PLO gives approval for indirect talks with Israel

Dear Editor,

Associated Press Writer Dalia Nammari, with Amy Teibel, have written a fairly neutral report with “PLO gives approval for indirect talks with Israel.” Unfortunately two blots on it were things I’ve reported to you even last week (see below).

1. For the forth time I need to report to you that an AP reporter repeated the untruth that “The Palestinians broke off the talks when Israel launched its bruising offensive in the Gaza Strip in December 2008, aimed at stopping years of rocket attacks on Israeli towns.” The other three times are mentioned below.

2. Again I need to state that Israel is NOT executing any construction for Jews in “east Jerusalem, the Palestinians’ hoped-for capital” (see below).

What would it take for AP to state the truth on these two points?

Here is some proof that negotiation went on months after the War:


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