Israeli soldiers drag settlers out of Hebron house

Dear Editor,

AMY TEIBEL is back, and so are God and Jewish extremists. I recognized her style and then I looked at the name of the writer. Her method: to use an outburst (here: evacuation of a house in Hebron) as a reason to depict Israeli extremism. Again she fortifies stereotypes instead of bringing nuance and information to clarify a complicated situation.

In her zeal this time she misses the real reason for the confrontation. The Israeli High Court of Justice, that usually sides with the Left in Israel, had not rejected the proper-ness of the purchasing of the house, but rather ruled that regardless if the sale to the settlers was legal, the settlers should not have entered the building as long as there was a dispute about the sale.

She misses many opportunities to bring nuances. Let’s just pass in review, as example, that any Israeli knows without research:
– The pogrom of 1929 that made the City that is holy for Jews free of Jews
– The transfer of most of Hebron to the PA
– The growing extremism in the Palestinian population because they smell that it works for them and in the Jewish population because since the Disengagement from Gaza that are more and more isolated by the mainstream political echelon in Israel
– The eagerness by the government to show their strength to make any change in the map, even when they are an outgoing administration – a brazenness that would not easily go in any other democracy in the world.

This lady does not belong in the AP team. Her reporting is a stain on AP’s good reputation. One day someone who wants to smear the AP will have an easy example: AMY TEIBEL’s bias, ander and superficiality.

Maybe she can be advised to start writing fiction or stick to the local Israeli Press, because inside Israel she can do little harm – we all know enough to see that she’s not a reporter; she’s just a commentator, with an axe to grind.

This is the third time that I write you about her. Over the years I’ve never criticized any other AP writer. To the contrary – I enjoy many of them – daily – for their richness in language, their broadness of investigation, their details in reporting and their talent to inform. I cannot imagine that AMY TEIBEL only makes me unhappy. How long will we have to suffer her ranting?

I’m sorry to have been so critical.
Be assured of my respect,

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