Premier: Israel to keep parts of West bank forever

Dear AP Editor,

I must protest most strongly against a second off report in as many days by AMY TErrIBEL, Associated Press Writer, who now penned “Premier: Israel to keep parts of West bank forever.”

The whole thrust of her article is that the Israeli leader put up new stumbling blocks in the peace process, which is pertinent untrue. Then also she completely leaves out that the other side still refuses to have a state alongside Israel, and makes all kinds of preconditions for actually negotiating while Israel doesn’t.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and outlook. But it’s infuriating when that is sold as an account of what actually goes on. There is such a variety of opinions in Israel, and I enjoy learning from each point of view. But when one vision is lifted out and presented to the outside world as an objective picture, that is below all norms!

The most blatant case is probably that she characterizes the West Bank and East Jerusalem as captured by Israel in 1967 while that only recaptured it from Jordan that first conquered and occupied it with no international recognition of that conquest. This is politely called making history.

This way your Israel reporting looks more and more like Reuters’ that does a terrible job. If you want to be known for unfairness and unevenness in Middle East reporting, this is the way to progress.

Thank you,
Good day from Jerusalem, Israel

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