Italy’s prime minister links Gaza war to Holocaust

Dear Editor,

Associated Press Writer Dalia Nammari wrote an excellent article, unfortunately a bit marred by interjection of a few funny statements:

  • Berlusconi: “So just as it’s right to cry for the victims of the Shoah, it’s right to show pain for what happened in Gaza.” This was to placate Mr Abbas but is brought as if characteristic for his presentations during his visit – the headline is made of it. No Israeli will make any point of it because he’s perceived as a true friend by Israel.
  • “the Gaza offensive, which killed some 1,400 people, including an estimated 900 civilians” – this is pertinent untrue as we see that the number of male “civilians” killed is more than five times the number of the female ones, while the male/female ratio in Gaza is close to 1, not 5.
  • “a country that was founded in the wake of the Nazi massacre of 6 million Jews” – technically that is true but this statement reinforces the old canard as if the State of Israel exists because of the Holocaust, and hides that Zionism is much much older, and overlooks that if all Peoples deserve a homeland, the Jews need not be an exception.

Especially the inclusion of the last two quotes is unworthy and should have been caught by a senior editor. I hope that you can take this to heart so that I can be confident that I helped.

Best wishes from Jerusalem,

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