Arabs approve indirect Israeli-Palestinians talks

Dear Editor,

I would like to draw your attention to three issues.

When did the breakdown start

Two recent emails [“Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian protesters,February 22, “Palestinians question US on reviving peace talks,” February 7] corrected the same untruth. The negotiations between Palestinians and Israel did NOT break down after the Cast Lead War.

Maamoun Youssef, Nasser Shiyoukhi and now Salah Nasrawi all write as if the War stopped the negotiations, which is simply not true (as I argued before (below) already). That is not a matter of (my) opinion – it is a well-know calendar fact. The negotiations stopped only after Premier Olmert had to step down for being indicted on corruption charges.

Letting different AP reporters write the same untruths three times in a month while being alerted to that, does not look good on you. You’re AP – not some propaganda machine!!

I like AP, I honor AP, I care about AP, and like AP I care about the truth. This issue made me angry and I take the trouble to write to you. But how many readers already stopped reading anything an AP reporter with an Arab name writes? People have little time and patience. This is damaging your name more than my mood. Please do something about this. Thank you.

East Jerusalem

Now we’re at changing prevalent misconceptions to clarify important issues to the readers, let’s look for a moment at “east Jerusalem , the sector of the city Palestinians claim as the capital of a future state.” The Palestinians claim as the capital of a future state of the “new” sectors of Jerusalem only the east of the center of the city. Other “new” Israeli sectors are also called “east Jerusalem ” (like Gilo, Ramot, Pizgat Zeev, etc.) because they also were added by the Six Day War, but they are not claimed for a Palestinian State . 99% of the new constructions in “east Jerusalem ” are in those “new” areas that the Palestinians don’t claim.

Absolutely unbalanced

Lastly, it seems disingenuous to let a whole collection of Arab leaders and reporters give their visions (maligning Israel in the process) and then to close off with a token sweet statement by the Israeli prime-minister, reinforcing (again) the unsupported stereotype that there is something tremendously wrong with the Israeli position. Dozens of times I have protested this one-sidedness by now – do you realize the price AP is paying for this lopsidedness in the so sought-after ME news reporting?

Shalom from Jerusalem,

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