Palestinians question US on reviving peace talks

Dear Editor,

I’m sorry to tell you that “Palestinians question US on reviving peace talks” by Associated Press Writer MAAMOUN YOUSSEF has only vague resemblance to the local news that I follow here in Israel.

This whole story is one of Palestinian leaders searching for a peace partner and for leaders willing to help mediate. This is not grounded in any reality as I know it.

All kinds of details are tendentious or made up.

“The talks collapsed a year ago during Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.” No, they collapsed when Ehud Olmert had to step down from office being indited on corruption charges. He had been holding peace talks behind the back of anybody offering all that can be offered to get into the history books on a good note and the Palestinians said no to anything he offered.

To characterize the 2008/2009 3-weeks war as “Israel’s war against Hamas” is not neutral.

“Efforts by President Barack Obama since then to revive them have failed in large part over the issue of Israel’s settlement construction in areas the Palestinians want for a future state.” This is glorifying the Palestinian leaders for making preconditions to the talks and painting those conditions as completely reasonable. Not a word of that they are just lame excuses not to talk.

“The Palestinian president said in a meeting with reporters Friday night that he is optimistic the United States can push the sides back to talks.” But the only ones who need to be pushed here is the Palestinian leadership.

“the Palestinians were not willing to offer more compromises to get the process moving again.” That is a euphemism for that they haven’t offered anything at all! They are the ones who are demanding and only demanding.

“We are very vigilant against any Israeli tricks.” This portrays Israel as unreliable. There is no proof for that and no thrust and parry, no Israeli is offered a chance to contradict this statement, or any of the other pronouncements!!

The token last sentence from Netanyahu is completely trivial.

Therefor the whole article is misleading and unconnected to the truth as anyone here knows it.

You have so many correspondents in the Middle East, and hardly anyone who shows to appreciate being neutral. And none that is biased pro-Israel. This is unbecoming and uncharacteristic of AP.

I wish you would find a few truth-loving correspondents here, instead of the many that write what they want, doing your far-away readers such a disservice, or that you would edit the words stiffly before publishing these now biased reports.

With best wishes from Jerusalem,

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