Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian protesters

Dear Editor,

“Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian protesters” by Associated Press Writer Nasser Shiyoukhi has two flaws towards the very end. Please note.

A. Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib is quoted as saying:

“We believe that this particular violation is very dangerous because it might add to the religious nature of the conflict.”

This give the impression as if this symbolic declaration by Israel was in any way a violation, while there is nothing illegal to it. Then, to claim that Israel like this is appending a religious element to the conflict that did not exist before, is a grave insult to everyone’s intelligence, or rather to the esteem in which you seem to hold your readers.

I know that your reporter is only quoting, but in order to actually inform and not mislead the hurried reader, such a quote needs to be followed by a counter-statement that reflects reality, if one wants to avoid leaving a false impression of what is going on.

B. The sting is in the tail. Your reporter concludes:

Negotiations broke down more than a year ago after Israel launched a military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Two weeks ago I protested the report “Palestinians question US on reviving peace talks” by Associated Press Writer MAAMOUN YOUSSEF that had many flaws (see below) and contained a similar untrue statement:

The talks collapsed a year ago during Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

So, I reiterate: The negotiations broke down when Ehud Olmert had to step down from office being indited on corruption charges. He had been holding peace talks behind the back of anybody offering all that can be offered to get into the history books on a good note and the Palestinians said no to anything he offered.

The talks lasted long after the battle and their ending had nothing to do with the 3 weeks War in Gaza.

To conclude, I would really appreciate being able to protest soon some pro-Israel bias in AP reporting for a change – if there has to be any bias at all. Please try to edit more towards neutrality.

Thank you for your attention.
With best wishes from Jerusalem,

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