Israel rejects US calls for east Jerusalem freeze

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel rejects US calls for east Jerusalem freeze” by Associated Press Writer JOSEF FEDERMAN is not so neutral but the bias is subtle and all over.

However, towards the end the not so subtle sentence “Peace talks broke down in late 2008 after Israel launched a three-week military offensive in the Gaza Strip.” was back again, no matter how many time I wrote to you that that is not true.

  • Peace talk broke down only when Olmert stepped down.
  • Olmert was still the prime-minister during the Gaza campaign and he resigned many months later.
  • Peace-talks with Olmert did not result in anything, although Olmert was desperate to show some results.
  • And then blame Israel for the stalling?

What’s the catch of repeating this sentence over and over again?
I don’t get it.


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