Israel kills 6 Palestinians in surge of violence

Dear Editor,

I ask you not rhetorically if it would be too much for reporters from Nablus and Gaza to write without toeing the official local propaganda? But since they are AP reporters, maybe some note should go with their reports that their safety might not enable them to write all they want.

In any case, it was disingenuous to declare that “The violent Nablus raids, after months of relative quiet, embarrassed Western-backed Abbas….” Rather the embarrassment came from the “killing an Israeli settler in a roadside ambush earlier in the week.”

The report goes into details of the Palestinians killed, but leave the Israeli without name, age or funeral details. This is not evenhanded, of course.

Also, to add up the three killed in the West Bank and the three killed at the Gaza border is an interpretation rather than reporting. It gives the unfounded impression that Israel went violent again, while the two incidents have little to do with each other. One is a bunch of murderers that did not want to surrender, one a bunch of would be infiltrators into Israel that must have had violent intentions if their risked their lives to infiltrate.

So this report was not a complete disaster, but still not at AP level, was it?

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