Ultra-Orthodox party emerging as Israel kingmaker

Dear Sir,

Sorry to tell you that you issued an exception to your otherwise excellent reporting.

“Ultra-Orthodox party emerging as Israel kingmaker” is rather rabble-rousing and contentious than informative. Besides it has many inaccuracies.

Why defaming and sabring down the Shas party and its mentor, quote after quote? True, the rabbi has said extremist things, but many were taken out of context by the secular press, and this is well known in Israel .

On the other hand, rabbi Ovadiah Yosef was the only leading orthodox rabbi who came out in support of the Oslo accords, contrary to your reporting.

In any event – any party will have their wish list for participating in the new government; to call only theirs “demands” has no place neutral reporting. To quote a lawmaker’s expectations that Shas will make excessive demands as always is also unbalanced. Where are the quotes from Shas-people themselves? They are human – you can talk to them – besides the token comment by Knesset fraction leader Eli Yishai, who is not the Shas leader as reported.

This AP reporter has to learn the difference between giving her opinion and reporting. This way she’s only hurting AP’s excellent record. AP is my main source of daily information, so I know what I’m talking about.

I hope you will inform her.

Thank you, and keep up the good work,

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