Surprized Israeli commandos don’t hesitate and prevent massive lynching / Israeli commandos storm aid flotilla; 9 killed

Dear Editor,

I hope this email does not fall into the wrong hands, because I would like to warn you that there seems someone in your headquarters who wants to keep reporting around Israel away from spreading information and truths. The same distortions are recycled day after day, week after week, even after their untruths is pointed out to you. This person obviously uses AP to further her/his political plan, uncaring for the noble goal of AP or the interest of the public to be informed.

If this email falls into the hands of this warmonger it will not go anywhere. But maybe you belong to the rest of the staff. Then, please try to find out who this person is, try to find out who his/her friends are and who pay him/her, isolate this person and then try to unite the respectable journalists at your main quarters to oust this person.

In “Israeli commandos storm aid flotilla; 9 killed,” I found this jewel: “The violent takeover dealt yet another blow to Israel ‘s international image” while the only blow was the renewed slander and distortions of the truth. Let me name four major ones:

– It is well know that Israelis will only try to kill when their lives are in danger.

– They went on board early to surprise the activists to prevent violence (the opposite of storming).

– Five of the boats were peacefully taken over, as planned.

– Activists at the largest one, however, tried to actually kill the Israelis (down their helicopter, had and used metal sticks, knifes and even firearms) – to prevent being lynched by a mob is not a violent reaction but pure and good old self-defense.

I hope you will find and neutralize this cuckoo in the AP nest, so that you can model for the other major agencies what honest and fair Middle-East reporting may look like.

With best wishes from Jerusalem ,

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