Reports: US wants Israel to cancel building plan

Dear Editor,

I’m sorry that “Reports: US wants Israel to cancel building plan” contains the paragraph:

“Palestinians object to Israeli construction in east Jerusalem because they want that sector of the city for their capital.”

The 1,600 housing units now proposed are for a Jewish neighborhood in new Jerusalem where only ultra-orthodox Jews live and that is NOT claimed for a future Palestinian State – by the PA. Yes, Hamas claims the whole of Israel and for them we can’t build anywhere – I’m sure that is not what you mean.

I’ve written half a dozen emails to you, in different wording pointing out the same mistake and you still have to apply this information.

AP is not the only news company that reports this wrong. But how outstanding would AP be for getting this one right; and how much embarrassment would AP carry if it had to apologize later for continuing to sing in the anti-Israel choir and abandoning the Jewish State for no good reason at all.

On this point, please, stop the propaganda and start informing. It mars you further excellent reporting, in my opinion.

Please try. There must be someone at AP who wants to get this right.

This is not a matter of becoming pro-Israel – I only request of you to become neutral. What can be sweeter than the truth, or at least aiming for it?

Shalom from Jerusalem,

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