable from Israel needs to be exacted by other countries. Israelis are no good.)

The undersigned saw no other option than to go public with this AP bias. I opened a Blog about AP’s Middle-East “reporting”: I would be so happy to discontinue this plea for unbiased information by AP about Israel. The ball is in your court.

As anyone now can see on the Blog, the last year AP has slipped from a fair reporter that sometimes goofs to a continuous distributor of anti-Israel propaganda – with occasional token lines, paragraphs and reports that are fair about the Jewish State for a change. (These sporadic exceptions do NOTHING for correcting a warped image that you helped to create to begin with.)

I don’t know what has happened to AP, but it is libelous, damaging and unbecoming. We insist that you return to your norm of fair Israel reporting that you had a year ago and that you display in other areas.

The depth, breadth, language, speed and integrity in your reporting is a delight. Your exceptional bias around Israel is a stain that needs to be removed.

Shalom from Jerusalem,

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