New Israeli demand complicates US peace mission

Dear AP Editor,

AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer, just wrote “New Israeli demand complicates US peace mission.” I hate to complain but as a news report the first 85% of the text completely fails. It is not only quarrelsome but more than that, it is one-sided opinion rather than reporting.

And even if you would publish it as OPINION that would not be good enough because she just chimes in with all the other one-sided reporting on Israel that is around. (Your occasional commentaries by senior editors, on the other hand, I find very informative and sensible; nothing like this tendentious story.)

Sorry, AP, but this is (again) a disgrace by Amy Teibel. She can do better because she has written real reports in the past two years, but here she’s back to misleading the readers and tarnishing AP’s reputation. I’m very disappointed to the extent of being offended. This is so poor – does AP have no staff to check her work before to goes unto the world? This belongs to the worst she has written about Israel, and she already had a reputation.

Please let someone else rewrite this piece and tell her that this is unbecoming of AP. (There are enough Left Wing media outlets in Israel who would gladly buy a story like that but she should know that AP is not about creating myths but rather about reporting and informing.)

Thank you,
Good day from Jerusalem, Israel

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