White House: Israeli housing plans dismaying

Dear editor,

I’m sorry to have to critisize your report “White House: Israeli housing plans dismaying” by Associated Press Writer Steven R. Hurst.

The report centers around misinformation. Gilo, where the 900 units should be built, does not lie in East Jerusalem! I know, because I live there.

Let me specify. Directly South of Jerusalem lies Bethlehem. The most Southern neighborhood of Jerusalem is Gilo. The proud Arab families that had lived there when Gilo was founded, still live in the same houses that once dotted the empty lands between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, now among us, though they largely keep to themselves.

Gilo has nothing to do with east Jerusalem and is not claimed by the Palestinians as part of their desired part of the capital. Gilo is southern Jerusalem. Over the green line, but not east Jerusalem.

I don’t know where Mr. Hurst lives, but he should have made this fact an important part of his report, that is now severely flawed.

I would like you to make such a change prominently and speadily, in honor of Truth and Associate Press.

Thank you so much and all the best from Jerusalem (Gilo),
Your faithful AP consumer,

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