Palestinians mark displacement in 1948 Mideast war

Dear Editor,

I read “Palestinians mark displacement in 1948 Mideast war” by Associated Press Writer Rizek Abdel Jawad. This has nothing to do with reporting, I’m sorry to say. I will mention a number of main points.

(Of course, you could object that objectivity can’t be expected from Gaza , where there is no freedom of the press to speak of, but this article in done in your name.)

  • History is rewritten in it. No word that Israel was attacked by all the Arab countries and miraculously survived and that most Palestinians fled, rather than were chased away.
  • Not a word about the millions of Jewish Arabs that fled to Israel and were completely integrated into society, while each and every of the 22 Arab states refused to absorb their Palestinian brethren.
  • Palestinian needs and frustrations are tallied broadly without a word about Israel’s needs (for peace, security, restitution).
  • Not a word about the unprecedented peace offers and sacrifices by Israeli leaders nor the unwillingness among the Palestinian leaders to educate for peace and acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state.
  • The tremendous losses of Israeli life, and the stress of generations growing up with the dread of annihilation hanging over them (as if history wasn’t enough) is completely absent while every inconvenience from the Palestinian side is expatiated upon greatly.
  • Last but not least, this article is another contribution to dividing Jews and Palestinians and fortifying hatred of Jews/Israelis.

With a report like this AP becomes an accessory to the rise in hatred and anti-Jewish sentiments the word over and part of the problem.

A black page in the annals of news reporting.

Shalom from Jerusalem ,

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