Hamas, Israel deal: 20 prisoners for soldier video

Dear editor,

The “Hamas, Israel deal: 20 prisoners for soldier video” by Associated Press Writer MARK LAVIE is way below the standard that I’m used from AP.

The beginning of the report is neutral. But then, from “Such a deal could be critical” onwards three big pieces of propaganda are inserted in the forms of one-sidedness, biased language and untruths. I have never been so shocked by an AP report. (There is much worse, but not by AP!) How can this be? I’ll give you examples:

The report claims:

“1.4 million residents of Gaza who are mired in poverty and facing shortages of vital supplies because of the punishing blockade” but there was not and will not be a humanitairian crisis in Gaza, even not during the 3 week war this year; taht is the truth. If there were, mortality would double, like in most of the Third World.

“smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza — the main lifeline into the blockaded territory” to feed 1.5 milion people?? The tunnels are for smuggling weapons only.

“Also Wednesday, a 17-year-old Palestinian was run over and killed by an Israeli army jeep in the northern West Bank village of Yabad.The military said as Palestinians threw rocks at an Israeli army patrol, a jeep “experienced mechanical difficulties” and accidentally hit the youth.” But the well-respected Jerusalem Post (that has always much AP reporting) writes today that Palestinians shot at a driver east of Shilo and rocks were hurled at a driver near Bethlehem. Three attempts to murder Israelis, only the accidental death of a Palestinian is reported.

I’m shocked that such bias could creep into an AP report.

Please try to check reporting about Israel for bias because it’s not only perpetuating the lack of peace, it’s infuriating to the locals like me who know what really happens and it’s desecrating AP’s good name.

Thank you.
Shalom from Jerusalem,

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