Interviews support Israeli army misconduct in Gaza

Dear AP editors,

Karin Laub is back!!

We missed her, her one-sided hateful “reporting” about Israeli politics.

But she found even more fertile ground. She is now in Gaza, fanning the flames of hate.

Now, if she would just give a lopsided biased story that would be one thing.
No, she now puts in real spins.
Associated Press, this is a travesty you unworthy!!!

She writes: “In recent testimony, Israeli soldiers told of vandalizing homes they seized to use as army posts, as well as relaxed rules of engagement, including hasty shooting at civilians. The soldiers, who spoke to a military prep school in a closed-door session, described an incident with similarities to the shooting of the Hijeh family.” HOWEVER, as everyone in Israel knows, in the past days the Israeli army has investigated these stories and the are debunked completely.

Karin Laub is not only a hatemonger, she is a fraud. Dump her or she will drag you down.

I’ve written to you before about her. She’s reached a new low. I don’t know why you keep her. Let her work for Reuters – they always have stories about what monsters Israels are. The world needs an AP that will give quality, truthful reporting about the Middle-East, like on everything else.

Please, send her away.

Thank you for your time, and forgive my forceful words, but they are true and from the heart.

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