Israel prepares for battle over war crimes claims

Dear editor,

Amy Teibel wrote today “Israel prepares for battle over war crimes claims” – a fairly mild article on war crime allegations against Israeli leaders. Still, it does not meet AP reputation for fair reporting. Why?

Because the piece goes on and on about such allegations, but deleted is the baselessness of them. Result: a touch of suspicion against them remains.

A good example is ex-prime-minister Sharon, who is (again) infamously linked to the massacre in two Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon 1982. Left out is that Christian Lebanese committed the massacres, that the leader of them after that for years was a member of the Lebanese Parliament en even Government, that Italian troops did not stop the killing but withdrew, that a major demonstration in Tel Aviv demanded an inquiry resulting in a critical Israeli report that Israel could and should have done more, and that the Lebanese Amal-melitia in the three years following all the people in the two camps exterminated until there were 7 families left alive.

To single out Sharon’s role, who was merely too passive for two days, is a corruption.

“Israel has rejected all war crimes allegations. It says most of the dead in Gaza were armed militants, though it has not provided proof” is not completely correct.

Hamas gets to its majority of civilians by counting the police officers as civilians. They were not only in big numbers also Hamas-fighters, they have not been seen regulating traffic in Gaza. Police here is a euphemism for militia.

Further, Israel has not provided proof for every person who died in the 3 weeks of fighting, but it has provided a lengthy document detailing to which great extent it went to avoid killing civilians, while Hamas tried to get killed as many as the Israeli and Gaza residents as it could.

This way the report paints (again) Israel as the main culprit, and that is not factual.

Yesterday you ran Mark Lavie’s tainted report, today Amy Teibel – I long for honest reporting by AP as it has done so many times about Israel and does almost always about everywhere else.


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