Hezbollah warns of retaliation for any Israeli hit

Dear Editer,

Associated Press Writer Bassem Mroue has not succeeded to write about Hezbollah in the neutral fashion that behooves AP. From its headline till its bottom-line Hezbollah is portrayed as a defensive organization while the whole world knows its offensively trying to wipe Israel from the globe. And so by default Israel is portrayed as aggressor, while Israel did nothing.

Top-terrorist Hassan Nasrallah held a militant speech and Israel is painted as aggressor.
This is as ridiculous as claiming that the Pope is an atheist and the Chief Rabbi a communist.

Is all of AP’s reporting so flawed and I only know this about the Middle East reporting because I happen to live there? I surely hope not. And if not, these kinds of reports are a blot on AP’s escutcheon.


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