If you want to read our pieces from a nicer newspaper style layout, go to: http://www.jewpi.com/category/ap-israel-watch/ . 

If you want to get a short but fair impression of AP Israel reporting, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STOaCl-cES0&feature=channel . Yes, it’s a satire, but that’s what makes it so clear http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire .

1. Here are emails [sometimes slightly modified] that we are sending to Associated Press about untruths in their Israel reporting.      

AP editors and writers can go on-line from the comfort and privacy of their own homes to read our feedback.     

The headlines of the posts here are the AP headlines. This way at the Web these AP reports should be easily found together with our emails. [When we don’t react to an AP story but rather are being proactive & request a report from AP, the squarely bracketed headline is our suggestion to them. You will find these invitations in Chapter 4.]     

Here you find the AP articles from the horse’s mouth: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/external/search.hosted.ap.org/wireCoreTool/Search?SITE=MAFIT&query=israel . To find an article, even when removed by AP, we only have to search the title between quotation marks on the Internet.      

Direct quotes from the AP reports are “in italics & between quotation marks,” usually followed by comments or proof pointing out their problems.      

You’ll find the good AP reports reviewed in Chapter 2., the poor ones in Chapter 3., all of them below or in Chapter 0., and the most important ones in Chapter 5.      

Criteria for a report mark qualifying each report you’ll find in Chapter 8. Grades.      

2. Besides critiques on AP reports, we may find an [Editorial] now & then, with more general analysis of what seems to go on in AP Israel reporting. You will find them collected in Chapter 1.      

3. AP claims to have more than half the world’s population as readers & viewers. It influences public opinion and government policy internationally, as no one else. However, AP can write whatever it wants. Sure, freedom of the press is the best safeguard of democracy; democracy the best protector of human rights.  But on the other hand, no one insures that what AP writes is truthful and fair, but… our feedback. There is a need to put this in check.      

WHY AP?      

Why not rather go after news agencies that are worse on anti-Israel bias?      

1. Because we like AP & we want it to abide by its standards also about Israel.      

2. Because we want AP to set the standard for all other firms.      

3. Because AP is the biggest & after that reports fairly & honestly about Israel, all the others will have to follow.      

4. Because this action is about helping the best to improve, not about killing the worst.      


AP’s Israel reporting seems to go through ups and downs. Some AP  Middle-East reports are unbiased, but most strain the truth, ALWAYS to the disadvantage of Israel’s image. There are many types of distortions that we have seen around Israel by AP.      

Let’s first start with how AP is not biased around Israel & Jews. Generally, on archeological stuff, the Holocaust and signaling (the struggle against) anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, AP seem pretty fair.      

But AP generally under-reports/completely ignores:      

– Anything showing the State of Israel in a positive light      

– Anything showing the State of Israel in a neutral light      

– Anything showing normalcy, quiet or fun in the State of Israel      

– Anything showing the State of Israel as a victim of Arab violence      

– Anything showing the Palestinian people / Arabs as a victim of Arab violence, despotism and foreign interference      

– Anything showing genuine, heartfelt support for the State of Israel      

– The Israeli view and experience (by leaving it out, or mentioning it very late in a report, or going less into details, or quoting fewer people on that side, or over-flooding it with statements by the other side, including Israeli ultra-left-wing Israel-bashers) & over-exposes the Palestinian/Arab side of things.      

AP frequently expresses over-criticalness on Israeli views & experiences & often is unquestioning on Palestinian/Arab sides of things, even when they seem implausible.      

We see a twisting of the facts, but always so that Israel looks scandalous and Palestinians appear pitiful, while AP claims impartiality.      

AP has a special Israeli reporter on standby, ready to bash Israeli ultra-orthodox Jews.      

Most of AP’s Middle-East headlines are unfair if not outright biased.      

On no other subject we find that AP is so partial if at all.      


Media bias can be in degrees. The five C’s.      

Grade 0. No bias and when mistakes swift Corrections.      

Grade 1. Coloring the reports. (Trends only towards one side.)      

Grade 2. Censoring the reports. (Omitting crucial parts.)      

Grade 3. Creating news stories. (Staging news “events.”)      

Grade 4. Coming into the stories. (From reporter to player.)      

On Israel Reporting, AP has fallen to Grade 4, years ago.      


Everyone seems to have their own pet answers to the problems in the Middle-East. A 1-state, 2-states, 3-states, 4-states, 5-states solution among the more popular ones. Regularly, these are idealistic pipe dreams, not supported by the facts or the times, and the situations and the mindsets of the people involved. We will give you a brief insider’s view.      

We believe that there are no quick, easy solutions, and to do away with this uncomfortable idea, many people ignore reality. But we don’t have to agree on this analysis, though. It’s enough to love truth and fairness, to help resist disinformation.      

Fact is that much potential for peace is spoiled by outside interests that muddle the waters here (the Muddle-East), by corrupt leaders (who are in it for their own glory and money) and by playing the parties off against one another (We need to be for everyone’s long-term interests). Partial international news coverage and diplomacy are often part of all of this.      

To reach peace, many actions are needed; the first must be to disseminate correct information and to stop propaganda and incitement. (Other things to strive for could be: True representation of all people involved, Teaching all the local populations about Anti-Semitism and Racism and how to defeat these, Promoting tolerance and pride (disabling unneeded discord and self-blame), Educating against hopelessness and defeatism, etc.).      

With this blog we hope to contribute in a modest way toward this first goal of impartial international news coverage.      


Some of us feel too powerless or furious to confront the propaganda.      

Find here counterarguments & spirit to hold out pro truth, con hate.      

But when AP misses the mark:      

We don’t whine – rather, we accuse      

We’re not seething – rather, we’re indignant      

We won’t just criticize – rather, we bring truth & expect betterment.      

These emails might not be enough to change AP, though. Needed might be too:      

– That lots of people write such emails all the time.      

– That there will be alternative news outlets that do inform about Israel as should be done; we hear that FOX NEWS does a good job in the USA.      

– That a worldwide discussion will develop on how come such influential players as Reuters & AP can write whatever they want.      

– That it will be investigated who trained AP’s senior editors and who pays them.      

– That eventually the courts are found and addressed that will fine slander so well that it won’t pay to be a hatemonger or bigot anymore for anyone.      

– More?      

What may we do to help here?      

We can inform ourselves & start writing & help others to do the same.      

Here’s the standard AP claims to abide by (If it weren’t so sad it would be truly hilarious.): http://www.ap.org/newsvalues/index.html .      

Here’s some background information on AP TV England by a reporter: http://www.newenglishreview.org/custpage.cfm/frm/62537/sec_id/62537 .      

Also promoting truer Israel reporting: http://www.hudson-ny.org/author/Khaled+Abu+Toameh , http://www.camera.org/ ,  http://www.debka.com/ , http://www.honestreporting.com/ , http://backspin.typepad.com/     

You will find a Guide how to write in Chapter 6.      

In Chapter 7. you may find counterarguments against popular anti-Israel bias.      

Do you agree? Can you help? Will you too write to AP? Will you stimulate others to write AP? AP news agency: info@ap.org .

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Pamela Anderson in Israel to promote fur ban

Dear Editor,

With your “Pamela Anderson in Israel to promote fur ban” AP again killed a pro-Israel story.

Instead of “Israel world leader in animal compassion,” your headline again stresses something negative about Israel – if only a lack of perfection.

We have to read to the sixth paragraph to find that: Anderson called Israel a “progressive” country because it had (sic!) no fur farms, and said that it can serve as “an example for the rest of the world.” It’s not clear why the word progressive had to be in inverted commas.


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Settlers confirm work has begun on up to 600 homes

Dear Editor,

AP’s sister writers Cunning and Guile have teamed up to write the daily installment on West Bank settlements and it shows! “Settlers confirm work has begun on up to 600 homes” is a master piece of deceit and sedition. Apparently, hate can also unite people, on the surface.


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Mideast sides eye US midterms and impact on talks

Dear Editor,

Amy Teibel tries to pull our leg again, in “Mideast sides eye US midterms and impact on talks.”

Want examples?

Look first at the opening paragraph – the part manipulators work the hardest on.

“[N]ext month’s U.S. midterm race could affect Obama’s ability to coax concessions from Israel.” – As if Israel is obstructing the peace process – only in AP’s warped mind.

“[T]he US has failed to persuade Israel to extend the settlement-building slowdown.” – But it were Palestinian leaders who set new preconditions & bolted the talks. Truth doesn’t matter.

“That caused Palestinians to in effect suspend the U.S.-brokered peace talks.” – That is not suspending – they were not in charge of the negotiations – just one partner to the talks, so they can’t decide unilaterally to stop the talks. Rather, they sabotaged the talks and left.

So next, AP talks about “Israel’s rejection” because that’s what it wants us to believe.

“[T]here is a foreboding sense in Israel that punishment is on the way” – One of the most ridiculous clauses we ever saw. This must convey that Israel is guilty? Who else?

So far, we saw time and again that AP quotes “specialist” to voice its own bias. But now we see another way of using a source that we didn’t notice before. Nahum Barnea IS a leading, well-respected journalist. AP is quoting him to make itself look respectable. Revolting.

He coined the “Lynch test,” a consistency test of journalists covering the Israeli-Arab conflict. Journalists who fail to criticize Arab terrorism fail the lynch test – i.e.: all of AP.

The quote’s not in Friday’s paper, or any English paper. Maybe Amy took it from a Hebrew text & provided her own translation. Anything is possible with AP, except reliability.

The quote, of course, trashes Netanyahu. His side doesn’t get a say about it. Surprised?

AP now voices its concern that the US “president might be too busy or weakened to pressure Jerusalem much” because that is what needs to happen. This is the harping trick.

Now an anonymous “Netanyahu adviser” is “quoted” implying that Israel needs friends in Congress to stop any policy that is less favorable to it. Israel seeks unfairness.

AP depicts the US as “bastions of support for Israel” leaving unexplained why Israel is non-stop forced to provide concessions and criticized, and why Johnathan Pollard is still jailed.

Obama’s courageous Cairo speech gets noted, but left out is that the Palestinian leaders went even more brazen when Israel was egged on, what taught Obama that only pressure on Abbas will bring peace talks. That won’t be in any AP report ever. The Truth – AP hates it.


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Israel critical over Mideast synod conclusions

Dear Editor,

Well done! The first truly excellent AP Mideast report in months lived only hours.

Meant to cover up its scandalous predecessor, Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation, that you circulated for one & a half day, excellent Pope: Mideast peace is possible, urgently needed itself has now been replaced by a lengthy article that dumps everything supportive that the Pope had said on Israel & critical of Muslims towards the end of the new report, only after hours of being in the headlines and clear sight.

“Israel critical over Mideast synod conclusions” constructs tensions between the Vatican and Israel instead, harping on the same old AP mantra that everyone is against Israel and that only brazenness keeps this tiny state alive. It’s amazing that this piece is written by the same people who wrote the excellent previous report. AP is irredeemable, if you ask us.


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Israel tells Palestinians talks only option

Dear Editor,

Amy Teibel, who has given us so generously report after report on all supposed ills in developments in Israeli society, has finally been promoted to use her skills at distorting Israel’s existential and security needs, and she does an equally great job in “Israel tells Palestinians talks only option.”

She knows that it is of the greatest essence to manipulate the readers’ brains right at the start of the “report” and she doesn’t let us down.

In the very first paragraph she “summarizes” Israel’s position as against a Palestinian state “without Israeli agreement,” as if we are control freaks that need to tell them what to do. Of course she will not address Israel’s security needs and the ongoing incitement and attempts at Palestinian violence. Brilliant.

Second paragraph same quality. “Talks have stalled, following Israel’s decision to resume full-fledged settlement building in the West Bank.” From Amy we shall not hear that the Palestinian leadership bolted the talks by raising fresh preconditions.

Third paragraph starts no less convoluted. “As the stalemate drags on….” hides that there are people (Palestinians, who else?) who refuse, not a god-given, hopeless “stalemate.”

Now she’s really on a roll. “territories the Jewish state captured in the 1967 Mideast war.” No mention that that was the Six Day War, meant to drive all Israelis into the sea. Israel was – again – on the defense. The territory “captured” was rather recaptured on the Arab armies that stole it during Israel’s War of Independence – again a war Israel didn’t seek but fought for its inhabitants’ survival.

By now 99.99% of all readers have switched to other news items, so it’s safe to introduce the Israeli point of view. She makes sure, though, that she doesn’t quote anything of substance, no real arguments.

Now it’s time to quote one of the greatest liars in the region, and he gets to say it all. Amy would never expose his rhetorical tricks – why would that be her job?

Because the irrelevance of these later paragraphs, we will now stop reviewing this piece, & jump, like a lot of readers, to the last paragraphs to see if the hold anything worthwhile.

Yes, she doesn’t disappoint! She sums up the “core issues” & they are…. only Palestinian.

Amy, let no one stop you anymore to continue to write about the peace process. You are nothing less than all the other liars and manipulators at AP. Let no one tell you otherwise!


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Pa. prof’s anti-Israel remarks concern lawmakers

Dear Editor,

Again, one person calls for the destruction of Israel and AP is right there to spread the rosy vision of the future, in “Pa. prof’s anti-Israel remarks concern lawmakers.”

The bigot is quoted without any counter statement. This way AP becomes accessory to spreading anti-Semitism, but that has never worried the “news agency”.

He’s quoted saying “I am against Israel – not against Jews.” You can only quote that if you point out how untrue and ridiculous that is by comparing it with something similar: “I am against feminism – not against women,” or: “I am against playgrounds – not against children,” or: “I am against accessibility – not against people in wheelchairs.”


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Pope: Mideast peace is possible, urgently needed

Dear Editor,

There is NOTHING WRONG with the text of your “Pope: Mideast peace is possible, urgently needed.” So, has AP repented? Not at all. It is using this in every way excellent text as a fig leaf to hide the previous, vicious “Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation.”

You removed the latter from your achieves, but meanwhile it was on your site for a day and a half and thousands of outlets have taken it up to spread AP slander on Israel around the world again.

The only difference with the biblical fig leafs is that Adam and Eve used them because they felt ashamed. We feel confident that that won’t happen at AP.


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[How Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks]

Dear AP Editor,

Sometimes AP releases an “analysis” of the “peace process” but it never amounts to more than an exposé of AP’s anti-Israel biases.

Want to see a real analysis? Read: How Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/postpartisan/2010/10/_for_15_years_and.html?tr=y&auid=7213879 . Sharp, to the point and truthful. You would never hire this writer.


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Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it a pleasure when AP doesn’t have to write up an attack on Israel, Israeli Jews or Zionism? Sometimes AP only has to “report” the filth of others. And, we must admit, AP always does that devotedly.

No slander or baseless accusation are omitted. No information to expose the bigotry or disprove the lies will ever be included.

Someone hates Zionist Jews, AP will help them, no questions asked. AP as the world’s anti-Zionists’ poodle.

“Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation” is so typical AP.

  1. No mention that the 1967 war was the Six Day War, aimed at finishing off the Jewish State.
  2. No mention that Israel only recaptured the West Bank from Jordan that occupied it for land-grab.
  3. No mention that the UN resolution that calls upon Israel to leave captured Arab land, on purpose does NOT say: ALL Arab land.
  4. No mention that Israel is committed to have a just life for all Peoples around but not at the expense of its safety.
  5. No mention that the measures that so hinder the Palestinians, hinder the Israelis more & are because of ongoing Arab violence.
  6. No mention that the RC clergy has a millennia long antipathy against Jews and that it still shows.
  7. No mention that the Church has changed course but that not all Cardinals follow the change yet.
  8. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast where the number of Christians grows.
  9. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast that knows full democracy and broad protection of minorities.
  10. No mention that the only population that guarantees free excess to Jerusalem’s holy sites in 2000 years has been the Jews.
  11. No mention that the Church has extensive territorial and administrative claims in the Holy Land and so is not impartial at all.
  12. No mention that no claim to Palestinian Statehood was ever made when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan.
  13. No mention that Palestinians still not have renounced violence or forgone the great-Palestine idea.
  14. No mention that Palestinian leadership sabotages the peace process with precondition after precondition.
  15. No mention that Statehood at the West Bank is seen by most only as a phase to capture all of Palestine.
  16. No mention that most Palestinians don’t want Jews in their State while they call the idea of no Arabs in Israel racist.
  17. No mention that violent Islam has killed thousands of Jews, chased away even more Christians from Palestinian occupied land.
  18. No mention that the resolution doesn’t ask forgiveness for all the bloodshed (killing Jews & Muslims) committed by the Church.

None, not one of the above truths, is even hinted at by AP.

CNN lies; AP hates.

AP, for all your dirty stories about Israel.


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Political pawns: Iran loses chess record to Israel

Dear Editor,

In “Political pawns: Iran loses chess record to Israel” you make an attempt at humor, ha-ha.

Written from the AP office in Jerusalem (Tel Aviv was too far for a visit?), we spot a twisted mindset that’s revealed even in this innocent report, that should’ve been only about sports.

Israel’s archenemy is Iran. 1. We like to see it as “Iran is the archenemy of Israel . 2. It’s not Iran that’s hostile but rather the junta there. 3. This junta is a threat to any regime in Eurasia.

This title is not “drawn into Mideast politics” except by AP. We learned that whenever AP uses the passive voice, it’s hiding something, or Arab violence or AP engineering.

Not funny.


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UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming’

Dear Editor,

In “UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming'”:

  • We read AP’s daily installment harping about Israeli settlements, and how in endangers the peace process while the only endangerment is from PA’s & AP’s preconditions
  • AP quotes a UN envoy claiming that settlements are “illegal under international law” and AP doesn’t ask which law exactly because this mantra is without basis too
  • When he declares that this “will only further undermine trust” AP “forgets” to ask where this trust was in the first 9 months that Israel had frozen West Bank building for Jews
  • “Palestinians charge that construction in the settlements is aimed at preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the issue has brought recently renewed U.S.-brokered peace talks to a standstill.” AP fails to mention the Israeli take on this and depersonalize the Palestinian walkout to “has brought peace talks to a standstill”
  • AP quotes the long-term friend of the Junta in Gaza who again condemns Israel and AP doesn’t remind him or us of his apologies to Jewish communities less than a year ago, that some deemed unlikely to be sincere, some declared to be taken seriously & some greeted with a ‘time will tell’ – and boy, did time tell
  • AP whines “Jewish settlers have moved in to [sic!] houses after Palestinians were evicted” concealing that these houses were from Jews squatted by Arabs (When in Europe, Gentiles try to get away with property stolen from Jews and the courts interfere, AP cheers, but when Palestinians do the same, AP is suddenly Marxist and all ownership goes to the state who needs to hand it out to the majority and the poor)
  • When Malcolm Hoenlein said “Jerusalem belongs to the entire Jewish people, and all Jews in the world should have a right to participate in the decision making [sic!] on the future of Jerusalem,” AP forgets to ask if all Chinese in the world need to get to vote in China’s national elections, and all African-Americans should have a say in the most important issues of African national policies.

In other words: AP continues its one-sided flood of propaganda against Israel, not based on any facts or consideration except on hatred against Israel and proud Israeli Jews.


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Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer

Dear Editor,

Your “Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer” is one of the most brazen AP anti-Israel pieces written ever. It’s only days ago that we wrote to you [in Slain US activist’s parents seek justice in Israel] the truth, though we know that’s a four letter word at AP, but you now accuse, in a long article, Israel of covering up a murder or manslaughter without any regards for the facts.

The headline is rehearsing the modern anti-Jewish blood-libel as if the claims of these bereaved parents are true and the Israeli courts are just killers’ handlers.

In the Israel of old, false witnesses that sought someone’s capital punishment on false grounds and were discovered, were put to death themselves. Those were the days!

We don’t blame these poor, deeply hurt, bias parents, but we do blame you who claim to be objective witnesses. The bottom-line of the true anti-Semites is that they not just seek to smear our name, not just seek our downfall, but rather that they want us dead.

You should keep this report on you homepage as a symbol of your hateful blood-thirst.

While all we want is


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Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination” without a trace of shame, you use to dish up some of your most classical and time-tested lies.

“The [peace] process broke down in violence in 2000, and many Israelis now believe it was a mistake.”

Rather. the Palestinian leader Arafat opted for violence & all Israeli concessions (leaving Lebanon, Gaza, most of the West Bank) were rewarded with further violence from the Palestinians & other terrorist groups, so that most Israelis are cured from their euphoria.

“Today’s peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have stalled over Netanyahu’s refusal to extend a building slowdown in Jewish settlements in the West Bank – a territory that Palestinians seek for their future state.”

Rather, the problem lies with the Palestinian leaders erecting preconditions and constantly demanding new concessions without delivering anything themselves. Building is inside existing Jewish settlements does not hinder a future Palestinian state at all.

“Netanyahu vilified his planned concessions in a vitriolic rally in downtown Jerusalem.”

Rather, he spoke strongly, which doesn’t justify that AP vilifies him with vitriolic language.

As usual at AP, all the Israelis quoted are critical of the Right, shamelessly propagandizing.


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Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children

Dear Editor,

Your “Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children” is perfect until about half-way when complete nonsense is introduced, as if different people worked on the report (though only one is credited).

“the Palestinians with rival governments in the two territories they claim for a future state.” – AP conceals that Hamas rather claims as a state the whole of former Palestine and is completely against any peace talks.

“Palestinians said Jewish settlers set fire to a girls school” – If it’s true, this is bad but it’s not (attempted) murder as by Palestinian opposition recently, so let’s not lose sight of the context, so often concealed by AP.

“Two weeks ago, arsonists torched a West Bank mosque” – AP conceals that a delegation of major West Bank rabbis went there and declared their disagreement with the assault.

“Salam Fayyad, has launched an ambitious economic development plan to prepare the way for independence.” – Concealed that Israel has been fostering an economic boom at the West Bank Arab centers.

And then the report closes off with proper reporting, the Israeli side being heard too.

It’s clear that someone has tried to insert nonsense into a perfect report.

AP even ruins the work of its most excellent reporters.


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Israeli military restricts troop tweets

Dear Editor,

Short & mean, that’s how we can characterize your “Israeli military restricts troop tweets.”

Mean in the sense that it doesn’t only distort; it does it so well that only experts will notice.

The author(s) deserves a recommendation, acknowledgment or at least to be mentioned.

  • LEFT OUT: That the military hesitated a long time coming with this directive because Israeli soldiers (mostly conscripts) are well-connected to their electronic devices and democratic rights.
  • LEFT OUT: That both on paper and in the field, the Israeli army has the highest ethical standards of any army or police force in the world. This is rooted in its democratic nature (ultra left- and right-wing conscripts at every level) and cultural/religious Jewish background, that for millenia goes into great detail of not to inflict unnecessary harm.
  • WICKED TWIST: Before you let the general explain the measure (“to prevent sensitive information…”) you first “explain” it yourself (“to prevent security leaks and embarrassing videos from going viral”). Thank you for clarifying your bias.
  • WICKED TWIST: You call Israel’s mortal adversaries “enemies” (your quotation marks) as if they are virtual. Israel’s army exists only for facing its “enemies.” So says the AP “press organization.”
  • WICKED TWIST: Twice in such a small report, you characterize the Israeli army as embarrassing. Then you lump three incidents together that have very little to do with each other:

1. “mistreating detained Palestinians” is only in relation to the very high norms of the Israeli army. No fiber was touched of any detainee in this “mistreatment.” They were shortly portrayed and made fun of / used in a situation in which they were already blindfolded. There were two such incidents, involving two prisoners in total. This should be the worst fear of any captive of any army in the world, but it isn’t – by far. No one was ever afraid of being captured by Israeli soldiers.

2. “dancing on patrol” was a great prank, not embarrassing, and the soldiers who did this (great timing!) were not even reprimanded. Try this in an other army.

3. “the military had to cancel an operation” is an understatement for a stupidity that prevented the arrest of wanted, dangerous terrorists (“suspected operatives,” in AP jargon).

Our review pointing out bias is much longer than the report itself. Telling! A masterpiece!

[For those who want to know what this is really all about: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/idf-to-block-facebook-gmail-to-prevent-gifts-for-hamas-1.320091?localLinksEnabled=false .]


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Sculpture of comatose leader stirs Israeli emotion

Dear Editor,

“Sculpture of comatose leader stirs Israeli emotion” is a truly fine report except in two ways:

1. Again it gives the mike to a left-wing critic of Israel without anyone putting in a different perspective, in this report or anytime else. In the Israeli political landscape this is a fine opinion, but brought to the world in its isolation, it only (again) slanders Israel.

2. You call Sharon “the tough army general turned politician,” which is completely in keeping with AP policy to call Sharon and Netanyahu tough, right-wing and hard-line. But why not the truth, for a change? OK, in Sharon’s case it’s a challenge, but if you’re smart enough to hide the truth, you must be definitely sufficiently brainy to share and explain it.

Here’s a way: Starting out a brave and sharp army general, he first turned a right-wing hardworking minster who eventually led Israel during the trying years of the second Palestinian uprising. Most surprisingly he then took a left turn and supported Israel leaving Lebanon and Gaza, arguing that the international community would support Israel when attacked from there. (Subsequent wars there show this to have been vain hope.)


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Jimmy Carter says Palestinians live in a ‘cage’

Dear Editor,

Jimmy Carter is back slandering Israel and AP is right there to give the bigot his worldwide audience in “Jimmy Carter says Palestinians live in a ‘cage.'”

Extrapolating his words to his native USA, we understand him to be of the opinion:

  • that Cubans are “living in a cage” in Cuba and
  • that the militant group El-Qaeda must be included in all major efforts for peace.

He should fly to Cuba where Fidel Castro could teach him a thing or two about Zionism.

We may conclude that the long-term anti-Jewish Carter did not change & neither did AP.


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Google to bring Dead Sea Scrolls online

Dear Editor,

We have found pro-Israel bias at AP!!!! In “Google to bring Dead Sea Scrolls online”:

  • AP fails to mention the (ridiculous) claim that the Scrolls would be Palestinian.
  • AP fails to mention the Israeli deadly raid on a Turkish peace boat to Gaza.
  • AP fails to mention Israeli settlements (for the first day in weeks).

We somehow feel confident that AP will make up for this soon, very soon.

[We know, for balance you left Israel out of the headline. Good that you didn’t go overboard: a heading praising Israel – G-d forbid! For the real information, go to:  http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=192064&R=R2 .]


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Murder suspect extradited from Israel to NYC

Dear Editor,

Day after day, we read AP reports as “Murder suspect extradited from Israel to NYC” in which the clause “Bellucci is not an Israeli citizen, and it was unclear why he had traveled to Israel,” suggesting that he is Jewish.

Especially because AP doesn’t ask why the suspected parricide tried to obtain a ticket to China. Murder needs to be connected to Jews?

You did the same thing, not so long ago, with Christian Arab Israeli born USA raised suspected serial killer Elias Abuelazam.

Please, cut the anti-Jewish bias. It’s unbecoming, damaging and possibly an offense.


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Israeli army takes aim at Hezbollah rifle claim

Dear Editor,

Ha-ha-ha, AP is tickling our funny bone. “Israeli army takes aim at Hezbollah rifle claim” as heading was not enough, so the pun is repeated in the opening sentence. Ha-ha, ho-ho.

And how about”Israel shoots back after rifle gift backfires“?


Seriously, was it too hard to state outright that we were lied to? Even an outright untruth about a prop, AP needs to hide? Come on – this was not deceiving the public, like when Hassan Nasrallah or President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad open their mouths. This was innocent theatre.

We know that you want us not to be able to tell the difference between AP fiction and reality. But we need you to distinguish between innocent gimmicks and the news. Hiding Arab deceit is standard AP practice, we know, but to “true up” a dodge is overkill – pun intended.


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Re: Director Mike Leigh cancels Israel trip in protest

Dear Editor,

You fooled us again. Of course.

In your short report “Director Mike Leigh cancels Israel trip in protest” you write that “The school’s director, Renen Schorr, says Israeli artists face growing international isolation because of Israel’s political situation.”

The Jerusalem Post though prints another reaction by the same founding director of the school. It quotes him partially as writing:

The students, teachers, artists and various professionals from these institutions who are waiting to hear you are not the elected government of Israel, nor are they responsible for its policies. By this boycott that you are effectively imposing in canceling the visit, you are creating an association between the cultural-artistic genre and the policies of the government and the military – an exceedingly disturbing, sad generalization.

We agreed to convene a press conference where you had an open platform to express your sharp objections to Israeli policy, should you have desired. The reverberation of the words you spoke here – from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jenin – would have been heard so much differently. Here, too, you were presented with the genuine opportunity to speak to hearts and minds, and have a direct influence upon public awareness and opinion. To touch the future. To try to change the realities. Yet now you have chosen to stay distant.

I am greatly saddened by Leigh’s cancellation.

We were quite excited about his upcoming visit.

While the political situation is isolating us more and more in the international arena, I shall continue attempting to bring the greatest international cinema personalities to Israel.

The JPost reporter adds: The irony is that Israeli filmmakers, whose films are often government-funded, have been the staunchest and most outspoken critics of government policy. The cinematheques and film schools at which Leigh has refused to appear have been at the forefront of social criticism, and have nurtured and helped develop Palestinian filmmakers.

Here we have it. In plain sight for all to see, how AP mutilated the reaction. All criticism on the Israel basher, which was the brunt of the school’s reaction, you took out.

Never trust AP on Israel reporting!


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Slain US activist’s parents seek justice in Israel

Dear Editor,

In “Slain US activist’s parents seek justice in Israel” we need to read five and a half paragraphs, 14 emotional lines, 214 words slandering Israel, before we are presented with the Israeli version of what happened. The usual AP bias, this time using the unfortunate death of a young woman to spread their anti-Israel hatred.

DAVID BEDEIN, Director Israel Resource News Agency Jerusalem, says it in the Jerusalem Post of October 18, 2010, as follows:

The article misses the point of what happened when an American citizen, International Solidarity Movement (ISM) member Rachel Corrie, was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer on March 16, 2003.

For the past seven-and-a-half years, Corrie’s parents have alleged that Rachel was killed by a driver who clearly had her in his sights.

What now needs to be cleared up is that news interviews with Corrie’s friends at the time tell a different story.

Immediately after the accident, ISM spokesman Mike Shaik referred us to Lynn Clausen, a 24-year-old resident of Washington from the Christians Peacemakers Team based in Hebron, which trains the ISM volunteers.

Shaik and Clausen sent our agency to speak with Corrie’s friends who were with her at the time she was crushed.

Corrie’s friend Joe Smith described how Corrie sat on a mound of dirt facing the IDF bulldozer making its way to the house it was about to demolish.

“Rachel had two options,” Smith said. “When the bulldozer started to dig in the dirt pile, the pile started to move, and she could have rolled sideways quickly or fallen backwards to avoid being hit. But Rachel leaned forward to climb to the top of the dirt pile. The bulldozer’s digging drew her downward, and its driver could not see her anymore. So without lifting the scoop, he turned backward and she was already underneath the blade.”

Smith’s description is very important, since the picture published by Reuters shows Corrie standing to the left of the bulldozer, in a location where the driver can see her very clearly, as she holds a megaphone in her hand. Beneath the picture’s caption was written: “Photographed before Rachel Corrie was run over by an IDF bulldozer.”

Everyone who looked at the picture and the text understood that the driver, who saw the American civilian standing in front of him, just continued crushing Corrie to death. But Joe Smith said that the picture was taken hours before she was run over, which happened at 5 p.m., and not a few minutes beforehand. Smith emphasized that at the time of the incident there were no photographers in the area.

Of course this doesn’t belong in an AP report since it’s the Israeli side of the story & the truth.


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Israel, Hamas have resumed prisoner swap talks

Dear Editor,

With “Israel, Hamas have resumed prisoner swap talks” Associated Press Writer ARON HELLER, as usual, has written another good report, though it is lacking important information that we have pointed out to you before and although clearly someone else has changed the part after the sixth paragraph of his report plus added another unrelated report (that we commented on earlier) to its tail.

Left out: That the Israeli offer to release about a 1,000 prisoners is a huge break with standing policy of not releasing convicts with Jewish blood on their hands. There are 10 multiple murderers among these 1,000 that Israel would be ready to let go, who together killed over a 100 Israelis in cold blood.

Left out: That the international community has widely and repeatedly convicted the kidnapping and the holding of Shalit as hostage. In AP reports we read almost daily how the whole world would be against Israel, even if it’s not true at all. Criticism on Arabs though is stifled.

Left out: That the way Shalit is held is a violation of international law and a war crime. In contrast, AP ventilates on a regular basis that Israel would violate international law and commit war crimes, while those claims are presented as facts but are truly baseless slander.

Twisted: That there is no equality between these prisoners. The Arab convicts all got a fair trial, the Israeli conscript was violently abducted.

Twisted: That the talks had broken down over Israel’s refusal. This is bringing the narrative of Palestinian terrorists as indisputably factual without any Israeli rebuttal.

Twisted: The Israeli prime minister is accused of “misleading Israeli public opinion when he talks about his willingness to make major concessions” while he in fact already has made major concessions and there is no one asked to comment on these baseless imputations.

Twisted: It is outright offensive to equate (“also”) a kidnapped defensive soldier doing his duty to protect civilians with outright murderers who had their days in court.

Twisted: Israel is (again) accused of torpedoing the peace talks while it was the PA that laid down a new condition and bolted the talks, assisted by worldwide incessant slander by AP.

One truly wonders what keeps these bona fide reporters from quitting & suing their employer from using their good name to spread anti-Zionist slander to the four corners of the globe.


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Director Mike Leigh cancels Israel trip in protest

Dear Editor,

We have a dilemma.

Should we praise AP for honesty when they only share one side of the story, or should we say that that is worse than their usual lopsided reports that pretend even-handedness?

“Director Mike Leigh cancels Israel trip in protest” is quoting the loony left only and the mainstream Israeli position is not represented. Israel bashing still seems to sell. $$$


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[Pollard’s lawyers file clemency request with Obama]

Dear Editor,

The Jerusalem Post has a beautiful, comprehensive report that Pollard’s lawyers file clemency request with Obama (http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=191625). We wonder why AP doesn’t report this. We agree that it will take ingenuity to find ways to distort this, but you should have enough experience that this shouldn’t take you all day.


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Israel unlikely champ in global real estate

Dear Editor,

Sickly Amt Teibel has tried her talented hand at a subject she knows nothing about, and it shows in “Israel unlikely champ in global real estate.”

She gets the figures right, she gets the sources right, and she still has no clue.

We’re not hinting at the headline, that, of course, discredits Israel – Amy’s trademark – while the text has hidden references to the contrary (“beaches, balmy weather and freewheeling spirit, its holy sites and mixture of ancient and new”).

We’re not referring to distortions that people far away may believe and that fictionally could “explain” the lack of peace here (” this land-strapped country”).

We don’t allude to her missing that the Israeli currency is harder than ever, and that the governor of the Central Bank has just been named the world’s best banker.

We’re not even talking about her neglecting the ongoing possibility of cheap house ownership in the South, the North, outside of the large population centers and (last but not least) on the West Bank.

Thousands upon thousands of young, stylish, rich, Jewish French refugees, fleeing the rise in anti-Semitism, are now flooding the Capital and the economic center of the country, driving up housing prices as never before, but Amy never notices.

She has our sympathy,


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Israel signs contract to buy US-made fighter jets

Dear Editor,

We’ve seen your “Israel signs contract to buy US-made fighter jets.”

But somehow you seem to have missed this news:

Chinese warplanes make Mid East debut in Turkey and Iran http://www.debka.com/article/9078/


Whenever there is Arab aggression, AP misses it. Whenever Israel defends itself, it is portrayed as aggressor.

What could lie at the basis for such a systematic distortion?

Only fanatics of morality would call it wickedness or evil. We shouldn’t. Let’s call it just Jew hatred, because that’s what it is.


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Israel could reconsider presence in Jordan Valley

Dear Editor,

Our infamous PA West Bank reporter KARIN LAUB has done it again.

In “Israel could reconsider presence in Jordan Valley” she needs only one introductory sentence to exclaim: “Israel’s demand for such a presence is one of the potential obstacles to a Mideast peace deal.” It’s never Arab aggression that complicates the search for peace – Israel’s security needs and measures are the real problems – those hinder the uprooting of the Jewish state.

And, of(f) course, peace “negotiations are currently on hold because of disagreement over Israeli settlement building.”

Especially the closing paragraph is completely fictional; we expect it to reappear repeatedly in the near future.

The nice thing about Karin is that we never have to disprove her integrity or impartiality – she does that all by herself.


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Hezbollah’s gift for Ahmadinejad: An Israeli rifle

Dear Editor,

Another upbeat report by the world’s most successful Israel bashers. “Hezbollah’s gift for Ahmadinejad: An Israeli rifle” is lovely.

We do understand that its author wishes to stay anonymous. Maybe a pen name as “Julius Streicher” would be good, because celebrating defeat & hoping for the complete downfall of the Jews has never been done so well since Der Stürmer was closed.


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Palestinians say 1 dead in Israeli strike in Gaza

Dear Editor,

There is no reason in the world why your “Palestinians say 1 dead in Israeli strike in Gaza” should not have been titled “Israel intercepts Gazan terrorist rocket attack on civilians”, except your hatred for the Zionist enterprise.

The whole small report is distorting the truth, portraying the terrorists as victims and Israelis as aggressors.

Trying to kill Israeli citizens is a war crime, but not for AP; preventing it is worth a celebration, but not for AP.

Comes to mind the story of Nazi-Germany where a passerby saves someone from a vicious dog attack. Journalists are all delighted at his heroism and want to know his name. As a result the headline in the papers became: Cowardly Jew attacked German Shepherd.

As a bonus you throw in the AP mantra of peace talks stalled “because of” settlement activity.

Your claim at journalism around Israel is simply ridiculous.

You’re a disgrace to civilization.


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[Israeli soldiers did not open fire until their lives were in danger]

Dear AP Editor,

We are missing your report on this new book by a fellow journalist.

The cover of Şefik Dinç’s book, The Bleeding Mavi Marmara
Şefik Dinç: “When the soldiers came on helicopters and started landing on the ship, they did not fire. It wasn’t until the soldiers were met with resistance and realized that some of their friends’ lives were in danger that they began using live ammunition”  (Channel 1, September 24, courtesy of Channel 1 and Oded Granot).
In a TV interview, Turkish journalist Şefik Dinç, who was on the Mavi Marmara and wrote a book about it, said that no shots were fired from the Israeli helicopters and that IDF soldiers did not open fire until their lives were in danger. The interview clearly contradicts the IHH narrative.Overview
1. On September 24, the Turkish journalist Şefik Dinç granted an interview to Israel’s Channel 1. Dinç witnessed the Mavi Marmara confrontation and described the incident in a book he wrote, titled Kanlı Mavi Marmara (The Bleeding Mavi Marmara). His account is fairly balanced, giving considerable weight to events that he personally witnessed and experienced.1

2. In the interview granted to Channel 1, Dinç reiterated a key point he brought up in his book. He said that he had seen with his own eyes that IDF soldiers who descended from the helicopters on the Mavi Marmara did not fire at the passengers. According to Dinç, it wasn’t until the soldiers realized that some of their friends’ lives were in danger that they began using live ammunition.2

3. Dinç’s descriptions as well as additional remarks given in the book he wrote and in the interview are consistent with the testimonies of the Israeli soldiers who boarded the Mavi Marmara. They completely contradict the narrative constructed by the IHH about the flotilla events, which relies on the biased testimonies of activists who were on board the Mavi Marmara. Those testimonies were the basis for the prejudiced, one-sided report compiled by the UN Human Rights Council and, we assume, will be key in Turkey’s report to the UN fact-finding mission.

Appendix A

1. Following is a transcript of the interview granted by Şefik Dinç to Channel 1 on September 24. Dinç was interviewed by Rafael Sadi, the spokesman for the Organization of Turkish Immigrants in Israel. The interview was transcribed by the ITIC.3

2. Interviewer: In your interesting book, you write that the Turkish government should not have let the flotilla set sail, why?

3. Dinç: Israel declared several times that it would not let the ships enter the Gaza Strip. In light of those statements, we did not believe that those ships could reach Gaza. The ships should not have set sail from Turkey, but things happened as they did, and they set sail after all.

4. Interviewer: According to your eyewitness account, IDF soldiers only opened fire when they felt that their own lives or the lives of their fellow soldiers were in danger.

5. Dinç: As you know, I was on board the ship. I saw with my own eyes that when the soldiers came on helicopters and started landing on the ship, they did not fire. It wasn’t until the soldiers were met with resistance and realized that some of their friends’ lives were in danger that they began using live ammunition.

6. Interviewer: Did you notice anyone using knives or iron bars?

7. Dinç: Actually, I saw no knives being used. I did see iron bars being used.

8. Interviewer: In your book, you describe cases of humane treatment from IDF soldiers [of the detained ship passengers], such as removing their handcuffs, and even an interesting encounter in Israel with a Jew of Turkish descent who gave you his mobile phone.

9. Dinç: The soldiers uncuffed some people who were having difficulties, particularly older people, women, and people who did not act aggressively. As for the Israeli policeman, his Turkish was excellent, we spoke, and he said that he had immigrated to Israel from Istanbul. He asked me if I contacted my family and whether I had a telephone to make a call. I told him I didn’t, and then he gave me his own mobile phone so that I could call my family. I thank him again.

10. Interviewer: Your book is more balanced and less one-sided. Aren’t you concerned that the Turkish government won’t like it, and that you will come under criticism?

11. Dinç: When I started writing the book, I knew that many elements in Turkey wouldn’t like what I had to say, such as members of the IHH, the Turkish government, and the Israeli government as well.

12. Interviewer: Thank you very much. I wish you continued success as an impartial journalist.

Click for Video


1See our September 15 Information Bulletin: “Preparations made by IHH for confrontation with the IDF and the violence exercised by that organization’s operatives as photographed and documented in a book by Şefik Dinç, a Turkish journalist who took part in the Mavi Marmara flotilla”.

2 In his book, Dinç says that the first shots were heard only after three IDF soldiers were taken hostage and brought to the lower deck.

3 ITIC emphasis throughout.


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Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’

Dear Editor,

With your “Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’,” AP has done the world yet another disservice.

Again AP has quoted verbatim and at length an anti-Semite without putting up almost any fight. The average reader who doesn’t know too much about Jews, Israel and anti-Jewish stereotyping just received yet another dose of Jew-hatred without any antidote.

This is not an isolated incident. This AP does regularly – how embarrassing!

Why doesn’t AP explain:

– that sincerity (the comments were “exactly what I thought,”) does not preclude mistakes; (that honest Racism is still Racism, etc.;)

– that “You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,” is an anti-Jewish statement in itself; anti-Semites often see national and global conspiracies by Jews but have never been able to prove even one;

– that Zionism is as legitimate as any People seeking and realizing statehood; that no one should tell her to go back to Lebanon either; that Israeli has enough space for two Peoples – that the problem is the hatred, not the lack of free land; that Jews are the oldest People in the world and that Israel is their home for 3000 years and more;

– that it is not true that the only way to be a bona fide anti-Semite to be for “Auschwitz or anything else”; like Racism is not confined to advocating the random lynching of Blacks;

– that “They distorted my remarks, for their own propaganda purposes” – is a form of anti-Jewish Oppression: to talk about Jews as “them” as if they are a completely different species;

– that “her pro-Arab views” don’t mean that she has to be anti-Jewish or unfairly anti-Israel; the best advocates for Mideast peace are those that honor both Jewish and Arab aspirations for statehood, safety, dignity, peace and prosperity;

“There was no explanation of whom “they” referred to.” – AP’s token critical remark!

– that it is clear that she issued an apology, because people were upset with her, not because she learned that she was wrong (not then and not now);

– that she thought she had hurt people, but “At the same time, I had the same feelings about Israel’s aggression and brutality,” shows that she doesn’t understand that Israelis are people too;

And then they move on to her Sexist views (“I thought women in politics would have more compassion, be more liberal.”); we often, but not always, see that people who hate, don’t manage just to dislike only one type of people.

These kinds of AP reports are the clearest way in which AP spreads anti-Semitism. No one needs to do any analysis to reach such a conclusion. There is nothing indirect in this case.

AP spreads anti-Semitism. Blatant anti-Jewish hatred.

On top of the indirect anti-Jewish hatred that AP spreads by non-stop slandering Israel.

We wonder if we like more your honest or your backhanded agitation against Jews.


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Critics: Israel loyalty oath undermines pluralism

Dear Editor,


Amy Teibel is back!

For people who don’t know this phenomenal but troubled writer, a short introduction.

First, she hasn’t heeded our repeated call to go to therapy. So when we read her we should to bear in mind that foremost she craves empathy & compassion. (Sure, many would-be writers are actually putting words down as a sort of therapy. Still, we’d think that it is kind of funny when the largest press organization in the world employs someone like that.)

Next thing to remember always where we read her is that what sets her off is anything that she misconstrues as a threat to her, or better, reminds her of her fear of extinction of secular Israelis. Whenever she writes “Israel” or “Israeli” she means I, me and myself. Whenever she quotes an “expert” she gives her own opinion on her existential worries.

(AP writers never give own views. They use “sources, “experts” to voice it for them.)

She might come across as hateful, malicious even, but it’s all but fear & angst.

“Critics: Israel loyalty oath undermines pluralism”

Although a gifted writer and at times a master of subtlety, Amy is not above using cheap & ordinary tricks that makes AP Mideast reporting stand out so much. Here also, she starts off with a slew of smears towards Israel in the headline & the first two paragraphs, only in the third paragraph to be followed by a dispassionate, blend, token counter-statement.

Still true today, the golden oldie, that the first blow is half the battle. Here it’s a full knockout.

Israel is accused of a “string of recent moves that are undermining pluralism and stifling dissent,” of being “racist” & of “a provocation aimed at further making [the Arab minority] second-class citizens in a country where they already feel discriminated against.”

With this, the report is dead. The case is fought & most readers will move on to the next item, mislead & indoctrinated. AP again has done its vile dirty work of slandering Israel.

In keeping with AP policy, Amy here throws in a statement reducing negotiation for Middle East peace as “aimed at creating an independent Palestinian state” – Israel as the party that needs to give up, Palestinians as the ultimate victims. Not a word on Israeli’s need for safety & security amidst a sea of hostile, treacherous, undemocratic and violent regimes.

Here we could stop the review, because here is where most readers will stop.

But, in honor of her great style and creativity, curious as we are, for the true connoisseurs, we will read some more of her hate-mongering.

The rest

It would be fun to catalog the terms of abuse & lies she has about Israelis she dislikes. Ready? (Italics by us, for emphasis on the main distortions.) [plus some clarifications]

  • nationalists [only a crime in Israel, in her eyes]
  • defensive [not Amy]
  • siege mentality [never mind that Israel and Jews ARE under siege]
  • hard-line pressure [the old stereotype about any Israeli leader with a backbone]
  • atmosphere of polarization [they, not Amy; Amy is Mrs. Tolerance herself]
  • criticism is being muzzled [no, it is not; in Gaza and the West Bank, yes]
  • committing war crimes [the old canard]
  • a military offensive in the Gaza Strip [if ever there was a defensive war]
  • harsh international criticism over a deadly naval raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla [as we have shown before, the international community supported Israel; the main international criticism came from….. AP]
  • killed a Palestinian militant in Dubai [a terrorist leader, he was]
  • would shut down groups that provide information that could be used to support war crimes allegations against Israel in court cases raised in other countries [no, rather, that baselessly slander Israel – we understand that she fears for her hobby horse, but she could always move to Gaza City or Jericho to continue to write her heartfelt cries]
  • would impose fines and entry bans on supporters of an anti-Israel boycott [any country would ban entry for people who come to make trouble, but Israel should be above this?]
  • the Palestinian grief over Israel’s 1948 creation [rather, they should grieve about being used by all the Arab states that attacked Israel, that promised them all of Palestine, that used them as a bargaining chip and their leaders that never bothered to go for a state, especially not when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan]
  • hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were expelled from homes in what is now Israel [in AP’s narrative, Arabs are victims, & Israelis are aggressors]
  • would deny state funding to groups that mourn the “nakba” [the chutzpah of wanting state funding for deploring the existence of the state!]
  • human rights groups that expose unethical Israeli conduct should not be allowed to operate freely [the biggest lie; unethical conduct is chased after by so many Israeli Jews and Israeli Jewish organizations, and they have broad support in the Israeli mindset]
  • Israeli citizens who support sanctions or boycotts against Israel should be punished [Amy would like them to be medalled?]
  • Israel’s internal security service called in for questioning a former air force pilot who has become an outspoken critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians [people that don’t endanger the state should have nothing to fear from being questioned by them]
  • accused Israeli naval commandoes [sic!] of roughing him up [if it were true it became a court case]
  • to Gaza to draw attention to Israel’s blockade of the territory [run by a terrorist junta; where is a reference to Gilad Shalit?]
  • Naomi Chazan, a professor who has come under fire from ultranationalists who accuse her of being “anti-Israel” [a friend of Amy; nice example of her polarizing (Who? Amy? Never!)]
  • the antagonism is dangerous [the antagonism by others, that is; hers is fine]
  • dissent is being quieted [in Israel everybody is a dissident and quiet is not what happens here]
  • ultranationalist [the term itself conveys intolerance]
  • played on the perceived disloyalty of Israel’s Arab citizens [suggestive use of language]
  • It has been widely speculated [by Amy’s sub-conscience]
  • the bill appeared aimed squarely at Arab Israelis [appeared but is not]
  • limiting democracy in Israel and deepening the prejudice against its Arab minority [baseless accusations that are possible in Israel’s democracy]
  • antidemocratic [sic!] laws that ostracize and delegitimize minority views, particularly those of Arab citizens [we’re all shivering with Amy at this dreadful perspective]

All this has some token, drowned-out real information after each barrage of defamation.

The verbal diarrhea of someone who is really frantic. Poor Amy.

[Some people have asked us if there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that we like about AP reporting. Well, there is. AP is not racist in its choice of writers on the Mideast. Jew and Gentile alike, anyone ready to slander and defame Israel is welcome in its midst.]


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Jericho unveils massive ancient mosaic

Dear Editor,

With your “Jericho unveils massive ancient mosaic” your industrious Karin Laub has found yet another way to snub Israel – don’t mention it.

Like the maps from the Palestinian Occupied Areas and throughout the Arab world that won’t have the word Israel on them at all, she writes a festive, pleasant report and “forgets” to mention in what country Jericho is located.

It’s situated in the “Jordan Valley” and experts to comment on it come from close-by Al-Quts university and a Jerusalem institute. The city is “Biblical” and the mosaic “Umayyad.”

The Jewish roots of the city nor the present Zionist empire are anywhere to be found on her map.

The only question left is, is the AP writer an PA writer of a Hamas writer? Time will tell.


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IOC president invites Israel, Palestine for talks

Dear Editor,

Your “IOC president invites Israel, Palestine for talks” is a textbook case of AP spreading PA lies about the Mideast.

The whole report consists of a mere five short sentences. What could go wrong in such a small report? Leave that to AP!


First we get the opinion of all of the world against Israel, and Israel gets a token statement far after that. Nothing new at AP.

Then AP writes “Israel denies the accusations.” immediately followed by “Israel’s prime minister has promised to look into ways of easing travel restrictions on Palestinian athletes.”

Something doesn’t add up, here. Lying is one thing; should we call poor lying unprofessional?


Haaretz has a much lengthier report, and look what AP left out or changed:

The Israeli Left-leaning daily Haaretz takes a day longer to report. What emerges?

First of all they changed the heading, because there is not and never has been a country called Palestine. “Olympic chief Rogge invites Israelis, Palestinians for talks” – subtitle: PA says Israel routinely hinders the movement of Palestinian athletes.

So it becomes clear that not the IOC president has complained or, as AP has it “Jacque Rogge has expressed concern over travel obstacles facing Palestinian athletes,” but rather that he wants to see if there can be solutions to the traveling difficulties that come from Arab violence. This is how he put it in Haaretz: “We understand that there are security measures to be respected and that is very important, but we have pleaded to have a relaxation or facilitating these travels on the other hand.” Now, THAT is balanced.

Haaretz continues: “Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu spoke by phone with Rogge and promised to explore ways of easing the comings and goings of Palestinian athletes. Israel says it does not target athletes specifically, but sometimes raises concerns about individuals.” Now, THAT is the real quote, and it’s of substance.

Haaretz continues: “Rogge also pledged his support for Israeli athletes who have been boycotted in international competitions. “I have made it also very clear that the IOC will always support Israeli athletes who are prevented from participating in some international competitions,” he said.” Now, THAT is really balanced.

Look at all that AP left out: the reason for the travel restriction (Arab violence), understanding for Israel’s concerns (Arab terrorism), and a wish for protection for Israelis in international competitions (when anti-Israeli politics intervene in sports).

But, that is not all. (Sorry, if this deception is going to be shocking.)

The Jerusalem Post also has a short report and reveals what AP left out or changed:

The Israeli Right-leaning daily Jerusalem Post mostly brings what AP offered; but look what it reveals on top of this.

Rogge was not by coincidence in the region. He came to memorialize the Israeli victims of the Munich Olympic Games massacre, and added that Netanyahu had agreed to ease travel restrictions on Palestinian athletes.

These 11 athletes were among the first victims of Palestinian modern terrorism, murdered by the group Black September.

Even this decades-old Arab terrorism AP needs to hide?


No one does the Palestinians cause so much damage as AP. Because not only does it protect Palestinian leaders who do nothing for their People or Peace, enjoying themselves with money & prominence that don’t belong to them. They also give legitimacy to terrorism by explaining it away, leaving it out & using euphemisms. & they prolong the conflict by slandering Israel.

On the Middle East, AP reporting is COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE.


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Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

Dear Editor,

Your “Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate” is the height of hypocrisy.

You write that the legal decision “could further tarnish Israel’s image abroad” while it is you that is the major player causing such slander. DISGUSTING!

By calling her a “Nobel laureate” (in the headline, no less) AP gives her respectability. But anyone who takes the trouble to read well into this report, discovers that she has the audacity to compare “the Jewish state’s reported nuclear arsenal to Hitler’s gas chambers.” Comparing Israel to the Nazi-regime falls under the European definition of anti-Semitism. She is an ordinary Jew-hater, that you put on as a respectable person.

She shows more signs of pathological hatred for the Jewish people by accusing the Jewish state of “apartheid and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.” What does AP do with this? It quotes it verbatim and doesn’t explain that Israel is a parliamentarian democracy with Arabs represented and representing the state at all levels of society, so no apartheid state. And if anyone tries to cleanse any group it are those that want to remove Jews from the West Bank. To falsely accuse Jews of being genocidal is the biggest & most tasteless chutzpah.

But this is not all by far. The above comes just from the information AP provides. But when we turn to the Left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz we found out that AP omitted that the Court had rejected her petition not because it was not sympathetic to this Irish bigot. Rather, she had sidestepped the normal procedure to obtain permission to enter and took the law into her own hands. And then the Court recommended through leniency that she would get a two-day entry permit, but the state rejected that compromise. As usual with Israel by AP, Israel is portrayed as the aggressor and the real aggressor is depicted as a victim.

Last but not least, this smiling monster is not just an Israel critic or a Jew hater. She has actively participated in endangering the lives of ordinary citizens by participating in braking the defensive blockade of Gaza. Israel has not just the right but also the duty to protect its inhabitants against the infiltration of dangerous individuals. That is more important than stopping her from spreading her hateful propaganda and encouraging other liars and hate mongers. Israeli democracy has no trouble with extremist opinions. But extremist activists are a different ballgame.

The straight-shooting legal reporter of the well-respected Right-wing Israeli daily the Jerusalem Post makes known that Supreme Court President Dorit Benisch made it clear that she did not believe the contestant’s claim that she did not know about the deportation order issued against her in 2009 and 2010, each for 10 years, and believes that she did not come to Israel in good faith or with “friendly intentions.” She added that we should not think that they would cast doubt on Israel’s sovereignty “because of this woman.” This truth and the conciliatory recommendation to admit her anyway would have hurt the image of this would-be infiltrator so AP left this out.

Once again around Israel, AP has chosen the side of anti-democrats and Israel-haters. It only had to lie and slander to get there – a bargain.


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Ancient tree to help turn Jericho into tourism hub

Dear Editor,

Your KARIN LAUB has climbed down the high tree of hate for Israel to write a seemingly idyllic “Ancient tree to help turn Jericho into tourism hub” brilliantly.

One really has to know the situation to even suspect that she is pulling our leg, presenting the world upside down.

A few core points:

1. “though both projects hinge on Israeli approval.” – As if Israel would have any motive to stop Palestinian prosperity. In truth, the ball is in the Palestinian court. If they would stop violence, hatred & incitement they’ll have a viable prosperous state. They didn’t ask for a state at the West Bank when under Jordan occupation. Also now they are only lukewarm about it. It’s no one else than the Israeli prime minister who is pushing for a Palestinian state at the West Bank, with the Palestinian leaders dragging their feet.

2. “The plans reflect the Abbas government’s approach of building a Palestinian state from the ground up, regardless of the ups and downs of negotiations with Israel.” – In fact, the Palestinian leadership has done very little for the population. It was just too busy with pocketing the lavish subsidies that Western Governments were providing. (The Arab rulers had their own pockets to fill, so unfortunately largely have declined to subsidize their Palestinian counterparts.) It has been Israel and only Israel that has been promoting economic growth on the West Bank (in the fancy false (or at least far-fetched) belief that this will bring peace).

3. “Palestinians across the West Bank saw many economic gains wiped out.” “The road leading into Jericho still bears witness to the scars of the fighting” ” outbreak of fighting in 2000″ “too dangerous for Israelis to return to Jericho” – Left out – as always at AP – who caused and initiated the wiping out of gains, the fighting and the danger. Terrorism is a four letter word at AP. At least when it comes to the Mideast. AP reporting has not become too fictitious. AP lies. And that is the truth.


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Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows

Dear Editor,

Your “Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows” is one of the better written pieces of your propaganda.

1. You have produced dozens of “reports” in only a few weeks time harping on Israeli settlements, blotting out the real issues. It’s the settlements issue that frustrate president Obama – not the Palestinian unwillingness to settle the conflict, of course. Never would AP raise the question why Jews could not live in Palestinian areas but a limited number of Arabs should live within Israel.

2. Besides that, your report has the characteristic that usually give away anti-Jewish stereotypes. We see that on the one hand Jews are hated for being so refined that they bother mankind with guilt while on the other hand Jews are evil described as low-lives. Anti-Semites are never disturbed by the contradictions. Or by the untruthfulness of it all.

Here settlers are hysterically portrayed as “a massive presence” (250 families on a hill-top!) on the West Bank, while in other reports AP brands them as a tiny minority living among an overwhelming Arab presence.

3. AP even admits here that the settlements cover only 1 (one!) percent of the ground, “But their impact is much greater than that number would suggest; the settlements and their access roads form a web of Israeli control that Palestinians say rules out any chance of viable statehood.” Left out is that separate roads and control have proven to be needed against terrorists attacks. As usual AP mentions Israeli defense measures as scandalous and leaves out the violence that necessitated them. The word “control” feeds the most popular and disgusting stereotype about Jews.

4. Another vile trick is giving the floor to the most proud but most extreme, inconsiderate Israelis, leaving out the moderate ones & the most intolerant Palestinian leaders & spokespersons. Guess who seems unreasonable through this manipulation.

5. Last but not least, AP is never too lazy to give a spin to reality. One prominent example from the beginning of your story: “Last week Israel ended its temporary settlement freeze, Palestinians threatened to quit the talks” – In fact Israel didn’t end the freeze but rather this was a goodwill gesture that lasted ten months to no avail and that was to end automatically. Because it had not delivered one Palestinian sign of goodwill, there was no political basis in Israel to lengthen the freeze.

In fact, Abu Mazen only threatened to walk away from the talks after AP had planted its poisonous plants. Earlier he assured he wouldn’t. But AP beautifully prepared public opinion for such a move & so enabled another hurdle on the long road to peace.

AP does not mention the chutzpah that the Palestinian leaders always want more and never deliver themselves. Just imagine that you gave someone a subscription to their favorite magazine for a year, and them when the year is over he comes to you to throw in your windows “because you have ended the subscription.” That is exactly what the PA and the AP do.


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Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer

Dear Editor,

The report

Your “Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer” is as short as treacherous.

1. In the headline, the opening and the body of the report, Israel is (again) presented as the mortal aggressor and Palestinians as chance-less victims. Left out is that the separation barrier is a (most effective) means against terrorists sneaking in and that the Palestinian police, the Israeli police, the border police and the Israeli military are DEFENSIVE forces.

2. By calling the real aggressor a laborer, AP renders him innocent, an innocent victim, not a terrorist. Even if he was someone merely looking for work, he could have been a perilous thief or a plain murderer or a dedicated terrorists on his way to innocent civilians. And even if an innocent laborer, willingly or unwillingly he could have tipped off aggressors (family members, friends, acquaintances) how to penetrate Israel.

3. AP claims that it’s too early to know exactly what happened. That doesn’t stop AP from slandering Israel and reinforcing stereotypes, leaving out anything that could question exhausting prejudice and hatred and stop the truth from coming forth.

4. By claiming that this is “igniting new tensions in the volatile sector of the city” AP in fact sows news tensions. AP takes the place of instigator because there ARE NO new tension – AP just intimates them. Is the anonymous AP reporter motivated by a wish for more conflict so that it will have more to report, or driven by a baseless hatred for Israelis or both? We may never know.

5. Anyone who enters a country illegally and then proceeds to ignore orders to stop, forfeits his life. No country in the world will or should forego its security for unknown infiltrators. AP should have added that it was unclear if some of the men were crazy, imbeciles, deaf, tired of life or in fact out for a violent job that they didn’t heed police warnings to stop.

6. To have an unidentified “witness” question police integrity is fully unacceptable. A faithful AP would have mentioned that Israeli forces are the least trigger-happy in the world and that most of such incidents don’t end with any loss of limb or life. So are almost every night in the West Bank suspects arrested by Israeli security forces. It is absolutely rare that anyone gets hurt.

In short, AP again has managed to spread hatred & ignite tensions. Not through a mistake but as part of an ongoing pattern.

[Meanwhile, AP has quadrupled the short report, harping some more on Palestinian victimhood. The token paragraph citing the police has fallen to be paragraph nine. The report now closes off with an example of strict worldwide unparalleled Israeli justice, but AP just harps on Israeli culpability.]

The reporter

Jews poison wells & spread disease doesn’t sell so well anymore. AP has modernized the story; the hatred is the same.

If there is a road to peace, AP is a road block. AP is not a witness; AP is one of the villains. Its dislike of Jews is so strong that it doesn’t even care that it hurts its image or standing while going after them.

Hitler and Eichmann never hurt one Jew. They provided the philosophy and headed the organizing of mass murder, but they themselves never used any violence. Likewise AP is providing the propaganda & lies & organizing the continuous poisoning of the public mind, while it keeps clean hands. We hold AP for more murderous than the brainwashed people who actually physically try to hurt Jews.

It’s not lying Holocaust deniers, not arrogant neo-Nazis or White Supremacists, not hating terrorists, not violent armies of enemy dictator run states that are the great spreaders of animosity against and murder of Jews. The main top and most dangerous and effective enemies of Jews are the intellectuals who work at these seemingly perfectly decent organizations as AP.

Sure, AP is still one of the least hateful spreaders of anti-Jewish propaganda; it’s also one of the more subtle. Being so powerful gives its crimes much more weight, not less. A primitive Nazi who cruelly murdered one person should not escape justice; but a refined organization pretending to be respectable that plots to exterminate a whole people is far worse, of course.

As history shows, it’s only a matter of time before they are brought to trial and put away for a long time. We encourage all decent people working at AP, from frustrated truthful journalists to its overworked receptionists, to leave the sinking ship and vote for their conscience. Employers are always in need of honest, decent workers. And even if it takes time to find other work, meanwhile you will sleep better. In the long run, one can not really lose out by turning one’s back to evil.


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US in last-ditch attempt to save Mideast talks

Dear Editor,

KARIN LAUB and MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH teamed up to produce “US in last-ditch attempt to save Mideast talks” from Ramallah. It made us appreciate the mean AP bias.

Israel is mentioned a dozen times but barely given a chance to respond.

The most obscene we find (AP has done this before) to equate the death of Israelis slaughtered by Palestinian war criminals with the elimination of their perpetrators, Palestinians murdered by other Palestinians and the suicide bombers that died.

It’s sad to see what freedom of the press means for the Palestinians; it enrages us that AP elevates this to be her international norm to mislead consumers world-wide.


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UN experts say Israel suppressing flotilla footage

Dear Editor,

Your “UN experts say Israel suppressing flotilla footage” you took out of your collection even before we saw it. We found it in newspapers, but it’s gone from the AP record. We truly wonder why. It has all the usual AP manipulations & bias and although we are ready to admit that only one aspect was missing in the report, regrettably that is: the truth.

In its 17 paragraphs the Israeli spokesperson gets three short sentences and all that is well know through coverage on the Internet is shamelessly left out and contradicted.

Shakespeare already said (The Merchant of Venice, 1596):

“… truth will come to light;

… at the length truth will out.”

If Shakespeare would live today he would add:

“… though not at AP.”


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Israeli calls for intermediate peace agreement

Dear Editor,

In “Israeli calls for intermediate peace agreement” we have a real report. We are awaiting “updates” in which AP will drown out Israel’s foreign minister with all kinds of other voices.

The thirteenth (of the 17) paragraph stands out because it resumes AP’s mantra on the settlements & contains all kind of fabrications. We assume more of such contaminations will follow. Associated Press Writer EDITH M. LEDERER deserves a better workplace.


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Israel navy halts Gaza-bound boat without violence

Dear Editor,

In “Israel navy halts Gaza-bound boat without violence” PA Writer AISHA MOHAMMED recycles old lies & distortions to harp some more (9 paragraphs, no less) about the death of 9 suicide activists on the Turkish boat of four months ago & the evil of the blockade.

She fails to bring up the issues of settlements (the first AP report on the Mideast in a week that doesn’t mention them) and she concludes with another issue in which she fails to speak with anyone representing the Israeli authorities.

Mrs. Mohammed lives in free Israel, normally reports from liberated Jerusalem, so has no excuse to be afraid to write the truth. That makes her a perfect fit for AP.

[Later AP added some more vitriol & lies from other “writers”.]


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Photo essay: Talks put focus on Jewish settlers

Dear Editor,

In your “Photo essay: Talks put focus on Jewish settlers” Associated Press Writer BEN HUBBARD takes AP propaganda to a new obscene height.

In a rambling “report” he lists a slew of lies & twists, so efficient as we seldom saw before.

He employs a technique that we did not know of till now. He just jots down the sentences, one after the other. Not only does he not care about their truthfulness – he also doesn’t watch if there is any connection between two consecutive clauses.

(In case he was describing a real photo exhibition, we watched AP’s photo gallery – Conflict in the Middle East; his “descriptions” have nothing to do with the pictures recently taken.)

Let’s look at some of his gems:

new apartments for Jews on land claimed by Arabs.” – Harping on settlers that stole Arab lands, as if Jews were newcomers in the region and are the only People in the world who don’t deserve a homeland.

Relatives carry the bodies of those killed on both sides.” – Moral equivalence, as always at AP hiding Arab violence. Leaving out that the Arabs who died were: suicide bombers and other war criminals who aimed at civilians plus occasional victims of circumstance, while the vast majority of the Jews killed were plainly murdered. Hitler also died in WW II; we still would not call him a victim of the Second World War.

the Bible, the book they believe promises them all of the Holy Land.” – This is simply not true as the Bible speaks at length about sharing the land with others & to protect them. The only reason Israel is not a bi-national state is because 100 years of Arab violence prevents that. But the over a million Arabs in Israel live good lives, especially when compared with their cousins in the dozens of (Jew-free) Arab states around.

the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict” – A favorite anti-Zionist trick: to choose where you start your story so that Arabs come out as victims; in this case: after the Six Day War.

The U.S.-backed peace talks launched earlier this month have drawn attention to Israel’s West Banks settlements.” – Rather, AP has been harping on Palestinian preconditions as if they are needs and rights and not what they are: some goodwill gesture, largely wasted.

180,000 [Jews] live in Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, where the Palestinians want to found the capital of their hoped-for state.” Not true – even Abu Mazen wants only the Arab neighborhoods, and these 180,000 live in New Jerusalem neighborhoods, recaptured from Jordan, that AP also calls East Jerusalem which has nothing to do with Arab ambition to have a part of Jerusalem as their capital.

Palestinians and much of the international community say the settlements undermine the chances of peace by gobbling up land slated for a future Palestine.” – Actually, that is what the Palestinian leaders and AP are saying.

Israel says it has the right to settle disputed territory.” No, Israel says that we should negotiate disputed territory.

The settlement issue may even derail peace talks” – No, it will not, despite all of AP’s vile work to get there.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says any new construction will make him quit the talks.” Blatant lie! He expressly has said on several occasions now that he will not abandon the talks in any case.

the conflict on the ground continues for the Arabs and Jews whose communities lie adjacent to each other and whose lives overlap.” Probably the biggest lie. Arab violence has necessitated separate neighborhoods, separate excess roads, and the number of mixed living [places is very small. But where they exist they are very peaceful.

radical rabbi who preached driving the Palestinians out of the land by force.” – An old trick to portray Jews by their extremists.

Israeli soldiers tackle a Jewish settler seeking to vandalize a Palestinian home.” – Jewish violence is never left out; even people “seeking to vandalize” property have to be mentioned. Arab murder is different – that should be obscured.

“And both communities mourn over the bodies of those killed in the conflict over the land they claim as their own.” – Moral equivalence all over again, as always meant to hide Arab violence. If the conflict was over land, it would have been settled long ago.


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Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

Dear Editor,

Your “Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects” is mainly of any interests because it features a term rarely found in AP reports. The rarity: “terrorists”!

For bands of murderers as Iran-sponsored Hamas or Hezbollah, AP always employs euphemisms as activists, combatants, commandos, fighters, freedom fighters, militants, resistance fighters, warriors, and never terrorists.

Now here, we are talking about the number one terrorism supporting state Iran, calling its enemies terrorists. It’s like Hitler calling his foes racists. AP passes on the word as a quote. Why doesn’t AP do that too with Hamas or Hezbollah? We know, we understand.

If AP calls Hamas or Hezbollah “terrorists,” everyone knows that the quotation marks are redundant. They ARE terrorists. And AP’s abuse of language is to HIDE that they are a bunch of blood-thirsty, power-hungry, civilians attacking, war criminals. Hence: fighters.

In any case, we now see that the AP computers don’t block the word “terrorists.”

It’s the editors, stupid!


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Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro

Dear Editor,

We are shocked to discover that your “Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro” is another AP headline voicing Israel’s position – a third within 5 days.

We appreciate that you couldn’t ignore this & we presume that you’re going to erase this from you collection soon & we are happy that you kept it short & didn’t restate all that Fidel Castro has said on Jews and Zionism, but where are the voices to discredit this?


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Israeli minister: Palestinians need to compromise

Dear Editor,

We are shocked to discover that your “Israeli minister: Palestinians need to compromise” is another AP headline voicing part of Israel’s position. We don’t understand how this can happen, twice only one day apart.

Also in this case you removed this article from your archives. We understand your need for a uniform record in reporting on the Mideast, but couldn’t you prevent these Zionist headlines in the first place?

True, the opening of the “report” is the usual bona fide Palestinian reporting.

  • You harp on the West Bank building freeze as if it were a Palestinian need or right while it was merely an Israeli gesture.
  • You hide away that the Palestinians threaten to sabotage the direct negotiations by constructing preconditions.
  • You equalize Israel’s refusal for more concessions with the Palestinian demands of more gifts – instead of concessions by them for a change.
  • The whole works.

Then the Israeli side gets a token paragraph to be drowned out by the next two Palestinian paragraphs.

But then it happens. You give the microphone to Israel. Any of your readers still there can get the information. This IS a surprise – until we discover that you quickly took this report out of circulation.

There are so many ways to fool the public, and you truly employ them all. Hats off!


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Israel warns of violence if peace talks fail

Dear Editor,

With your “Israel warns of violence if peace talks fail” it was truly exceptional to see an AP headline voicing part of Israel’s position. Of course, we understand that that was a grave oversight and we applaud that you took the report off the wire within a day.

Never mind all the usual AP distortions in it, the headline was almost refreshing and that should not have happened. It’s out of character and confusing.

Sure, also the headline hides that the violence it speaks of is Arab violence. Not to miss a beat AP opens the “report” with harping some more on the “settlement issue.” It renders blameless Israel’s counterpart by writing about “Palestinian violence could erupt” while we know that violent doesn’t “erupt” – it is perpetrated.

And we read all the usual Palestinian propaganda, denying that the building freeze was a goodwill gesture and that negotiations should continue without preconditions.

Left out are – again – what responsibility the Palestinian leadership could take like denouncing/curbing hate education and incitement, acknowledging the Jewish State, etc.

We assume that this careless soul that dared to promote even a part of Israeli concerns through an AP headline has been given a stiff warning. We trust that removing the scandalous “report” from your archives is permanent to prevent further damages.


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UN experts: Israel flotilla raid broke int’l law

Dear Editor,

Let’s have a look at the beginning of your “UN experts: Israel flotilla raid broke int’l law.”

Two quotes from the report:

– The U.N. Human Rights Council’s fact-finding mission concluded that Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory was unlawful because of the humanitarian crisis there, and described the military raid on the flotilla as brutal and disproportionate.

– The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded late Wednesday by saying the Human Rights Council, which commissioned the report, had a “biased, politicized & extremist approach.”

See the different way AP treats these two statements. Let’s twist them around for clarity:

– The U.N. Human Rights Council’s fact-finding mission concluded that “Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory was unlawful because of the humanitarian crisis there,” and described the “military raid” on the flotilla as “brutal and disproportionate.”

– The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded late Wednesday by saying the Human Rights Council, which commissioned the report, had a biased, politicized and extremist approach.

After this bias the report is not redeemable. Maybe just one more question:

Why was AP’s headline not “U.N. body again singles out Israel for criticism“? That would have been truthful & informative, but we have no indication that AP has such goals.


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Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel

Dear Editor,

Associated Press Writer AMY TEIBEL is back!!

In “Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel” AP gives this hate-fueled writer, always ready to go on a rampage, another chance to energetically profess dislikes & stereotypes.

She has ignored our earlier advise to see a therapist. Her old diatribe is still there in its entirety.

It transpires that the headline exaggerates the changes, as it concerns only some ministries on payments only and just possibly if at all in the future. The word “imposed” is also false as it only wants to disable, not enforce.

As always she makes a mountain out of a molehill & uses the opportunity to ventilate her anti-religious positions. She always needs a surprisingly small number of people to quote as she sees AP as her diary in which she can write whatever she wants. Slowly she has started to bore as she continues to ride her old hobby horses, & it spoils a bit her writing talent.

As with all hate-literature, the verbs employed are the most telling: pulling the plug, creating friction, enforce, controlled by ultra-Orthodox parties, controls the Interior Ministry, liable to fuel secular resentment, wield disproportionate influence.

In “The inconvenience is liable to fuel already considerable secular resentment of the ultra-Orthodox, who make up less than 10 percent of the population but wield disproportionate influence in Israel’s parliamentary democracy.” she gives away her main points of personal hatred and contention. In truth, Amy cannot face that she is part of an endangered minority in Israel, where the majority calls itself from traditional to strictly orthodox and a smaller and smaller fringe group is quickly dying out and emigrating that yet calls itself secular.

She adds her other old stereotypes of her “ultra-Orthodox” enemy, showing the full hand of her ongoing resentment and intolerance:

  • “Few ultra-Orthodox men serve in the military,” she claims, leaving out that more and more religious Jews do serve and that most Arab citizens don’t serve at all, which does not disturb her. She also leaves out that these men mostly don’t serve because of the relative lewdness that goes on in the army.
  • “Many ultra-Orthodox families rely on state handouts because the men want to pursue religious studies rather than work.” She leaves out that these men study 60 hours a week for less than the minimum pay, and that their wives often work next to running their often large families, and what idealism these people must have to bring so much sacrifice for their beliefs. She doesn’t make clear what a secular Jew as she is is doing in the Holy Lands as she could as well live anywhere else in the world.
  • “The ultra-Orthodox also have a monopoly on civil matters like marriage & divorce, creating further tensions.” We don’t know why she lies. This monopoly is as old as the state. One way to keep the peace is to leave the status quo as much as possible. Not for Amy – she simply (and falsely) claims that the monopoly creates tensions. She leaves out all the attempts to further secularize these procedures and the secular bastions that hold their part of the power, such as the army & the high court of justice.

We did see this beautiful construction “the planned ban joins two leading ills of Israeli life – red tape and religious restrictions – in a marriage of inconvenience.” that shows again that she’s a great writer; we often see great artists suffer mentally. She has our sympathy.


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Israelis, Palestinians unite on sports field

Dear Editor,

Your “Israelis, Palestinians unite on sports field” could have been such a break from the usual bias as if all we have in Israel is war, pre-war and post-war events. Unfortunately, the report is marred if not ruined by: mistakes, untruths, bias and missed opportunities.


The headline, the opening & the closing paragraphs are just fine.

Bias and untruths:

It is reported that “Israeli military checkpoints” often delay one of the players from showing up at practice. Left out is that these barriers are set up to save lives because of the ongoing incitement and attempts to kill Jews, and that in Israel all people every day need to go though security before entering all public buildings like banks, restaurants, stores. As usual, AP hides Arab aggression and highlights Arab victimship.

AP again states “Much of the rift between the two sides concerns Jewish settlements in the West Bank” as it will only report Palestinian demands (as if they could not negotiate and need to present every wish as a condition) and rarely report on Jewish needs (for security, acknowledgment, end to incitement) in the negotiations (but then will portray them unfairly).

Completely ridiculous is AP’s reporting that “Palestinians should also be able to access” settlements and their facilities. No Israeli is allowed into West Bank Arab cities & those that got there by mistake often paid with their lives or escaped by the skin of their teeth. The Palestinian leadership still cannot agree with Jews living within their new state, but Israel with its large Arab minority should now guarantee that Arabs can enter settlements. The gall!


It is not true that “Israelis almost universally oppose” a one-state solution. Old, demagogic statistics wanted us believe that this way Israel would lose its Jewish majority, but this was shown to be bogus. (Arab women modernize & have less & less children. Many Arabs (& Israelis) now live in the diaspora to avoid the conflict. Israelis are becoming more & more religious & their greater families guarantee now a Jewish majority for years to come.)

Missed opportunity:

The report fails to mention that Israelis and Palestinians/Arabs mingle freely in a number of important spots:

  • There are cities (Haifa) and neighborhoods (Beit Safafa) where Jews live peacefully together
  • There are many jobs and work places where Jews and Arabs work together
  • Israeli universities teach a mixture of Jews and Arabs
  • The Israeli health system has Jews and Arabs completely mixed and integrated, both the doctors, therapists, nurses, technicians and patients
  • Both Bedouin & Druse soldiers form an integral part of the Israeli army for decades.

What a missed chance.


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Vatican declares Pope’s visit to Britain a success

Dear Editor,

In your “Vatican declares Pope’s visit to Britain a success” we see the usual picture of AP being sensitive to and disapproving of things that are funny towards the Jews in the Diaspora.

Here your reporter notices that “He has spoken out before about the evil of the Nazi regime, but not even at the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Poland, nor at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, did he refer to his personal experience as a German who lived through it.”

How wonderful would it be if AP showed even one ounce of such sensitivity concerning Jews in its Mideast reporting once a week.


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Serial stabbings suspect faces 1st murder charge

Dear Editor,

AP’s “Serial stabbings suspect faces 1st murder charge” again names the suspect’s native country as Israel and again is completely silent about the fact that his roots lie in an Israeli Christian Arab community but that he lived most of his life in the US.

Again AP hides Arab violence.

And as we have pointed out to you numerous times, especially in this case it’s unfortunate.

It could give you such a nice opportunity to point out the peacefulness and good name of Christian Arab communities that are incorporated in the Jewish State since 1948.

If this cannot be a simple oversight, what does this make AP?


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Israeli PM: Current settlement curbs won’t remain

Dear Editor,

AP’s “Israeli PM: Current settlement curbs won’t remain” replaces the 3 consecutive previous reports all harping on settlements. Israel is the aggressor, Palestinians are the victims in the Mideast. We have to learn it and AP will not let go of the falsehood.

The headline is even more crooked. The TRUTH (at AP a four-letter word) is that Netanyahu proposes a compromise, so it’s true that the curb won’t remain, but the lie lies in hiding that the goodwill measure stays: limiting building. This freeze was a goodwill measure – not something the Palestinians can’t live without. But that’s the truth so that’s irrelevant at AP.

For years there was a certain film critic whose reviews I read to know what movie to go to. He trashed almost anything. As soon as he dubbed something the worst picture of the year though, I would go. And so with AP. Whatever they write about the Mideast, it has to be untrue. If you think it’s factual, think again. AP doesn’t do truth around this subject. Period.


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Hamas: Israeli strike in Gaza kills 3 Palestinians

Dear Editor,

AP’s “Hamas: Israeli strike in Gaza kills 3 Palestinians” consists of two parts. One is a “breaking news update” that is connected to the headline, the part under it an earlier story that has nothing to do with this but is again AP harping about Israel’s building freeze.

The first part again lays down the stereotype of Israeli aggression and Palestinians being victims. How does AP sell it this time? Simple: the Israeli army has not published the facts yet, so AP just puts general claim and counter-claim next to each other, under the banner of blaming Israel.

And, as with all moral equivalence by AP, it’s just hiding Arab aggression.

Even if there were no declaration by the Israeli Army (but there was one an hour ago), there are still 3 good reasons to believe the general Israeli version & reject Hamas’ propaganda. And that is 3 without taking into account that Hamas is just a bunch of murderers.

  1. Israel for years only defends against aggression and doesn’t just kill people, so why should it now be different?
  2. Israeli doesn’t have a motive to go kill anyone who doesn’t threaten it.
  3. Over half of the Israeli conscripts are left-wing peace-loving young people who will prevent anyone from getting away with murder or even manslaughter, which makes any rare trigger-happy soldier think twice about shooting

An hour ago the Israeli Defense Force has published what happened: http://ht.ly/2D1yb:

IDF Thwarts Attempt to Fire RPG at Forces in the Northern Gaza Strip, 12 Sept 2010

1. A short while ago, IDF soldiers identified a number of suspects attempting to fire an RPG in their direction. The soldiers returned fire towards the suspects, who were apparently hit.

2. Earlier today, IDF soldiers identified a number of suspects approaching the security fence in the same area. The force fired warning shots at the suspects’ general direction.

3. In addition, two projectiles apparently landed in the same area.

This all AP brings under the banner blaming Israel. Disgusting!

[But this was only a breaking story. After an hour AP corrects for the IDF information and lets the report win a lot of balance. But it does bring the settlement issue back to its headline and starts harping about that again without end. AP just never seems to get it right.]


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Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks

Dear Editor,

AP has greatly expanded its “Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks” make-believe story.

We also found the interview with Mrs. Clinton’s that this “report” is supposed to cover: http://www.cfr.org/publication/22896/conversation_with_us_secretary_of_state_hillary_rodham_clinton.html.

In the AP story the word Israel appears 16 times; in the interview the Secretary of State names the Jewish state the whole of 5 times: twice in passing, and three times in the answer to one (the last) question within two 129-word long paragraphs within a 11,000-word script. Cherry-picking as never seen before.

Talking about cherries – cherry on the cake is that the “report” steals the central paragraph from AP’s previous “Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks” about wars flowing from Israel’s existence (without acknowledging the genius who coined this deception).

AP’s lame excuse to harp about Palestinian demands and leave out Israeli needs under the pretext that Mrs. Clinton has spoken.


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PM: Israel must be recognized as Jewish state

Dear Editor,

We are delighted to have AMY TEIBEL back, AP’s own Joseph Goebbels! And she doesn’t disappoint us. He first clause is one of utter distortion as only she can deliver. The judeophobic “reporter” immediately deals with the lunatic idea that there could be any talk of a right of Jews to live in their own country, securely and safely, like any people. What is so horrifying to your poor journalist who has such trouble with anything Jewish, even Fidel Castro has now acknowledged as completely natural & logical,

She’s not just a hatemonger – she’s an artist. She builds her cases very well. We can learn a lot about the world of manipulators by following how she does it. She presents the need from Israel to be acknowledged as a state for the Jews as a demand. Then she adds that the Palestinians have always rejected this, so we should forget about this. Case lost, we would say.

Now, she doesn’t leave it at a one time use of the word demand. She skillfully gives it two functions. First of all she uses it no less than six times, four times in the first five paragraphs to characterize Israel’s stubbornness. But then it comes. The last time she utilizes the chilling verb for the Palestinian demand to freeze building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem (“Jewish West Bank settlements”). This way she hides (as any time AP uses moral equivalence), that the PA demand is real as it threatens to bolt the negotiations while Israel is simply voicing its needs for a certain outcome of the talks without preconditions.

She does quote Netanyahu, even at the start of the report, but she killed anything he said even before reporting it. And of course, he never spoke of a demand. He simply shared his visions for peace: “A peace agreement is based – first of all – on the recognition of Israel as the national state of the Jewish People.” He spoke of his longing for genuine peace and no threat of demand left his lips. http://www.pmo.gov.il/PMOEng/Communication/Spokesman/2010/09/spokestart120910.htm.

Netanyahu did address that a State for the Jews naturally includes equal democratic right for anyone living in it. That, of course, AP left out; instead it printed that veteran Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath said “We don’t deny that that there is a majority of Jews in Israel, but we deny their requirement that we recognize that Jewishness when there are a million and a half Palestinian Christians and Muslims who are citizens of Israel today.” You want your case presented with a twist – AMY TEIBEL is the best!


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Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks

Dear Editor,

At first we assumed that your “Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks” was AP’s lame excuse to harp about Palestinian demands and leave out Israeli needs under the excuse that Mrs. Clinton would have spoken. We followed the State Department link that you so uncarefully put under the article & found….. that she had not spoken at all about Mideast peace.

But the other part we were right about: AP again is stressing Arab demands (dressing them up as an “obstacle for negotiators”) and is leaving out Israel’s needs. Predictable as any brain-washing operation.


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Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks

Dear Editor,

We must hand it to you. AP isn’t only so creative with the truth; you are never too tired to be innovative in you fabrications.

In “Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks” you quote the smokescreens that the US president blows out to hide that he’s simply forcing president Abas to a reasonable peace deal and not let him get away with threats or worse anymore. Saving face is all that there is to it, and AP knows it but it plays along as it’s always into making policy instead of reporting it, around Israel.

But in the middle of this piece of fiction, AP inserted yet another fruit of its wish to manipulate the readers’ minds.

“The wars and grievances that flowed from Israel’s 1948 founding as a Jewish state have divided the Middle East.”

The verb is very interesting. Flowed, like water that can’t help but move from high to low grounds. There was not hatred and jealousy that was preached by Israels neighbors. Wars flowed.

The British never played Jews & Arabs off against one another, while they did do that in other colonies before they left them. War in the Middle East followed Israel’s statehood as water follows the law of gravity. A law of Nature; not the nature of the low lives.

AP also conceals that Arab hatred made that the idea of a bi-national state had to be abandoned – and still is no option.

Again and again AP hides Arab violence.

And of course it cites Palestinian demands and leaves out Israel’s needs. But those are old fabrications.


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Report: Castro blasts Ahmadinejad as anti-Semitic

Dear Editor,

Not only does AP bring lied-up and crooked “news reports” on Israel on a near daily basis. As behooves anyone who seriously wants to indoctrinate, AP rewrites history too.

We have spotted the next AP scandal. Just follow this revelation in a few easy steps.

1. Just before the new Jewish New Year, the amazing news broke that “Fidel Castro calls Ahmadinejad anti-Semitic” http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/09/fidel-to-ahmadinejad-stop-slandering-the-jews/62566/ and AP was there to report it: “Report: Castro blasts Ahmadinejad as anti-Semitic” http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3951540,00.html. With AP’s record, we were surprised – we must admit – but AP was on the ball – or so it seemed….

What Castro said in the original article was truly amazing:

He said the Iranian government should understand the consequences of theological anti-Semitism. “This went on for maybe two thousand years,” he said. “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.” The Iranian government should understand that the Jews “were expelled from their land, persecuted and mistreated all over the world, as the ones who killed God. In my judgment here’s what happened to them: Reverse selection. What’s reverse selection? Over 2,000 years they were subjected to terrible persecution and then to the pogroms. One might have assumed that they would have disappeared; I think their culture and religion kept them together as a nation.” He continued: “The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.” I asked him if he would tell Ahmadinejad what he was telling me. “I am saying this so you can communicate it,” he answered.

2. Finishes the Jewish Festival and Sabbath, and we look at the news for any followup.

We found it: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/09/chavez-we-respect-and-love-the-jews/62693/ and AP reports it http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/L/LT_VENEZUELA_CHAVEZ_JEWS?SITE=MAFIT&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT.

But – no letter about Castro’s opening move!

3. We look for the original AP story about Castro’s call to stop blaming the Jews, to have understanding for their need for their own country and security.


AP had purged the report from its archives!!

4. We google a part of AP’s report. We find News From The Associated Press | jacksonsun.com | that redirects us to a completely different and later AP story that contains not even a reference to the earlier story: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CB_CUBA_FIDEL_CASTRO?SITE=FLTAM&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT.

5. And also a newer AP Castro story http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CB_CUBA_IRAN_FIDEL_WHO?SITE=MAFIT&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT is cleansed from any of Castro’s calls to stop slamming Jews or Israel.

Compare this to AP’s quotes of people slandering Israel (on settlements, flotilla raids, Gaza hunger myths) that AP recycles for weeks on end, almost on a daily basis.


AP in its truest colors ever.


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[They both have extremists]

Dear AP Editor,

We’ve noticed that each time we see the word “both” (or its synonyms) in AP’s Middle East reporting, we have a case of false Moral Equivalence, meant to hide Arab violence or their obstruction of the peace process. We’d like to encourage you to redeem the word “both.”

We’ll give you a good example. Now that the Israeli and the Palestinian side are talking peace again, this time hopefully heading for true peace that will last for generations, defectors and objectors come out of the woodwork, also close to the political leadership.

On the Israeli side we have Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who is claiming that peace is “unachievable.” In a lengthy speech he said he’s all for hope but not for illusions. We guess that his point is that under the slogan “Land for peace” Israel made many painful concessions and go war for land. So, he’s warning against new gifts that are not getting anyone anywhere.

On the Palestinian side opposition from within came from Palestine’s Ambassador to Tehran Salah Zawawi who said on Thursday that the relentless struggle with the Zionist occupiers will continue until liberation of Holy Qods (Jerusalem). His hopes are for an end to Zionism and so he disputes one of Israel’s greatest needs, being recognized as the legitimate Jewish State.

Now, let’s look at the differences. Lieberman wants peace but says no to senseless give-aways. Zawawi wants to continue the “struggle” till a Palestinian state covers all of Palestine. The most extreme Israeli position is: we’re for peace but we don’t see it. The most far-out Palestinian idea is: let’s keep fighting till we have it all. What a difference.

And THAT is what one does with contrasting points. One places them next to each other to show the difference. One doesn’t hide the difference by just pointing out superficial similarities, that both nations have extremists. Fringe groups striving for WHAT – that’s the question. And that is how a responsible & honest news outlet should handle differences.


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Hezbollah won’t cooperate with Hariri tribunal

Dear Editor,

“Hezbollah won’t cooperate with Hariri tribunal” is such a beautiful example of much what is wrong with AP’s Middle East “reporting.”

Here again the leader from a terrorist organization gets AP’s open microphone. He can say whatever he wants, & he does, and AP will broadcast it without any further remarks.

He is treated by AP as a man of dignity and respect while he is in fact an internationally acknowledged dictator, a mass murderer and a war criminal.

His “We are unconcerned with the international investigation and tribunal,” does not require any further comment by AP, it seems. If a top Nazi would have said the same about the Nuremberg Trials, would AP have left it at that too?

The worst travesty of the “report” though is that by now Hezbollah is the prime suspect, but AP conceals this. It only notices that “Initial suspicion for his murder fell on Syria” but AP leaves it vague who the new suspects should be.

It’s inconceivable in this materialistic world that AP would twist this truth for purely “idealistic reasons”(hatred) – much more likely you are paid well for this disservice. One day the proofs will come forward.


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EU trade chief apologizes for Jewish comments

Dear Editor,

If The Night of Broken Glass was a Jewish revolt; and if the prejudice that all Jews are sly & evil is a Jewish idea; and if always demanding of Jews to defend themselves is a Jewish attitude, yes, THEN AP headline “EU trade chief apologizes for Jewish comments” is completely correct.

However, if The Night of Broken Glass was an anti-Jewish revolt; and if the prejudice that all Jews are sly & evil is an anti-Jewish idea; and if always demanding of Jews to defend themselves is an anti-Jewish attitude, THEN the AP headline should have read “EU trade chief apologizes for anti-Jewish comments.”

The rest of the report is not so bad except for not specifying what’s wrong with all anti-Jewish viewpoints expressed. Example: “all Jews share a certain gene” – AP should add that this is scientifically as sound as that the earth is flat or smoking is healthy. If some people can believe anti-Jewish sentiments, descriptions should go together with proper refutations.

Because some Muslims have claimed that Freemasonry promotes the interests of the Jews around the world, it could be relevant to point out that De Gucht is a Freemason.

AP generally doesn’t mess up around reporting about anti-Semitism. But here, clearly, the anti-Jewish words concerned how Jews allegedly misinterpret what happens in the Middle East. (That shows how closely related anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli sentiments can be.)

We hold that criticism on Israel is kosher on the condition that it is fair: not made-up, not exaggerated, not the result of using double standards, not from unbalanced viewpoints, etc.

AP has a long way to go on that one.


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UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty

Dear Editor,

Your report “UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty” mentions the word “Israel” 17 times in 16 paragraphs & in the headline.

But the persistent reader has to wait till paragraph 8 to see the first AND ONLY token words by an Israeli.

These are also the most dismissive, extreme words that an Israeli could say about this, so they are the most inaccessible for most people.

But the very worst is that the main arguments for Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal are completely lacking from this piece of propaganda masquerading as a news report:

1. Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is for deterrence, and it still needs them badly, not to her fault.

2. Iran’s dictatorship has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and denied the Holocaust; that is not going to make the Israeli leaders go very mellow on this subject if that is not condemned by the majority of the UN states and all her neighbors.


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Fast-track Mideast peace talks face big obstacles

Dear Editor,

Just the mere fact that Jews & Arabs read from right to left, doesn’t mean that on Middle East reporting AP should equal PA.

Your “Fast-track Mideast peace talks face big obstacles” is so embarrassingly biased and twisted. It reminds us of a similar peek in the AP Mideast mindset of 8 weeks ago: Analysis: A critical US-Israel issue is left open.

We will just present you with a list of the AP biases from this “analysis” – any conclusions we leave to others or for other times.

– Palestinians are the ones wronged in the conflict and the ones who need to receive. Israel needs to stop to wrong the Palestinians and their own needs are trivial or already fulfilled plenty.

– Hamas is a problem but the people who voted for (Gazans) & head & support Hamas are beyond demands. Jews living in the West Bank (“settlements”) are wrong and should leave. (Next step: Jews living in Palestine (“Israel”) are wrong and should leave.)

– Netanyahu is unreasonable, or as we call it at AP, a hardliner. Mr. Abbas, the Palestinian president (with title), is perilous. Hard/soft – you get it? So let the hard one get softer and the soft one get harder – that’s AP’s brilliant solution.

– The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a constant source of grievance and unrest in the Muslim world. And guess who’s one of the main players to get these upsetting reports to the whole world – AP, we say in all modesty.

If AP would only be able to SEE what it actually writes.


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Mobs attack home of Iranian opposition leader

Dear Editor,

Your “Mobs attack home of Iranian opposition leader” is a fair and worthy report. But someone stuck in the same phrase that we protested before (Clinton: Time is now for Mideast peace, issue 2.). Again AP gives haters of Israel free speech. Unbecoming!


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CA university upholds suspension of Muslim group

Dear Editor,

Your “CA university upholds suspension of Muslim group” also has the last word for the aggressors.

The anti-Israel hecklers’ interim vice president doesn’t expires remorse about the anti-democratic violence. Instead, he portrays his group as the real victims of the repercussions for their misbehavior.

With AP in the role of accomplice.


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Backer of NYC mosque gave to Hamas-linked charity

Dear Editor,

Your “Backer of NYC mosque gave to Hamas-linked charity” describes the case of a wealthy Hamas backer. AP gives him the last, nasty word.

“When you see people surrounded by tanks and F-16s, you ask how can we help?” he is quoted saying innocently. AP will not comment that these tanks and F-16s are there to protect, not to attack.

Palestinians are Israel’s victims & Israel is the aggressor, always. Sure. In AP’s war book.


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Clinton: Time is now for Mideast peace

Dear Editor,

Your “Clinton: Time is now for Mideast peace” has all the feel of the usual AP Mideast reporting:

1. Pretending as if the world is not interested in a secure Israel and the Jewish State can only survive in isolation. AP concludes (on the basis of nothing, of course, violating its own code): “There have been growing Israeli warnings that the nation might take military steps to blunt Iran’s nuclear program.” – AP ignores the US, the EU and even Arab solidarity with Israel against a nuclear Iran.

2. Faithfully quoting people that hate Jews and/or Israelis without any statement qualifying such hatred: “the fate of Palestine will be decided in Palestine and through resistance and not in Washington.” – Leaving out his threats to annihilate the Jewish State and his perverse claims that the Holocaust never happened.

3. Moral equivalence to hide Arab/Palestinian violence and Israeli suffering: “hopes for an agreement rest on overcoming significant obstacles and decades of hostility and suspicion.” While non of the parties consist of only saints, the Palestinians have no reason to mistrust as most Israelis want peace with them for decades already.

4. The Israelis are the accused party and unwilling to deliver, the Palestinians have demands and needs and are waiting for more flexibility: “The Palestinians have threatened to walk out of the talks if “ – Leaving out that the biggest stumbling block is the Palestinian unwillingness to give up violence, hatred, especially hatred of Jews. AP ends this “report” with five paragraphs addressing and naming “settlements” as the main concern.

When finally there will be peace, AP will be the first to protest.

While we only want


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Israel: Explosions occurred at Hezbollah depot

Dear Editor,

1. The last sentence of your “Israel: Explosions occurred at Hezbollah depot” seems to have fallen off.

It must have read “Unfortunately, UNIFIL’s supervising is toothless as it is not allowed to search residential buildings.”

2. For the rest AP describes the reported Hezbollah activity in a factual fashion. And that is wrong, because it can be used to glorify the actions of these callous mass murderers.

Not a word about the fact that they are terrorists, that they mainly aim at civilians, that they hate Jews to live around them, etc.

This is not the nice organization that has to beef up security because it had three explosions in a year. These are villains.

3. Not that this whole report is not critical. It is, but…. only of Israel. All the information is quoted as if there is doubt on it being factual. Israel’s military “said,” “told,” “accused,” “alleged.”

Israel though has no reason and no motive to lie here; AP has – to continue its world-wide around the clock smirching of the Jewish State and face-lift all organizations with the same goal.


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Gaza smugglers dead, missing in Israeli strike

Dear Editor,

Your “Gaza smugglers dead, missing in Israeli strike” is more of the same all over again.

1. Israel as the aggressor, Palestinians as its victims. From its headline till the very last paragraph. Even when it’s not true.

2. Only in the first half of the very last paragraph is mentioned that Palestinians murdered 5 Israeli Jews last week. AP labeled the victims as “settlers” while they were murdered because they were Jews – they were not asked first where they live.

3. In the penultimate paragraph we get to read that the air raid on the tunnels was a “retaliation,” fortifying the anti-Jewish myth that Jews are a revengeful People while Christians would have the God of Love. Ironically, the home base of AP, the US, still knows capital punishment – that can only be explained as a means to satisfy the primitive sense for retaliation and revenge – while in Israel the vast majority of Jews will be satisfied with deterrence of the mass murderers rather than revenge. The IDF never used the word “retaliation,” but rather: “response”! http://ht.ly/2zGPk

4. Accompanying, an AP picture of one of the victims of the air raid; no such illustrations of the terrorist attacks of last week.

You support the agenda of a terrorist junta that has as its main goal (not doing good to its people but) killing all Jews around.

Not only do you so add legitimacy to Hamas murderers; you also make the Jews come out hateful – the world over.


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Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians

Dear Editor,

Your “Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians” is surprisingly neutral, for a change. This makes the two main points of bias stand out more clearly.

First, Mrs. Clinton brings some more moral equivalence and AP faithfully reports without showing how she too uses this trick to hide Palestinian violence.

And then comes Abbas promising “commitments, including a Palestinian pledge to end all incitement of violence against Israelis. That’s not entirely under Abbas’ control,” AP then concludes.

Now, compare that with the following. “The mayor pledged to be more industrious in fighting corruption and crime in the city. However, that’s not entirely under his control.” Is that not a ridiculous conclusion? To bring it under control would be his job.

No, it’s not a conclusion. It the excuse why he would not be responsible for the violence. It’s a variation to the years on end AP mantra that he’s “weak.”

Ask the Hamas members and other opponents tortured in his police stations if they think that the Palestinian President is weak. Don’t just notice their outburst of laughter; time the length of their roars. They might set a world record.


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Israelis, Palestinians resume direct talks

Dear Editor,

Your “Israelis, Palestinians resume direct talks” starts off quite neutral, which is refreshing.

However, in paragraph # 5 we see a classic example of Moral Equivalence that is so forged that it looks completely ridiculous: “renewed violence and provocations from Israelis and Palestinians opposed to the goal of an independent Palestine and secure Israel.” We would like to know which “renewed violence & provocations from Israelis” need to be feared & on basis of what precedents? How may anyone compare the cold-blooded planning & execution of the murder of innocent Jews traveling the beautiful Lands, with settlers angrily laying the foundation of a much-needed community center (from today’s news)?

After that AP goes to detail the terrorist attacks, but not describing them as they were, but rather as mere “killing” & “gunmen.” No word (again) about the victims, four Jews, a couple with six young, now orphaned children, the mother nine months pregnant with their seventh child & two hitchhikers. No word on the more than 1000 Israelis likewise murdered in the past ten years and the thousands more that were “merely” wounded, many maimed, scarred & scared for life, & the traumas for their families, friends & communities. Also total silence about the tremendous sacrifices Israeli Jews have brought for the prospect of living in peace and security in their own land – a wish granted to most Peoples in the Twentieth Century after WW II. Not a word about the Israeli Jewish majority for a peace process despite all these losses. Again AP is completely silent about the generations of a hunted down Jews that grow up and live in a war zone, just half a century after the most infamous genocide victimized them.

But this is not enough. For those who know the truth and honor it, AP is hard to read as it floods us with lies, twists and bias.

After this AP – again – starts about “”nearly two decades of failed peace talks.” Failed for whom, we may ask? The Palestinians got their own state in 100 % of Gaza & over 90 % autonomy in the West Bank. Their economy is picking up. Thousands of their murderers were set free, many of them to receive weapons & work in their security or police forces.

Then,most exceptionally, in paragraphs 9 and 10, we get a fair representation of Netanyahu’s position. Too little too late but fair nevertheless. Now, try to bring those quotes as opening statements of a report and you will actually be reporting.

Immediately we are feasted on the next twists. This time it’s not AP’s but Abbas’ turn to deliver some more Moral Equivalence. “We don’t want blood to be shed, neither that of Palestinians nor of Israelis.” Like a German Nazi who after the War would call upon “Jews and Germans” to stop misrepresenting each other.

Abbas wants “tangible signs”- AP makes no mention of all he got already.

Then AP talks of a “building slowdown” while it is a police enforced freeze that’s been very hard on the West Bank Jews.

And then AP returns, paragraph after paragraph, to putting the burden of progress on Israel. It doesn’t fail to label the Israeli side as “Netanyahu’s hawkish coalition.”

We read again the AP mantra that “Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations broke off nearly two years ago, in December 2008” (the other is “right after the Gaza War”) instead of when Olmert stepped down.

Then on with another round of Moral Equivalence “coaxing the two sides back to the bargaining table” – the only one to be arm-twisted into talking are the Palestinian leaders – not a word about all the gestures made by Israel in the mean time. And “distrust remains after years of violence and deadlock” – no mention of which party has reason to be distrustful & who did the violence.

You should get a Palestinian state medal for “fair & responsible reporting” but they probably don’t want to blow your cover.

[After seven and a half hours AP removed this story from its archives and replaced it by a totally different report: “Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians.”]


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Palestinian kills 4 Israelis on eve of peace talks

Dear Editor,

A. In one of your most disgusting reports to date, “Palestinian kills 4 Israelis on eve of peace talks,” AP again shows that when it comes to Israeli Jews, it has no trouble blaming the victim, no matter how much it must twist the truth to succeed doing this.

  1. “A Palestinian gunman opened fire on an Israeli vehicle” – No, he first checked if they were really Jews and then shot them point plank through their heads. He shot at human beings’ heads while he could touch them, not at a vehicle.
  2. “traveling in the West Bank,” “at a vehicle traveling near Hebron” – No, it was at the entrance of Kiriyat Arab, which is near Hebron, but has nothing to do with the second-most holy City for the Jews.
  3. “a volatile city that has been a flash point of violence in the past.” – Now, that is true if ever there was anything true, but AP leaves out what kind of violence. That in a pogrom in 1929 Arabs murdered 67 Jews who were peacefully living there for centuries; the Jews that survived (many of them protected by other Arabs than protected them with danger to their own lives) fled and later returned. But when the British in 1936 left, the remaining Jews were evacuated. No, AP doesn’t do Arab violence. Even when Jews are murdered they need to highlight that they are impossible to live with in peace (read on).
  4. “Some 500 ultranationalist Jewish settlers live in heavily fortified enclaves in the city amid more than 100,000 Palestinians.” – Some 6 million ultranationalist Zionist Jews live in a heavily fortified land amid more than 220 million Arabs. Isn’t that ASKING for trouble? It’s like saying that it’s women’s own fault if they get molested by men – they should not be women or walk in the street or get married and nothing would happen to them. All Peoples in the world strive for a Homeland but apparently Jews have to be an exception. When they are attacked they asked for it. There is only one tiny Jewish enclave in Hebron – a few houses, no more, where Jews used to live. If anybody, the non-Jews are the settlers there, since Jews lived there first. And no word by AP why it is heavily fortified and what a scandal it is that that is needed at all.
  5. “Netanyahu, leader of a hard-line coalition of religious and nationalist parties” – AP has no shame. Why not ask to speak at the funeral of these four poor victims, so that you can explain in person to the bereaved that that’s what you get with a “hard-line coalition of religious and nationalist parties” in government. Not only it’s an outright embarrassment that AP dares to write this, it’s also a lie. Because this so-called “hard-line coalition” is on its way to conduct peace talks as there not have been under left-wing coalition for years. And the biggest lie: the second biggest coalition party is Labor, a Party bordering on being part of the loony left, for sure not “religious” or “nationalist.

B. After an hour AP tripled the report with all kinds of obligate phrases. Nothing could take away the shameful start of this report. Well, AP could take it away, but we’re not holding our breath.

Another few distasteful words were added in which it now says that “Netanyahu also faces some domestic opposition from elements of his hard-line coalition of religious and nationalist parties.” This was after stating how Palestinian terrorists are against the peace moves. The “also” – again as in so many other equalizing AP twists – hides Arab violence. What a chutzpah to gives this equasion in such a report.

The “report” now ends with portraying Netanyahu – again – as the one who still has to deliver on peace.

C. After still another two hours, AP had inserted so many other issues and spokespersons that the whole murder disappeared amidst peace process deliberations, trivializing it as if just an act of protest. Murder rendered immaterial. And the untruths that we protested? Not corrected, of course.

If we can believe AP (Could we?) the next moral equivalence came from a real spokesperson and not from AP: “U.N. envoy Robert Serry issued a statement condemning the attack and urging all parties….” Like, we call upon all thieves, robbers and police to shape up and abide by the law.

Left out by AP (No, we cannot believe AP) is that he is the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority http://www.unsco.org/sc.asp ! When we look at this statement http://www.unsco.org/Documents/Statements/SC/2008/Statement%20on%20the%20Gaza%20flotilla.pdf we know him through & through.

D. After still another four hours, yet another spokesperson’s words were added and nothing substantial changed. What a disgrace.

Long after other news outlets published specifics of the shooting, AP is silent about any of it. When Arabs die we need to hear the suffering of the families – even when it was a suicide bomber. But when innocent Jews are murdered AP will not release any detail that could evoke empathy; here we speak about the young parents of six children and two hitchhikers.

The worst AP failure is however that it does not only twist the truth and is cruel in the face of the family and friends of the bereaved (as explained above) but it also fails to report.

Most of the six million Jews in Israel are now in a state of shock and mourning. In the US one needs 3,000,000 innocent victims (Twin Towers) to get such an effect; here one dead is enough. That’s how much we cling to life and how close we feel to each other. That’s something to report, on the first school day in Israel, but not for AP. AP has other goals, obviously. 

While we only want is


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Blair memoir excites booksellers, riles critics

Dear Editor,

AP is not just as unreliable as the Bank of England once was thought to be safe – it’s also pretty brazen on top of that.

Yesterday we dared you to report that [Tony Blair speaks out against delegitimization of Israel] and today you publish a long report on his upcoming book without a word about his stand against de-legitimization of the Jewish State.


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[Tony Blair speaks out against delegitimization of Israel]

Dear AP Editor,

We dare you to report a digest from this speech.

A fair representation of it, we mean.

Two parts:




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Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish

Dear Editor,

We can’t tell if your “Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish” is just unwise or also malicious.

The Rabbi in question as constantly monitored by the Israeli loony left because they know that he they can harvest controversial statements by him frequently as he is not going to hold back on saying his opinions on anything.

On the other hand his pronouncements are often distorted and taken out of context:

A. In particular, his authority he doesn’t derive from any blunt political pronouncements but rather from his thorough investigation of Jewish Law. A self-made man, he developed into one of the wold’s leading authorities on Jewish Law, putting the Arab Jewish Tradition and Israeli Jews from Arab descent again on the map.

B. Also the political party he founded is responsible for more ethnic justice and equality in Israeli Society.

C. He was THE ONLY Rabbi from Israel that supported the Oslo Accords – the beginning of the so-called Peace Process. (The rest said: How can you give weapons to terrorists in the hope that they will turn democrats.) He is a strong proponent for Peace. http://www.jpost.com/Headlines/Article.aspx?id=186327 .

D. He has also excellent relations with a great number of non-Jewish leaders, including from Arab countries.

E. Further, as one of the very few rabbis, he has been working on the important issue of a Jewish view on Gentile Prayer.

To look for, focus on and obsess over (supposed) bigoted statements by this senior rabbi seems to us:

1. An important form of Racism as Westerners seem often just too fond to point out backwardness/bigotry in non-Whites.

2. To do injustice to the work and the greatness of this Sage and the dignity of his constituency.

3. Fit AP bias to put any not nice utterance by Israeli Jews under a magnifying glass & hide any similar statement by Arabs.

4. Very different from the countless Muslim preachers who call upon their flocks to murder the Jews (never reported by AP)! Here the call is to God to kill and only when they are enemies of Jews. They escape the curse if they stop trying to murder Jews.


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Israel PM wants regular meetings with Palestinians

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel PM wants regular meetings with Palestinians” has Mideast reporting with a twist or two.

  1. You report that “[c]hief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said he hadn’t heard about the proposal but would be open to the idea. ‘We are not against this in principle, it’s just premature to talk about this now,’ Erekat told The Associated Press.”HOWEVER, RESPECTABLE ISRAELI NEWS PAPERS REPORT THE OPPOSITE. “Erekat rejects fortnightly meetings plan” http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=186259 / “Report: Palestinians reject bid for bi-weekly Netanyahu-Abbas meetings” http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/report-palestinians-reject-bid-for-bi-weekly-netanyahu-abbas-meetings-1.310663 . Where is AP’s correction?? Always failing to report Palestinian obstructions – always portraying Israel as the source of trouble. The difference between the AP and the PA is getting smaller and smaller.
  2. “The last round of Mideast peace talks broke down in late 2008 after Israel launched a three-week military offensive against Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip to stop near-daily rocket attacks on southern Israel. Officials close to the talks said at the time that the sides were close to an agreement.” – A deliberate lie about history. The talks ended after Olmert had to step down and no degree of him bending backwards had resulted in any agreement. We’ve written this dozens of times to AP, put you persist in this lie. We don’t understand why this distortion is so important, though it gives you another chance to blame Israel.
  3. “The resumption of talks comes after months of diplomatic efforts by Washington to coax the sides back to the negotiating table.” – Not true – only one party was arm-twisted back to the negotiations: the Palestinians.
  4. “The Palestinians, however, have been reluctant to return to the negotiating table, fearing that they will be blamed if the talks collapse.” – Here you admit that you know that the Palestinian side was obstructing but you justify it better than Erekat ever did. What nonsense! What does that make AP?
  5. “That has left them hesitant to commit to new negotiations without Israel first agreeing to preconditions, such was a freeze on settlement construction in the West Bank”. – Israel agreed to such a freeze and in 10 months time it accomplished the same thing as leaving Gush Katif, leaving Lebanon, giving the PA autonomy: the opposite of peace. The negotiations only begin now because Obama stopped pressuring the wrong party in the conflict. Truth – AP abhors it with a passion.
  6. “Netanyahu ordered the building freeze in an effort to get talks with the Palestinians back on track.” – Here you admit that you know this too, but you fail to write that this concession resulted in nothing.
  7. “The Palestinians have already announced they will withdraw from peace talks if building is renewed.” – You fail to point out that this is just another hidden precondition since building and uprooting should be part of the negotiations.
  8. “Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war and began building settlements there soon after.” – This was a re-capturing of the West Bank that Jordan had occupied in Israel’s War of Independence (Arab attempt to kill all the Jews), destroying anything that looked Jewish in East Jerusalem. Their capture of these lands was not acknowledged by more than two other states. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TRICK BY ANTI-ZIONIST, TO START THEIR RECOUNTING SUCH THAT IT SEEMS AS IF ISRAEL IS THE AGGRESSOR.
  9. “There are more than 100 of them in the West Bank today, territory the Palestinians envision for their future state along with the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.”Absolutely not true. The PA doesn’t claim all of it. They know that the big settlement blocks are not obtainable and they know it. They also had no interest in a Palestinian State when Jordan ruled the roost there. So if there will be any Palestinian State, it’s only thanks to Israel!
  10. “The international community at large does not recognize the settlements as legally part of Israel.” – AP, always eager to portray Israel as the abandoned pariah among the nations. And as far as that is true, will never point out the anti-Jewishness of their stand.
  11. “The fate of east Jerusalem, meanwhile, lies at the heart of the settlement dispute. Israel considers all of Jerusalem its eternal capital, while the Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.” – Left out that the whole world is against divided cities (Berlin is a good example) and dividing barriers. Comes Jerusalem – it needs to be divided. Of course because powerful Jews are a sore in the eyes of many.

AP, you prove daily that there is no future to your work because you distort history.


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Thousands rally for release of Israeli soldier

Dear Editor,

Your “Thousands rally for release of Israeli soldier” is not the worst you have written on the subject, but it still has lots of the bias that we have pointed out to you before:

Missing: That all Israelis want the kidnapped soldier to go free – that the only dispute is about the ransom to be paid by Israeli. You pretend that most Israelis would pay any price – but 7,000 demonstrators is not a majority.

Missing: That the international community refuses to guarantee his unconditional release.

Missing: That the Israeli government has agreed to releasing no less than nine hundred terrorists, among them over a hundred that murdered more than 600 Israelis. Unprecedented as it was, that was not enough for Hamas.

Missing: That Hamas has still not allowed the Red Cross to visit the conscript. Prisoners of War should be allowed such visits, but here we talk about a man held by state-running terrorists that answer to no one since they were democratically elected.

Missing: That the young man is probably booby-trapped – a situation in which he can die any minute – which is a tremendously cruel way of being held captive for over four years.

Missing: That the Blockade of Gaza was a desperate attempt to ensure his release; that Israel has been criticized for this while the culprit, the terrorist junta of Hamas is often portrayed as the true victim and let off the hook albeit a few token statements.

Missing: That he was kidnapped in the line of duty, protecting Jews against terrorist infiltrators.


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Calif. GOP Senate candidate to travel to Israel

Dear Editor,

Your “Calif. GOP Senate candidate to travel to Israel” has an unfortunate paragraph. At first it seems rather innocent but on closer inspection and introspection the thoughts behind it and that it coveys are shocking.

“Boxer, who is Jewish, has strong support among pro-Israel groups.” – This gives the impression that the support is BECAUSE she is Jewish. This would be unlikely if she would not herself be a strong supporter of the Jewish State.

This reference though implies that “all Jews of course support Israel and supporters of Israel of course vote for Jews.” This is very far from the truth.

This is the old canard that Jews would be more loyal to each other than to their host country – a popular anti-Jewish myth.


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Israeli actors boycott stirs settlement debate

Dear Editor,

The Israel loony left has opened its mouth and AP is right there to report it worldwide.

Though Israel’s neighbors are only democracies in name, they each do have opposition parties, in the country or abroad. How come we so seldom hear from them via AP?

Your “Israeli actors boycott stirs settlement debate” though is not a lazy piece of parroting. No, you add your own myths and slandering to the story so that it gets some meat and juice.

Here is a list of AP distortions, all packed in all of a five sentence report:

  1. “Their refusal has revived a largely dormant debate in Israel over the future of dozens of settlements” – Not true as this town is not one of the disputed settlements.
  2. “The settlements are built on occupied land the Palestinians want for a state.” – All of Israel is build on land that the Palestinians want for a State.
  3. If you mean the West Bank, AP leaves out two points. A. When that area was occupied by Jordan they never claimed a State there.
  4. B. And why would AP automatically undersign the Palestinian stand that Arabs are of course going to live in Israel (no to transfer) but the Palestinian State should be free of Jews (then it’s suddenly OK to transfer populations)?
  5. The prime minister is quoted saying that they “play into the hands of international efforts to delegitimize Israel with economic, cultural and academic boycotts.” A nice excuse for AP once again to evoke the boycott idea. [And this is what he really said: “The State of Israel is under an attack of de-legitimization by elements in the international community. This attack includes attempts to enact economic, academic and cultural boycotts.  The last thing we need at this time is to be under such an attack; I mean this attempt at a boycott from within.  I do not want to deny the right of any person, of any artist, to hold a political opinion.  He or she can express this opinion, but we, as a Government, do not need to fund boycotts.  We do not have to support boycotts directed at Israeli citizens in any manner whatsoever.” – Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat].
  6. 56 artists have signed the petition” – Haaretz counts 53 signatures. The Jerusalem Post has registered 36. Are you at least going to correct the figure?
  7. You left out Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat who slammed these dozens actors and creators that have decided to divide Israeli society. This creates a rift in society, and discriminates between audiences on the basis of the political opinions of the artists. Culture is a social bridge, and the political debate must be left outside of cultural and artistic life. We understand that this makes too much sense to publish.
  8. You left out the reaction by Member of Parliament Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) congratulating the artists for standing at the “front line in the struggle against the inequities, oppression and repression of the occupation. The decision by the theater managements to appear in Ariel is embarrassing, but is consistent with the fascism that has almost become mainstream in Israeli society.” It’s a pity you left it out because it shows so well the ethical level of this opposition.


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[The truth about the PA Israel peace talks]

Dear AP Editor,

From where we sit it is very clear that these peace talks are going to succeed. Not from a deep longing for peace from the PA leadership, but rather because they are left no option but to cooperate.


Obama ushered in a new era with his disclosure of a new US international policy at his landmark speech at Cairo University pointing out that the US under his leadership is NOT on a collision course with the Muslim world – or with anyone else for that matter. This way he simply interrupted a seemingly unstoppable descend towards global war, practically preventing a looming WW III, and his Nobel Prize for this was widely disputed but well deserved.

Then he proceeded to tighten the screws on Israel. His Israeli approval rate fall to one digit figures. But among other things, Obama is an academic, an intellectual, more than a philosopher or ideologist. He looked what happened and clearly saw that his tactic had backfired It had resulted in greater obstruction by the Palestinian leadership. Their complains had skyrocketed and their willingness to sit down and talk peace nose-dived.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political landscape, Netanyahu made real nice and fundamental concessions and was very constructive throughout. (He was even willing to attack Iran for the good of the US, the rest of the ME and of all free People.) This all together must have convinced Obama that he was pressuring or arm-twisting the wrong party. So he changed course, and so far it’s going very well.

He put the heat on the PA leaders. “You either do as we tell you, sit down for peace till there are two States living side by side in peace, or we pull the plug on any money going to you,” he must have said. Their choice was simply between cooperation or going back to Tunis and spend the rest of their lives writing opinion pieces about how much their People has being wronged all along.


And why would this be interesting vis-à-vis AP reporting? Because it’s intriguing to see what AP does with all of this. And the answer is: it has consistently written the same outlook on this new situation. This shows more clearly than anything that AP doesn’t report – it attempts to educate its vision on the world to the public. In this case, it consequentially distributes the idea that these negotiations are fine and nice, and equally difficult on both parties, omitting completely: US coercion, the PA’s extremism and Israel’s deep wish for peace.

AP doesn’t report – it teaches its outlook on world events under the banner of journalism. It’s as demagogic and manipulative, ideological and partisan as can be. We, that insist on fair reporting about Israel, notice this first because AP never embraced Zionism. But the problem is not just with not being understanding of a Jewish Homeland. The issue is that AP tries to direct public opinion rather than inform. That is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed. (Also now that – to our liking – AP happens to put its weight behind the US dictated peace process that will result in peace, DV.) AP needs to return to journalism and cover the news – not create it.

In the case of this peace process that would mean:

  1. Writing openly about the psychological problems for the Palestinian leaders to forgo their quest for the whole of the Holy Lands through violence and truly accept Israel.
  2. Making no secret of Obama’s change of heart and show how one person can make a difference, and giving credit where credit is due.
  3. Publicizing how much Jews in Israel long for peace and how much they have lost and sacrificed for living in security and without wars like any People.
  4. Informing the public the world over that common people in the Mideast all want peace and prosperity, that war- and hate-mongering is by fringe groups only.


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EU slams Israel’s verdict on Palestinian activist

Dear Editor,

Your “EU slams Israel’s verdict on Palestinian activist” is as short as it is hateful & untrue.

  1. The EU didn’t slam anyone. One person with a known anti-Israel bias did.
  2. The Israel-hater seems not to be aware that Israel has no kangaroo courts and no lynch law. It doesn’t matter one bit what anyone says, including rich spoiled British (rule the waves) aristocrats, former Leaders of the House of Lords and not even Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland herself. Israel has laws, ratified by Parliament and courts enforce them regardless of whom is suspect.
  3. AP leaves out what left-wing newspaper Haaretz reports, that he was convicted of inciting protesters to attack Israeli troops! Constantly, very unsympathetic people get acquitted for lack of proof. If he was convicted there must have been proper proof.
  4. The same paper also prints the whole statement by the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman that AP hid at the end of the report and only gave truncated. He said: “Israeli law guarantees freedom to protest.” How telling that AP omits this!
  5. “Israel says the barrier is crucial to keep out attackers. Palestinians say it takes their land.” Moral equivalence all over again. Leaving out that Israeli courts have been balancing Israel’s needs for security and Palestinian rights to their lands. And AP always uses this trope to hide Palestinian violence. With an end to Palestinian incitement, hate education, knifers and suicide bombers no separation barrier would be needed. Instead AP portrays Israel as the aggressor!

AP has made journalism look so bad – it should be forbidden to claim to be a news outlet.


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Lebanon moves to address widespread use of weapons

Dear Editor,

“Lebanon moves to address widespread use of weapons” has ONE reference to Israel and (again) it’s so off.

“Hezbollah was the only group allowed to retain its weapons as protection against Israel.” AP hides that Hezbollah is Israel’s enemy and not the other way around.

Now, if someone would seriously believe that Israel is this aggressive state that wants to wage wars with all its neighbors, so be it. But if you have to twist the truth to state these things, then what is the value of such statements? Just to make Israel look hateful, right?


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Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet

Dear Editor,

1. What is a truthful approach to report a wrong in Israel, in the light of the fact that a large portion of the world’s news consumers have been bombarded with anti-Israel news and now dislike Israel no matter what is being written? How to report the truth without giving fuel to the untruth that Israel is the worst country in the world? Several ways:

  • – Bring very prominently the opposition that is inside of the Jewish State.
  • – Truthfully compare the situation to that in other countries.

What did you do in your “Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet”?

2. You open with a terrible misrepresentation of the Israeli army: “security obsessed Israeli military.” This is so ridiculous. Would you EVER write about a “health obsessed intensive care unit”?

Then you follow in the same sentence with logical nonsense: “a new adversary – trying to control.” The attempt to control is not the adversary here.

And then you introduce the subject 180 degrees the wrong way. Those who would continue reading would discover that the army doesn’t WANT to control what privates post on their blogs.

If you kill the subject so much in the opening clause before most readers continue to read any more details, you slayed your reporting.

3. You continue with other statements misrepresenting the situation.

“in this tech-crazy country.” As if smart kids the world over are not using electronics, computers and cell phones. It is offensive to call Israelis crazy. And untruth.

“circumventing tight military controls.” No soldier in Israel has his or her outgoing (or incoming) mail checked anymore. What does AP mean with “tight military controls”?

“Israel’s high-tech military – known, among other things, for its shadowy electronic-warfare units.” “known for” and “shadowy” are contradictory.

4. Till now, we have discussed four (!) short paragraphs. Four sentences. Look at all these problems in the text mentioned above. This report is NO GOOD at all. We will look at the rest and see if there is anything else that deserves to be mentioned, but it’s rather inconsequential anyway because by now this “coverage” has either lost all readers or totally make them get lost.

5. Only in paragraph 11 we read “drawing tough criticism from the army” while in fact the whole of Israeli society criticized these pictures. Only in paragraph 17 we read “She did, however, say she was sorry if the pictures had hurt anyone’s feelings.” Only in paragraph 23 we read that they army finds that that “such photos were taken to begin with, is a gross violation of our ethical code.”

6. We have to conclude that this report highlights a minor offense as if it’s a war crime while the grossest violations of citizens’ rights happen around the globe. If AP really would like to make a true report about this, it could have brought out the amazing ethical code of the Israeli army & the enormous support there is throughout Israeli society for such sensitivity.


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Israeli PM urges patience on new Palestinian talks

Dear Editor,

No less than five AP writers worked on your “Israeli PM urges patience on new Palestinian talks.” Does it show?

1. The first two paragraph contain a curious word. We’ll summarize:

“The Israeli prime minister said Monday that restarting direct negotiations with the Palestinians would not take years or even months but he showed no sign, however, of backing down from his insistence that there be no preconditions.” – Did you spot the strange term? The word “however” is completely out-of-place. Working without prerequisites GUARANTEES a quick resumption of the talks. Only a seriously twisted mind or perception of reality could see any contradiction here.

2. “The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations broke down in December 2008.” – We’ve emailed you dozens of times that that’s not true & you have written the truth a token two times since then.

3. “The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – aimed ultimately at establishing a permanent status for the Palestinians.” – No, the Israeli side has also interests in the talks: security, peace. How can you leave this out and sleep at night?

4. “seeking ways to reconcile the two sides’ demands for restarting the talks.” – Your popular construction, “both sides,” always hiding Palestinian / Arab violence & obstruction of peace. Netanyahu had & has no demands to be met before resuming negotiations. You’re hiding that it was the PA that (again) was making trouble, is not a partner for peace.

5. “The visit comes as relations between Israel and Turkey, Greece’s traditional rival, have soured since an Israeli commando raid in May on an international flotilla trying to bust Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Nine Turkish activists were killed” – We have made bold the words that are untrue (six lies). We’ve written about these lies over and over to you. You either don’t read our emails and are ignorant or you’re bent on being dishonest.

6. “held a peaceful demonstration to protest Netanyahu’s visit, they displayed banners reading “Zionist murderer get out,” & “Sever all ties with Israel.””That is “peaceful”?


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[Arguments against the main lies around the State of Israel]

While in the previous Chapter, 6. Guide, we may find guidelines for proper writing, here we find arguments and counter-arguments.

Being truthful

NB: The main tool in defending Israel must be a love for truth & fact. As soon as it becomes a sales pitch, meant to manipulate & deceive against the machinations of Israel-bashers, we’ve improved the situation very little, leaving the public confused whom to believe (no one). If we can’t win a discussion honestly, we were not meant to win it for now. Only with integrity do we place ourselves at the side of the public who wants to know the truth. We don’t need to claim or pretend or even strife for being objective – being honest will do.


Israel has annexed the Rachel Mosque – http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=194533 , http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=2&DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=443&PID=0&IID=5214&TTL=Rachel’s_Tomb,_a_Jewish_Holy_Place,_Was_Never_a_Mosque and (satire) http://www.youtube.com/user/LatmaTV#p/a/u/0/kOUi4qFuP3M .

To BOYCOTT Israel is a good way to support the Palestinian cause – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnpilMYsR0I .

If you want to boycott honestly, take this into account: http://www.facebook.com/notes/david-schwartz/what-this-means/476488153805 .

If Jewish Israeli University teachers say it, it must be true – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/9673 .

The Flotilla RAID – http://online.wsj.com/article/NA_WSJ_PUB:SB10001424052748703940904575395022140188274.html , part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXrzF0IOQYE&feature=youtu.be , part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfo91FQVr7M&NR=1 . The best: http://www.terrorism-info.org.il/malam_multimedia/Hebrew/heb_n/video/ipc_130_ev.htm .

Israel stands ALONE – http://www.friendsofisraelinitiative.org/article.php?c=57  and http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/06/g8_leaders_send_love_note_to_b.html

Israel sounds the death knell for GAZA – http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/80/4482.htm

Israel is strangling the West Bank – Actually, there is an economic revival (boom) in the Palestinian occupied territories. Why doesn’t Israel just give full control to the Palestinians there and why should a state there be demilitarized? http://imra.org.il/story.php3?id=48860

Israel steals Palestinian WATER – http://www.jpost. com/Home/ Article.aspx? id=158664 . http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_context=2&x_outlet=27&x_article=1880 . http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=285242 

At war Israel KILLS mainly civilians – see the math in: https://apisraelwatch.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/israeli-army-gaza-war-troops-to-be-disciplined/

GOLDSTONE REPORT (accusing Israel of war crimes in Gaza) rectified (nullified) by Golstone: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/reconsidering-the-goldstone-report-on-israel-and-war-crimes/2011/04/01/AFg111JC_story.html


Israel killed Arafat – http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=769

Israel violates INTERNATIONAL LAW & OCCUPIES the West Bank – Rather, it was Jordan that illegally occupied the West Bank and east Jerusalem. They were never part of any state and the Jordan annexation was not acknowledged by more than 3 states the world over. When these areas fell into Israeli hands after Arab states – again – had started a war in an attempt to kill all the Jews in Israel, Israel liberated the grounds, not occupied them.

Israel STOLE / JUDAIZES / NEGLECTS east Jerusalem – When we ignore east Jerusalem’s needs, we are racists (we are) and when we take care of them (paving streets, building housing) we are trying to Judaize her (we are not). So many parties have a stake in Israel not having control in Jerusalem that what moves their politicians must be anti-Jewish. NB: US Parliament want their embassy in Jerusalem – it’s just the US government that doesn’t want. And the Vatican, and the Arab despots, and European leaders all find it hard to see proud & succesful Jews. http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=1&DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=442&PID=0&IID=4464&TTL=The_Mayor%27s_Vision_for_Jerusalem

Israel BLOCKS PEACE by its occupation of Palestinian grounds / building there – The Palestinian leadership also didn’t want peace before Israel recaptured the West Bank and east Jerusalem. They never claimed a state when the Jordanians were their occupiers.

Israel is not interested in LAND FOR PEACE – Many Israelis were fooled by the “Peace process” that if we would compromise on the size of Israel, we would get peace. 1. We gave the Sinai to Egypt and we got a (formal, cold) piece. 2. We gave so much Jordan water to Jordan that the Dead Sea is dying and look, we got peace with Jordan (though it’s still illegal for Jews in the Hashemite Kingdom to spend the night or own land). 3. We gave away Gush Katif and we got…. rockets and a totalitarian Islamic regime planning to destruct Israel. 4. We left our security occupation of Southern Lebanon and we got…. Hezbollah arming itself to the hilt, already good for two wars. 5. The PA just wants the West Bank and Gaza – to begin with. 6. Syria is interested in peace with Israel if it just returns the Golan Heights – but when we were under siege from there it was not interested in peace. The majority of Israelis has become less naive. It’s taken a big toll, though. 7. The salami tactic that should have finished Israel off slice for slice has been stopped. No country in the world has given and sacrificed so much for peace and it has just breed violence, war, destruction and death. 8. Maybe land is not the issue? Read: http://www.hudson-ny.org/1437/classic-islamic-view-of-jews

Israel must give away the West Bank because otherwise it will lose its Jewish majority – and cannot continue to be a Jewish democratic state. This is only true if we make the following demographic mistakes. We ignore that the Jewish majority has benefited from a positive long-term demographic trend of rising Jewish birth rate, bolstered by net positive migration, and declining Palestinian birth rate, burdened by net negative migration.  The combination of faith, long-term vision, Aliya-oriented policy, tenacity and a physical control of the international access to Judea and Samaria has produced – by 2006 – a robust and a promising Jewish demography between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Read:  http://demographymatters.blogspot.com/2009/06/demographic-warfare-and-israeli.html , http://www.biu.ac.il/SOC/besa/MSPS65.pdf .

Israel abuses the HOLOCAUST to justify its land grab from these poor indigenous Palestinians – 1. If it weren’t for the Holocaust, today there would not be 12 million but rather 40 million Jews around (1.5 million of the 6 were children). Then there would be many more Jews living in Israel than now. 2. http://www.city-journal.org/2010/20_3_nakba.html . 3. In Australia and the Americas, European colonists shot at the original population as if they were on a pleasure hunt (a cruel, un-Jewish sport if there even was one). In Palestine it was much the other way around. Although Jews had ever lived in Palestine at least in small numbers for 3500 years, Jews started coming back Home en masse over a century ago. Many times they came to live in peace with the local Arabs, many of them with Jewish roots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsvi_Misinai But eventually pogroms and ambushes forces early Western Zionists (including Albert Einstein) into the realisation that they needed a separate state and to take up arms to defend themselves. The majority of Jews now living in Israel are Arab refugees and understandably they were much less naive to begin with about chances to live in peace among the Arabs. 

Israelis should know better because of what the Nazis did to Jews; in fact they are worse – 1. In the first place this comparison cheapens the Holocaust. There has never been another attempt to industrially try to exterminate a whole People. 2. Israel, not being a collection of true saints, but rather of mere mortals, is still not attempting to eradicate any People. Further more, Israelis, in comparison to a lot of other Peoples, is very careful with the lives of others. 2. Furthermore, no good has ever come of holding the Jews to a higher standard. 3. To compare Israelis to Nazis is an anti-Jewish act in the first place, according to the definition on anti-Semitism by the EU.


Judaism / Zionism is RACISM – 1. Jews being chosen always refers to their responsibilities, not to privileges. 2. Different than with a Race, anyone who wants to live like a Jew is invited to practice and convert; this is not an exclusive club. 3. Israelis claim privileges for Israelis like any other national entity; this might not be ideal, but there is no state in the world that doesn’t do the same. 4. In the Israeli Declaration of Independence and its Laws, equality for the law and equal representation in politics are firmly rooted. http://www.jpost. com/Israel/ Article.aspx? id=182688 . 5. For people who idolize Jews it’s often hard to digest that crime and hate, prostitution and racism, exist under Jewish rule. It might be a bit better than in a lot of countries, but ideal – not yet.

Israel doesn’t want PEACE – If Jews as a group could be characterized by one attribute then it would be naivety. The Rabbis warn against being too wide-eyed all the time, so much that we sometimes forget that we have true friends still. Almost any Israeli politician who claimed to have the key to Peace has won in elections. There is no People in the world who greet each other by wishing peace (Shalom!). We long for it as no one else. While non-Jewish Arabs often just want prosperity, dignity and quiet, Jews seek Shalom.

Israel is the BULLY of the Mideast – Well, Israel is a 7 million people full-fledged Western democracy surrounded by 220 million voiceless people in hate-mongering, poverty generating regimes that have little to no democratic function. If Israel was not properly armed it would have been run over long ago; don’t blame the victim of hatred for the armament that it needs to stay alive – blame the aggressor states.

Israel bullies and the US OF AMERICA is arm-wrestled into supporting that – Yes, the US is controlled by (the) Jews (the Jewish Lobby), the media, the banks, the whole world are. If you think so, then try to explain how come Jonathan Pollard is still in a US maximum security jail, the US embassy is still in Tel Aviv and the US State Department screens all Israeli top politicians before every election in Israel. The US controls Israeli politics and dictates behind closed doors what Israel should do while publicly criticising her whenever she effectuates these commands.

Israel is a CAPITALIST state – Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish People. Others are welcome to live with the Jews side-by-side. The economy is Western, with all its pros and cons. Every People deserves a national homeland. Economic (in)justice has nothing to do with the right to statehood.

Israel is a racist POLICE STATE – Israel is a parliamentary democracy. There is also a lot of corruption and favouritism (the old-boy network) going on, rather than outright attempts to harm others. The judiciary, the ombudsman and idealistic individuals and private organisations try to improve the situation, and Israel as such a young state having known no peace yet, is not doing so bad, really.

Israelis must learn to LOVE, forgive and give – People who say (or imply) this, refer to the old anti-Jewish stereotype, that Christians have the God of Love and the Jews the God of Hate. Too much love always backfires, as Jews can tell us because they were persecuted by the very people who preach love (but not by all of them). From the Jewish viewpoint Christians as a whole were unbalanced to the side of love, Muslims to the side of sternness. More balance is needed. 

Israel means TROUBLE – This is a corollary of the previous point.

Israel keeps the WHOLE WORLD away from peace and requires too much attention from international politics and media – 1. If not the whole world would try to manipulate, play against each other, gain influence, use, lie about and make money of the local Peoples, they would have found peace between themselves way back. 2. It’s not Israel pushing itself to be in the limelight all the time, but rather (mainly) people hostile to it. 3. There are many mechanisms that make that national and international media pour out a daily stream of anti-Israeli news. An example: https://apisraelwatch.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/abbas-specific-us-assurances-on-borders-needed/ .

Palestinian REFUGEES, GAZANS, live without proper housing, jobs, health care, food, hope, have their rights violated – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3931910,00.html , http://fullcomment. nationalpost. com/2010/ 07/24/khaled- abu-toameh- the-palestinian- victims-no- one-talks- about/ , http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-EdContributors/Article.aspx?id=184466 .

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Palestinians learn about the Holocaust in Israel

Dear Editor,

Your “Palestinians learn about the Holocaust in Israel” covers a lovely subject and reports it lovely.

Only a few points mar the report a little. It quotes half a dozen anti-Zionist opinions without disputing them or questioning the speaker about such beliefs.

We don’t demand perfection. We just point to these issues for improvements in the future. We very much appreciate all that was right in the coverage (98%).

  • “they are paying the price by the loss of their land with the creation of the state of Israel after World War II.” – Since this is a widely held contention, AP should not leave it at mentioning this but have asked if they know that without the Holocaust there would now be 40 million Jews alive (instead of 12 million) and that Israel is the National Home to the Jews, like any People needs a Homeland, and so not connected to WW II?
  • “he compares Jewish suffering in the Holocaust to Palestinian suffering in the West Bank and Gaza.” – Again, AP should have asked about this false equation, as no one plots to exterminate the Palestinian People, Arabs have full democratic rights in Israel and there is no hunger or medical neglect in the entire Holy Land.
  • “that “the Jews had nowhere else to go” after the Holocaust.” – AP should ask: And before WW II, where should they have gone?
  • “He said Palestinians have trouble seeing their enemies as victims to be sympathized with.” – Israelis would never talk about Palestinians as their enemies, except for a fringe group of ultra-right-wingers. Is this really what the boy said?
  • “we do not want to consider Jews as humans because of all the suffering that we go through we cannot believe that human beings can do such a thing.” – Unfortunately we see here an authentic sounding thought distortion, straight from the mouth of the manipulating Palestinian leadership. AP should have asked if all Palestinian suffering can really be blamed on Israel? What about the fact that Israel has shown so much goodwill opposite the Arab citizens but has to defend itself against terror?
  • “Palestinians maintain that Israelis generally have failed to come to grips with their responsibility for the Palestinians’ six decades of dispossession and exile, though a new generation of Israeli historians has challenged their country’s widely held narrative of blamelessness.” If Palestinians would take 10 % of the responsibility that Jews have taken for the others, the conflict would have been solved long ago. If looks so wrong to hold the Jews to “their responsibility for the Palestinians” and not think about 100 years of Arab hostility. Israel is RELATIVELY blameless, like it or not.
  • “Holocaust denial is common even among the 20 percent of Israeli citizens who are Arab and grew up under the Israeli educational curriculum.” – Left out is that their teachers were all Arab and Israel has not been very demanding of them.
  • “I am not giving them legitimacy to come here and make their own country, but I get their point of view” – AP should have asked: Without WW II Jews would not have the right to a Homeland?


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WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden

Dear Editor,

Your “WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden” has ONE paragraph that mentions Israel, and with it – again – AP contributes to disinformation about the Jewish State.

It reads:

“Last year, Bildt dismissed demands by Israel for the government to condemn a Swedish newspaper article that claimed Israeli soldiers harvested organs from dead Palestinians.”

By not commenting on the claim you reinforce the false accusation.

We are the first to admit that the issue is a bit complicated, but hey – are you journalists or what? (It was found that the director of the Israeli forensic institute illegally used organs for research from all kinds of bodies that arrived at his morgue, including from Palestinians. The law demands that his happens only with family’s consent. So, while there was some truth to the story, there was no one making money from “harvesting organs” let alone kill anyone for that and not at all any organized injustice. In short, the whole plot can be dismissed as demagogic rubbish in line with and nourished by old anti-Jewish stereotypes.)


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At 82, Dr. Ruth has more than sex on her mind

Dear Editor,

We would not call your “At 82, Dr. Ruth has more than sex on her mind” biased, but it does have a strange statement about Jews plus it completely looses its subject.

You announced the subject early on “She’s researching the country’s tiny Circassian Muslim community for a PBS documentary. The work follows similar films she has made in recent years about other minority groups in Israel, such as the Bedouin, the Druse and the Ethiopian Jews.” and then…. gets abandoned for…. sex. What a sham(e).

You find her “an odd choice to become an international sex icon. Born in Germany to an Orthodox Jewish family.” You seem unaware that an enormous percentage of the world’s renowned sexologists are Jews and that Traditional Judaism holds sexuality very high.


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UN nuke watchdog chief presses Israeli ministers

Dear Editor,

Your “UN nuke watchdog chief presses Israeli ministers” looks very reasonable until….

The crux of you report was the following sentence & it’s also the worst one: “The latest pressure has put the Jewish state in an uncomfortable position. It wants the international community to take stern action to prevent Iran from getting atomic weapons but at the same time brushes off calls to come clean about its own nuclear capabilities.”

The equivalence is totally faulty. Iran threatens genocide so should not have nuclear weapons. Israel needs an atomic arsenal to defend itself against genocide. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN AP EQUATE THIS? Would ANYONE will swallow this junk?


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Hezbollah, Sunni group clash in Beirut, killing 3

Dear Editor,

“Hezbollah, Sunni group clash in Beirut, killing 3” shares matter-of-fact-like: “Lebanese soldiers cordoned off the area and prevented journalists from entering.” Where is AP’s protest? Oh, only when Israel does something like that AP objects! We understand.


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Blair: Serious ideas needed for Mideast success

Dear Editor,

Your “Blair: Serious ideas needed for Mideast success” is so distorted – it cannot be called a report with the best will in the world.

  • “Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called on Israelis and Palestinians” – Equivalence, hiding that the Palestinians have been and are foot-dragging.
  • “moves by both sides to lay out their starting positions” – Blurs that Israel has been talking about its needs and the Palestinian leadership about preconditions.
  • “the West Bank, the territory squeezed between Israel and the Jordan River” – And Israel is squeezed between the West Bank and the Mediterranean Sea?
  • “Netanyahu demanded that any future Palestinian state be demilitarized and recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland.” – No, he did not demand but expressed Israel’s needs.
  • “He did not, however, spell out his position on the conflict’s most intractable elements – borders, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem, often called “final status issues.”” – These are for the most part the Palestinian issues. Why should he express Palestinian issues?
  • “Netanyahu has previously said that he will not allow Jerusalem to be divided.” – No, the vast majority of the Knesset has said so.
  • “Even Abbas has expressed some trepidation about the new round of face-to-face discussions and in a letter to President Barack Obama said he will withdraw if Israel [etc.]” – These are not “trepidations” but preconditions. They will not work anymore.
  • “skepticism, doubting the will of the Israeli prime minister and the ability of the Palestinian president” – The Israeli is mean-spirited, the Palestinian pathetic?
  • “an Israeli military court convicted prominent Palestinian activist Abdullah Abu Rahmeh for incitement for leading demonstrations against Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank.” – Rather, the incitement was not “for incitement for leading demonstrations.” An hour before this final report, AP wrote “for incitement at demonstrations” but that must have been too true, so you rewrote that, even if it came out absurd.
  • “Israel says the barrier is crucial” – Why the disclaimer that “Israel says” – is it not factual?
  • “Palestinians call it a land grab as it juts into large chunks of the West Bank” – Small parts, actually. And where is AP’s reference to what necessitated the barrier?
  • “to keep out Palestinian attackers” – We beg you pardon? This is the new term for suicide bombers and other war criminals (assailants of civilians)?


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US admits human rights shortcomings in UN report

Dear Editor,

Your “US admits human rights shortcomings in UN report” mentions Israel ONCE.

It’s context is foul – again.

“The Bush administration had shunned the [U.N. Human Rights Council] panel for years over its alleged disproportionate criticism of Israel and membership that includes repressive regimes.” Alleged? We don’t need to ridicule AP – they do that themselves.


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Mideast passions quiet over NY mosque showdown

Dear Editor,

Your well-informed Dubai-stationed religion editor penned “Mideast passions quiet over NY mosque showdown.”

When he quotes “Mideast commentators” they are all Muslim. Israel was one of the 40 countries where he was stationed so he knows Jews and can place the Jewish State.

When he writes “was widely welcomed across the Middle East” again he ignores Israel.

We see a parallel between the insensitivity of a mosque near Ground Zero and the callousness of a 23-foot cross looming over the Auschwitz concentration camp. The symbols are fine, to place them there is rude.

The huge cross was removed; the Muslim place of worship belongs somewhere else.

For the reporter, advocates & opponents only have an academic difference of opinion.


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Iran says it will mass produce assault boats

Dear Editor,

In your “Iran says it will mass produce assault boats” the word “Israel” appears ONE TIME. And – it’s misused – again.

Let’s spell it out for you. You write that the range of the new Iranian drone is not “enough to reach archenemy Israel.” But it is the Iranian leadership that has declared itself Israel’s archenemy. That shows this Persian regime to be an aggressor. Israel has no enmity against Iran at all.

Jews were not Hitler’s enemy. Twisting this around is not only untruthful; it’s offensive.


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Israel police: Former PM Olmert should stand trial

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel police: Former PM Olmert should stand trial” is short and factual.

Unfortunately, Jewish stereotypes are widely spread and have to be taken into account.

Therefore AP needs to include an important disclaimer to counter existing bias the readers might have before it can be said to be unbiased. Otherwise, it fortifies existing prejudices. AP cannot claim that it doesn’t know of anti-Jewish preconceived notions.

Prominent Jews that are suspected of stealing, leading Blacks that are caught using drugs, authoritative Women that are shown to be irresponsible or weak, physically handicapped leaders that turn out to be stupid – they can all be reported, but in the same breath it needs to be noticed that they are the exceptions and that they seriously let down the people for whom they were supposed to be a paragon and role model.

In this report it would have been fitting to note how keen authorities in Israel are to catch bureaucrats that abuse their power or otherwise violate the public’s trust put in them.


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Gaza Mall sparks debate over Israeli blockade

Dear Editor,

Your “Gaza Mall sparks debate over Israeli blockade” has been long in waiting.

Still missing:

  • All the Jerusalem malls that we know have 2 or 3 floors, so what enormous “luxury malls famous elsewhere in the Middle East is AP talking about?
  • About the “war-battered residents of the impoverished coastal strip” and “About one-third of Gaza’s work force is currently jobless, and 80 percent of the population depends on food aid. While consumer goods enter, Israel still bans exports and many raw materials that could allow Gaza’s factories to reopen”: Maybe next time include a reference about who started the war (you always hide Arab aggression and then harp about their victim-hood); and add that the average level of prosperity and life expectancy in Gaza belong to the highest in the world.
  • AP mentions six stores. In fact you forgot the fountain and the electronic play area for the kids and the enormous selection of cloths and foods. Maybe the following link will stimulate your readers’ fantasy, as a picture says more than a thousand and one nights http://www.alresalahtalk.net/vb/showthread.php?t=3636<br . [We wonder how the wheelchair user got to the second floor if the elevator doesn’t work – sheet 4#, after the fountain pics. And what is that suicide bomber doing in the mall pictures? Probably to guarantee that she will not explode herself in this building.]
  • To call this “It has no excess or luxury,” we wonder what poverty looks like in Gaza. We’ve asked you before (Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent, first paragraph).
  • About “the frequent power outages in most Gaza homes” you forgot to mention that Egypt and Israel faithfully provide electricity and that any shortage comes from Hamas’ rival the PA.

We again read your “Hamas militants overran the strip in 2007” Mantra. Hamas was elected in real elections. The only thing that happened after that is that it chased away Fatah. Hitler was also democratically elected; it makes a difference, you know.

And then there is again the “deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla seeking to break the blockade in May drew widespread international criticism” Mantra (5 lies in one sentence).

It took you a month to write this and you terribly failed to mislead us.


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Israel faces difficult choice on settlement freeze

Dear Editor,

Your reporter has fallen for Palestinian propaganda in his “Israel faces difficult choice on settlement freeze.” One only has to read the opening lines of the Jerusalem Post on the same subject to realize this. http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=185736

The threats to bolt the talks are just preconditions is disguise.

There is no good reason in the world why AP should investigate if Israel should be answering to stipulations & the PA be accepted without any prior requirements.

This especially in light of the fact that Israel has provided 17 years of concessions and presents only to meet more violence and demands.

The whole plan behind this report is as unkosher as investigating Jewish guilt for the Holocaust. No amount of decent reporting in it can save this long indictment’s bias.

Again in AP reporting, Israel is accused & the Palestinians are the ones with the needs.


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Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer

Dear Editor,

Your “Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer” is fraudulent as soon as you discuss the deceased’s record with Jews and Israel. After whitewashing Arafat in the AP obituary, we have been watchful about this, and your tradition just continues.

At the end of the report you put a reference to him having written one poem praising Palestinian suicide bombers – as if that was just an exceptional minor point.

In fact, his anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-violence stand was so extreme that that probably lead to his recall from Britain in 2002. We found a shocking overview of his 2002 lies and hatred in an article in the left-wing but well-respected Haaretz daily: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/features/saying-as-he-pleases-wishing-to-do-more-1.39744 .

Maybe he “was known for his poetry and liberal religious views” but surely he was a bigot. Some people don’t think that that is poetic or liberal. We think that you can’t stifle this.


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Politics, alleged fraud disturb Jerusalem cemetery

Dear Editor,

Your “Politics, alleged fraud disturb Jerusalem cemetery” is perfect.

The story contains almost all the information that we protested that you left out in an earlier, shorter article (Muslim gravestones removed from Jerusalem cemetery) & more.

You even omitted the needlessly inflammatory adjective “Muslim” from the headline.

The only untruth left lies in the title still. The “alleged” disputes the findings in the report.


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A look at previous Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Dear Editor,

Your “A look at previous Israeli-Palestinian peace talks” is such a laughable effort to rewrite history, it’s not worthy of a point by point review.

We just take a few random passages and show what a bunch of lies this is:

1. “But disagreements remain, including a demand by Arafat for a right to resettle Palestinian refugees in Israel. The effort fails as fighting erupts two months later….”

The truth reads: “But, as is well-known, Arafat bluntly refused to sign despite all Israeli concessions and brazenly walked away and instigated the Second Intifada two months later.”

2. “Olmert and Abbas hold a long series of direct talks. The last round breaks down in late 2008, reportedly when the sides were close to an agreement. Shortly afterward, Israel launches its bruising military offensive against Hamas rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.”

The talks with the PA were not even stopped with the 3 week war in Hamas controlled Gaza and continue for months after that until Olmert had to step down. No concession by him was good enough. Netanyahu was in no need to reach an agreement for his sake against Israel’s interests so the PA strategically bolted talks blaming him being a hawk before ever sitting down with him. Netanyahu issued a partial building stop and acknowledge the need for a PA State, with only more demands and threats as the PA response.

3. “The talks break down because neither side meets their obligations under the first stage: Israel did not halt settlement construction and the Palestinians did not clamp down on militants. A new wave of Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli targeted killings of Hamas leaders also derails talks.”

The PA did nothing of what was agreed so in the end Israel stopped its obligations. Whenever AP uses “both sides” it’s hiding Arab aggression. It has the chutzpah to equate war-crime suicide bombings and targeted killing of mass-murderers

4. “Israel releases mostly car thieves instead of political prisoners and Arafat does not reduce forces or confiscate arms.”

This is one of the PA’s failure to abide by every agreement, while the PA excuse is brought as cause.

No mention is made that Israel made concession after concession and the PA chose violence time and again. Not mentioning the giving up of Gush Katif is major – it was answered with an intensifying of the rocket barrage..

Compare and cry. What a sham. AP has done the public another disservice.

If AP was really interested in informing the public, it should present a list of concessions that Israel has done for Peace. We dare you.


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Source: Israel, Palestinians to hold talks Sept. 2

Dear Editor,

In your super-short “Source: Israel, Palestinians to hold talks Sept. 2” you still managed to insert some bias.

When summing up the goal of the negotiations you mention three concerns of the Palestinians and none of the Israeli needs – security, acknowledgment as a Jewish State, end to hate-education, to name a few.


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Israel urges Lebanon to block ships to Gaza

Dear Editor,

In “Israel urges Lebanon to block ships to Gaza” the words of Israel’s ambassador to the UN you rendered faithfully. Still it’s flawed in that it seems from the report as if Israel stands alone in its reasonable quest (giving the impression that something must be wrong with it).

The G-8 have specifically endorsed Israel’s handling of the flotilla attacks, to defend itself. [G-8 Leaders support Israel]

The Seventh paragraph contains nine untruths. If you read our emails regularly, you should be able to spot them effortlessly. We’ve colored them for you: “A deadly Israeli commando raid on a Turkish ship trying to bring aid to Gaza on May 31 killed nine activists and focused international attention on Israel’s blockade of Gaza, imposed after the Islamist militant and anti-Israel Hamas violently overran the Palestinian territory in June 2007.”

Omitted are: Israel evacuated Gush Katif for peace, Hamas responded with war crimes against Israeli cities, Hamas are terrorists, democratically elected, out to destruct Israel.


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Peace this time? Israel, Palestinians to talk

Dear Editor,

“Peace this time? Israel, Palestinians to talk” opens with eight blend news paragraphs. Then we find a cluster of your old & exposed hobbyhorses of whole & half untruths.

Most of the report is kept eerily calm and unreal. Suddenly there are no people or powers that would ever opt for war, no terrorists, no liars and no hate-mongers.

Suddenly They all are justice and fairness personified. It’s just a matter of talking and reaching agreements.

In your attempt to come across as even-handed you leave out any real information on the villains and are not informative.


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Iran inaugurates nation’s first unmanned bomber

Dear Editor,

Finally some good news to report for the anti-Zionists and you bring it gleefully.

In “Iran inaugurates nation’s first unmanned bomber” your reporter has the gall to call Israel Iran’s archenemy.

Further, all vitriol of Twenty-first Century’s would-be Hitler you represent prominently and faithfully.

Iran’s opposition is elegantly brought to a complete silence.

And of course, your AP writer would not rain on the Iranian dictator’s parade by mentioning Iran’s wish to wipe Israel off the map.

Instead, he quotes that those who opposes the regime are “enemies of humanity.”


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Israeli PM: Peace ‘difficult but possible’

Dear Editor,

In “Israeli PM: Peace ‘difficult but possible'” is (still?) a short report but already not clean.

AP’s filalítheiaphobia (phobic fear for truth) got the better of it after it had to report on a hopeful statement by Netanyahu. It simply HAD TO close with three (of its favorite) lies:

  • Palestinians have been wary of talking to Netanyahu’s
  • hard-line government.
  • The last round of peace talks ended in late 2008.

By the way, Netanyahu is the prime minister, not the ‘leader’ of Israel.

Pathological or wicked editing?


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Text of a statement issued by Mideast “Quartet”

Dear Editor,

In “Text of a statement issued by Mideast “Quartet”” as always AP is ready to quote any text or person that is willing to hide the truth and blur the picture of what is truly going on in the Middle East, without any clarifying comment that G-d forbid could reveal the truth.

Especially the false moral equivalence of the document must be pleasing to AP’s Middle East political department.

When will AP share the truth that Obama has finally come to his senses about the Mideast peace process and holds the Palestinian leadership hostage until they agree to anything that looks like peace. The US and EU will cut off all aid to the Palestinians unless they go along with a Two State Solution with security for Israel and prosperity for the West Bank, leaving them little choice. The rest is details. One idea is of course, to win back the people who went to Hamas, and so regain leadership over Gaza too.

Regarding that last point, AP would be perfectly situated to raise the question how part of a true peace process must entail a mechanism that would end corruption of the Palestinian leadership. On that hinges its public support; on that depends if the West Bank will get a dictatorship or a democracy, on that will turn if Gaza will become a democracy again.

AP, as an international and powerful news outlet, should vote for such democracies, and question all leaders involved “who is going to guarantee an end to corruption on the Palestinian side and how.”

We dare you.

It will show if you are on the side of free people getting well informed, or rather are corrupt yourself, just catering to your richest (Arab) clients to distort the news as they dictate.

Surprise us.


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[Israel wins Paralympic gold as Iranians refuse to swim in same pool]

Dear Editor,

In your earlier “Iran wins in soccer but withdraws from taekwondo” you told us of an Iranian refusal to compete against Israel, only to withdraw the news in a later “IOC dismisses Israel claim Iranian faked injury” based on nothing but an unsubstantiated remark by an international sports official, completely ignoring Iran’s record in this.

Well, now Israeli left-wing daily Haaretz reports “Israel wins Paralympic gold as Iranians refuse to swim in same pool” http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/sports/israel-wins-paralympic-gold-as-iranians-refuse-to-swim-in-same-pool-1.291611 .

AP’s chance to regain credibility & report anti-Israel news as it is. Not the whole world is against Israel – as AP often intimates on false grounds – but rather some selected anti-Israel countries stand out and prefer to lose rather than face off against the Zionist enemy.

Show that you may portray anti-Zionists for what they are: hate-mongering bad sports.

This would enable you to quote the blind winner’s great joke (but do credit Haaretz).


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Analysis: Obama seeks elusive prize _ Mideast deal

Dear Editor,

Your “Analysis: Obama seeks elusive prize _ Mideast deal” is so unreal, it’s not even lied up. More than half of the “analysis” is just a bunch of nonsense.

A nice example is your statement about “Obama’s resilient popularity abroad.” His approval rate in Israel has been fluctuating between 3 and 9 percent. Resilient? Unfortunately, you are serious.

But then, beyond half-way down, we go back to the old and trusted AP lies: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hawkish, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is weak, The last direct talks were in November 2007, etc.

Completely missing is any remark on Obama succeeding to get the parties to the table because of arm-twisting the Palestinian leadership.

Another AP “analysis” about Israel that’s a complete embarrassment.


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Veteran Dutch Mideast reporter Conny Mus dies

Dear Editor,

Why are we not surprised that your “Veteran Dutch Mideast reporter Conny Mus dies” stays completely silence about the criticism that his biased Middle East reporting evoked in his native the Netherlands? Since he divorced his Israeli Jewish wife and started a relationship with a Palestinian woman, his reporting deteriorated from informative to propagandistic.

The only other Dutch TV reporter, Sander van Hoorn, also has a Palestinian partner. We are waiting if the Dutch will get some real information in the near future through Mus’ successor, but we are not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, in the Low Countries few of the left-wing, right-wing and center media have any use for AP – they insert the lies and bias themselves. Millions of people there are in urgent need of truthful information about the Mideast. Will AP jump in that hole in the market?


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Analysis: Talks to test Netanyahu’s will for peace

Dear Editor,

“Analysis: Talks to test Netanyahu’s will for peace” contains much facts most of the time suppressed by AP. Unfortunately AP can only give its readers such glimpses of truth when they are inserted into an overall false picture of the situation, as here is the case too.

This is a clear case of filalítheiaphobia – a phobic fear for truth.

The headline is a complete fraud. Netanyahu is saying for years that he’s ready for peace. The one to be tested is the Palestinian leadership.
Your headline is as crazy as “Let’s see if cows are ready for vegetarians’ diets.”

Your opening word is “Hawkish” – that’s how one characterizes someone who calls out for peace? As if we would open a discussion about AP with “Deceitful propagandist AP….”

“enormous obstacles to overcome before any deal can be reached” that AP sums up all concern Palestinian demands on Israel. Not a word on Israel’s needs. You round that off with “The international community backs the Palestinian demand” as if no one really supports Israel’s needs – the old AP lie of Israel standing alone.

And why do Palestinian leader not want to sit with the Israeli leaders? Netanyahu “has made the Palestinians extremely leery about speaking to the Israeli leader.” In accordance with AP’s opinion that Palestinians are powerless blameless innocent victims on whom we should not lay any expectations.

It would be interesting to see this clause when all untruths would be taken out: “To lure Netanyahu to the negotiating table, the White House had to agree to his demands that there be no preconditions and that he not be bound to pledges made by more dovish Israeli leaders in the past.”

How about: “To force Abbas to the negotiating table, the White House had to demand that he drop his preconditions and that he renegotiates sweeping promises made in earlier but failed negotiations with the outgoing previous Israeli leader Ehud Olment.”

The rest of the report contains dozens of more myths and twists of the truth. We refuse to believe that JOSEF FEDERMAN, who always writes so responsibly, has written this junk.

This analysis tells a tale….. on AP.


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[How we were wrong]

Dear AP Editor,

We’ve written you hundreds of emails about the absence or presence of anti-Israel bias in your reporting. We have come to the conclusion that we were wrong.

We have judged your reporting from a mindset that your reporting as much as possible should be objective and not favor any side in the Mideast conflict. Whenever we spotted a unbalance we have concluded that this gives away some bias in your mindset.

We held that you did not need to love Israel but you should at least not hate Israel.

We want to step away from this criterion.

We have grown to understand that there is something else wrong with many of AP’s Middle East reports that is more fundamental.

We have found very little anti-Israel bias that is honest. Time and again unfavorable reports employed half-truths and outright lies, manipulations and distortions of facts, stylistic and layout tricks in order to give a crooked picture of Israel and Israelis.

This in one go answers the old question “Why should people not be allowed to criticize Israel as any other country?” The problem is NEVER in negative publicity. The real issue lies in dishonest reporting.

From now on we will not ask ourselves if AP writers and editors LOVE Israel, not Hate us. Instead, we will search for untruth only. We will denounce variations and manipulations to the truth rather than the reporting being colored or unfavorable.

(Actually, we’ve more criticism on Israel than AP expresses. AP workers who push twisted news on Israel seem so busy with having & giving a wrong impression, that they can’t even see what’s really problematic in the Jewish State. Probably, they never took the trouble to get to know her. The danger of falling in love with her has kept haters from paying enough attention to her to get to know her at all. They’re condemned to superficial hate.)

We’ll not again expect a neutral or loving attitude. We will only insist on truthfulness.

Some of your reporters are very good on Israel. Not because they’re Zionists, friends of Jews or understanding of the need for statehood for all Peoples. Rather, they are honest.

Integrity figures high on AP’s list of principles it wants to abide by.
We will hold you to that more than to anything else, from now on.

Shalom from Jerusalem,

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Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet

Dear Editor,

“Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet” leaves us unhappy.

1. The overview of recent Israeli Army / Internet issues is fine.

2. But glaringly omitted is any mention why Israel needs to worry – more than the US that is not on a 27/7 battle for survival. You compare the two armies without pointing out this fundamental difference.

3. In the beginning (headline and first paragraph) you insinuate that the Israeli army would like to stop these postings. Only in paragraphs 21-23 (!) we learn that the army is not getting involved at all.

4. You mention that Arab satellite channel al-Jazeera compared these mild pictures to the ones testifying of US military abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, the notorious U.S. prison in Iraq where American soldiers tortured inmates.

Only the persistent reader will find the complete inappropriateness of the comparison.

5. In good anti-Jewish fashion a whole army and nation is blamed & blackened for the deeds of one person. All the Israelis that criticize her & her own apologies matter little.


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Palestinian who attacked Turkish Embassy captured

Dear Editor,

Three AP writers are credited with producing “Palestinian who attacked Turkish Embassy captured” and an unspecified number of editors. This might account for the very different quality of statements in the report in regards to bias.

The report about the assault is not biased.

But then, someone put in the “AP backdrop.” And there we go again:

  • “Israel-Turkey relations have been strained over the May 31” – No, it was over the three-week defensive operation in Gaza 2008/2009.
  • “Israeli attack” – Who was attacking who? Seen the BBC report on it? No questions stay open. , and
  • “on an international flotilla” – Rather, on one boat from Turkey.
  • “that was trying to bust Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.” – But not! See the recent BBC report just mentioned.
  • “The raid killed nine Turkish citizens” – no word about that they died for attacking the commandos with lethal force bringing them in mortal danger.

“I will kill any Jew that enters.” Again, AP has no trouble quoting Jew-hatred verbatim but will not distance itself from it. There is no purer form of spreading anti-Semitism.


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Stabbings initially drew little attention in Mich.

Dear Editor,

Your fourth installment “Stabbings initially drew little attention in Mich.” finally reveals that the suspected serial slasher is an Arab Christian…. that is, for the readers who will make it to the sixth paragraph. An old AP trick to stash away unwelcome revelations. This way he will stay for the vast majority of readers an Israeli murder suspect, probably a Jew or a Muslim. I asked you three times to be good with his identity and this is what you do with it?

You still did not write the good name that Christian Arabs from Ramle have in Israel.

This only piece of real news in your report is wedged between two untrue statements. He mostly grew up in the US & not Israel. He has never been suspected of a screwdriver attack in Ramle – there was only such a rumor but a complaint like that was never filed.


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UN gets Hezbollah ‘evidence’ on Israel-Hariri link

Dear Editor,

After you treacherous “UN Prosecutor seeks video in Lebanon assassination” we now got a lengthy “UN gets Hezbollah ‘evidence’ on Israel-Hariri link.” Is it any better?

Objections to the baseless and terrorists’ claim that Israel had murdered the Lebanese prime minister five years ago, are reduced by AP to an Israeli claim. No mention that Israel had no motive and that Hezbollah is widely believed to have assassinated him.

After this token Israeli statement, the terrorists get the mike. AP would never withhold us their lies, and not expose the terrorists for what they are.

They are termed a “militant group” and Israel is their “sworn enemy” – talking of twisting the truth. We always thought that Hezbollah was Israel’s enemy.

Towards the end again we find this great gimmick “If Hezbollah is indicted, there are fears it could spark riots between the Sunni supporters of Hariri and Shiite followers of Hezbollah.”

We have protested this lie before but that didn’t stop you from presenting it again as a great afterthought. No word – again – that catching and punishing the murderers could deter future political assassinations and enable democracy without terrorist control in Lebanon.


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$250K set bond for woman in pie attack on senator

Dear Editor,

Your “$250K set bond for woman in pie attack on senator” is not kosher.

We have to read into the penultimate of the five clauses to find out what happened.

When we learn that they attacker supposedly went after the senator because of his support for Israel, no mention is made of the fact that he is known to be a Jew.

An attack by a White person against an Afro-American will not be reported without bringing up the issue of racism. Here a Jew is attack for supporting Israel (no less) by a woman with an Arab first name, and no mention is made of Jew-hatred.

AP, if you don’t condemn, by default you concur.

Further, you make no mention of the fact that this American was a known trouble maker and removed from Israel for trying to obstruct a court order in Jerusalem, as widely (and biasedly) reported by the Palestinian press.

She was free to speak her mind from an Israeli prison before being expelled to the US. From jail she made wild accusations against her opponents and the people who arrested her, but never pressed any charges. That renders them unbelievable and gives an insight into her baseless hatred for Jews.

We want to believe that an impartial AP is the future and not a pie in the sky.


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Lebanon gives Palestinians employment rights

Dear Editor,

“Lebanon gives Palestinians employment rights” is excellent news for all that love justice. (See also the precursor “Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights.”)

Many of the previous problematic sentences are maintained, the worst “Arafat’s fighters for attacking Israel repeatedly from southern Lebanon, giving Israel a pretext to attack villages and twice invade.” The word must be reason and obligation.

Again no word about Israel’s exemplary model of absorbing millions of refugees and Arab countries using the Palestinians to further their own agenda without any regard for their Palestinian brethren.


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IOC dismisses Israel claim Iranian faked injury

Dear Editor,

You anonymous “IOC dismisses Israel claim Iranian faked injury” comes to correct your earlier honest report by your Sports Writer (“Iran wins in soccer but withdraws from taekwondo”) and it does a fine job of taking any truth out of the reporting.

“IOC president Jacques Rogge has dismissed claims by Israel that an Iranian faked an injury” – left out is that this is standard practice by the Islamic dictatorship, not just an Israeli claim.

Israel called [it] political and claimed it was common for Iranians to avoid competing with Israelis.” What does AP mean with those verbs – that it wasn’t true?

The historical record is clear – and with that the burden of proof was on the Iranians, but they did not deliver. But AP chose their side anyway, as usual against Israel.


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Iran wins in soccer but withdraws from taekwondo

Dear Editor,

Your Sports Writer gave a clean report with his “Iran wins in soccer but withdraws from taekwondo.” The bias was in the headline that was silent about the unbiased piece and the first clause that had a twist.

“Iran was accused of putting politics before sports at the inaugural Youth Olympics by withdrawing from a taekwondo final against Israel on Sunday” should have read: Iran seemed to have put politics before sports at the inaugural Youth Olympics by withdrawing from a taekwondo final against Israel on Sunday.

That’s honest reporting. Your reporter wrote all the details fairly but publicity was largely withheld from him when AP decided to take the issue out of the headline and twist the opening line.


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Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer

Dear Editor,

“Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer” has only one reference to Israel and immediately it’s a serious source of bias.

“In the poem titled “The Martyrs,” Algosaibi said the bombers “died to honor God’s word.”” – This is of course glorifying suicide bombers, who are criminals that mainly target civilians – a war crime.

Then the paragraph continues and finishes: “Under criticism from Jewish groups, Algosaibi defended his poem and accused Israel of committing war crimes.” – This is the usual turning the world upside-down, revealing the sick mindset of murderers.

But the real problem lies in AP writing that Jewish groups were against the text, as if it’s only offensive for Jews (while most Muslims condemn murder) and that his perverse accusations are not contradicted by anyone – as usual.


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Coming soon!

Working on a grading system for AP’s Israel reporting.

AP FAIRNESS TABLE. Criteria for valuation specified.  
TOTAL SCORE TOTAL SCORE from below 25 criteria    
Neutral Starting points for a report   100  
Good, long  If it’s a good, long report + 20  
Lengthy, biased If it’s a lengthy, biased report -20  
Informative If it informs rather than confuses + 15  
Headline If the headline is biased -30  
First paragraph If the first paragraph is anti-Israel biased -20  
First 3 paragraphs If the first three paragraphs are overall anti-Israel -10  
Hate speech If hate speech or lies against Israel are quoted and not immediately neutralized -30  
Over-flooding For each time a fair position by Israel is stated but immediately discredited for no good reason -20  
Extremist Israelis For each time that Israel’s position is represented only by the most extreme people to show unreasonableness -30  
Too little too late If the vision of Israel is underrepresented (too little, too late) on something concerning the Jewish State -30  
Omitted key info If crucial information is omitted giving an anti-Israel bias -30  
Missed chance If a chance to correct anti-Israel bias is missed -20  
Forms myth If anti-Israel distortions are recycled – myth formation -30  
Derogatory terms If negative verbs, adverbs or nouns are used that throw a bad light on Israel -20  
Moral equivalence If it equalizes morally different positions as from a terrorist organization and a democratic state -30  
No responsibility If it hides responsibility (e.g. by painting the others as powerless victims) from enemies of Israel -30  
Betrayal of Palestinians If it overlooks that the UN and the Arab regimes have used the Palestinian Arabs, rather than helped -30  
Skips history If it brings Israeli defense mechanisms as the first cause and hides anti-Israel violent history that started the trouble -30  
Double standard For each time Israel is blamed for something negative that is normal and not reported in other countries -20  
Against stereotype For each correction of a popular anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish bias + 10  
Jewish stereotype For each fortification of an anti-Jewish stereotype -10  
Israeli stereotype For each fortification of an anti-Israel stereotype  -10  
Play against e/a For colluding with the view that Jew and the Arabs have contradictory long-term interests -20  
Long-term interests For making clear that Jew and the Arabs have no contradictory long-term interests + 50  
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Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid

Dear Editor,

“Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid” is an excellent report marred by attempts to make it fit “AP’s house-style.”

These are the distortions that we found (We will only mention but not comment on twists reported to AP before; just google at our blog and you will find all the truths that AP can’t bear spreading.):

  • Headline: “Israeli army: More force was needed for ship raid” – Because of the often distorted news “coverage” the headline should have been: “Israeli army: Outcome would have been far more deadly were it not for soldiers’ restraint”!
  • “deadly May raid”
  • “on a pro-Palestinian flotilla”
  • “pro-Palestinian activists”
  • “The charity behind the flotilla”
  • “breach Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip”
  • “The soldiers have said – “The activists have said”
  • .”The bloodshed drew widespread international criticism”
  • “a tight naval blockade remains in place”
  • “the violent Hamas movement took control of Gaza in 2007”
  • “because of its ties to Hamas” – No, because it was identified as a terrorist organization
  • “video footage that it said showed an Arab Israeli lawmaker walking among men holding metal rods aboard the ship before the soldiers arrived.” – In all fairness, she is never seen in one frame with any weapon, the Jerusalem Post reported.


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UN Prosecutor seeks video in Lebanon assassination

Dear Editor,

Parts of your “UN Prosecutor seeks video in Lebanon assassination” seem to be written by a diplomat, not a journalist.

Let us present you with a list of your confusing distortions – followed by our truthful, informative rendering:

  • “Nasrallah described the tribunal as politically motivated” – Nasrallah described the tribunal as an Israeli plot
  • “if the tribunal draws links between the assassination and Hezbollah” – if the tribunal proves links between the assassination and Hezbollah
  • “it could provoke bloodshed” – it could punish the murder committed and possibly deter further political murders
  • “His death set off political turmoil in Lebanon that led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops after almost 30 years of military presence.” – His death made Lebanese revolt the Syrian occupation which led to the withdrawal of the foreign troops


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Gaza panel will meet again next month

Dear Editor,

Your short “Gaza panel will meet again next month” is just a pretext to reinforce AP’s most recent myth forming on Israel.

All the truth twisters are there:

  • Israel’s deadly
  • raid
  • on a Gaza-bound
  • aid
  • flotilla

made it into the first context sentence. Not far behind were:

  • incident that killed eight Turkish activists and a Turkish American
  • resistance
  • breaking Israel’s blockade of Gaza
  • opened fire
  • Both countries said they acted in self-defense
  • The flotilla raid
  • drew an international outcry
  • forced Israel to ease its blockade
  • Hamas militants took control of the area

All these lies and distortions have been exposed on our blog in the recent weeks – AP brazenly restates them.

When we go to court we will ask the judge to let AP and the responsible editors pay separately for EVERY TIME that they published the same slander. In fact, fines and jail time should rise exponentially, because every repeat of a protested lie is more serious than the previous time.


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Sec’y Clinton tries dialing diplomacy for Mideast

Dear Editor,

A three paragraph report, “Sec’y Clinton tries dialing diplomacy for Mideast” is completely made up and reports nothing.

From the opening sentence “to prod Israel and the Palestinians into direct peace talks” until the closing clause “the two sides have balked at direct talks for different reasons” every player in the area is mentioned (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jordan and Egypt) but the only one who is objecting, PA’s Abbas.

To even imply that Netanyahu is obstructing direct peace talks with the Palestinians is not even slandering Israel – it just makes AP look ridiculous.

Buyer beware, whenever AP implies the concept of “both sides” it is hiding Arab aggression – here: passive aggression.


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Muslim gravestones removed from Jerusalem cemetery

Dear Editor,

Your “Muslim gravestones removed from Jerusalem cemetery” is so biased, it’s pure propaganda – AGAINST Israel, of course.

Only at the second paragraph we learn that the headline goes according to what some activists have claimed obscuring position of the Jerusalem municipality.

Then AP needs to write “The site is disputed,” which conceals that there was a long and passionate legal battle over the grounds and that the site is not disputed anymore because all appeals are finished.

The site is not an ancient Muslim graveyard and Muslim clerks have given permission to move the graves decades ago. In any case, by now there is no graveyard there anymore. Why don’t you check your own reporting from 5 months ago? http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=171081 .

[And now: http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=184762 – the end is the best part.]


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6 African migrants killed in Egypt in desert clash

Dear Editor,

Your “6 African migrants killed in Egypt in desert clash” does not deal with Israel and has no anti-Israel bias though it could have as Israel is mentioned in it eight times.

Somehow the report is lacking more than it’s sharing:

  • It seems to focus on what the Egyptian authorities say and lacks Bedouin spokespeople.
  • It fails to mention that Israel handed over the Sinai to Egypt as part of the peace treaty between them.
  • It is silent about the recent violent clashes between Bedouin and Egyptian forces.
  • It does not mention the recent Israeli decision to fence off the whole border with Egypt within three years.
  • It contains nothing about the prominent role that Bedouin trackers have played in the Israeli army.
  • It ignores the recent clashes between Israeli authorities and illegal Bedouin villagers with Jewish allies.


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[The case of AP Israel Watch versus AP]

Dear AP Editor,

It has been some time since we’ve written an Editorial at our site to sum up some of our analyses and conclusions regarding AP anti-Israel bias in their reporting.

We would like to focus this time on suing them. Our goal is not to complain but to mend the situation in which a news organization or actually anyone unhindered could slander Israel day in day out, considerably contributing to a rise in anti-Jewish sentiments the world over.

We hope that people working in AP or directing AP will make a change almost guaranteeing fair Israel reporting before they will be forced, but rather than wait for this, we will steam ahead toward forcing them and we will be pleased with the total change no matter how it will come about.

We’ve seen now and commented on hundreds of AP reports. The image that we have at AIW about the development of anti-Israel bias in AP reporting is getting clearer.

First of all, there are a number of notorious hatemongering AP writers that seem to enjoy ruining Israel’s good name the world over any time. Any truthful statement by them seems almost accidental. Still, they are not the main problem – if they were, they would have been called to order of fired long ago.

We now also have many pieces about Israel by AP writers that explain even the most complicated and emotional situations excellently. These journalists know their profession as most other AP writers and their work can be flawless and outstanding.

Now, often we still find hateful, untruthful and damaging turns of phrase in their excellent reports. Since we have the proof that these authors know to write unbiasedly, we can only conclude that these biases are inserted into their work by supervising editors that have to “watch AP standards.”

So, some reporters are definitely too biased (but very skillful, we are the first to admit) to write anything worthwhile on Israel. But the main source of untruthfulness about the Mideast seems to lie with some of the senior editors that try to ruin good work by excellent writers.

The majority of these truthful journalists see their work spoiled almost on a daily basis. They must hate that with a passion. We feel that it might be very helpful to get the cooperation by these crafts(wo)men to nail the editors & supervisors that ruin THEIR integrity & good names around the clock. Once we are ready to sue AP, it would be great if they stepped forward & showed their work versus distortions & deformities their superiors inserted.

Therefore, we would like to ask the straight AP Israel reporters and editors to please save your work, so that we’ll have (an enormous amount of) proof to fine and incarcerate your bosses or colleagues that until now felt untouchable and superior to moral norms and societal ideals. You can show as no one else what a fine job you’ve done and how malicious elements have made a mockery out of what AP should stand for.

We also invite AP workers that were in the wrong to repent and to contact us. Rather than being revengeful, you will find that we will be so happy with your moral turn-around that we will celebrate you. We know that non of you is inherently evil. But we need to force the ones that will not voluntarily behave in accordance with their innate goodness.

Lastly, we would appreciate you coming forward with ideas & proofs before we go to court. We guarantee that we will not reveal your name or identity to anyone, even if we would be sent to jail in an attempt to force us – the old journalist code to protect sources.

Our ambition is to purge AP, not to ruin it. I’m sure we find many AP’ers on our side.

We look forward to hear (more) from you. Be confident and optimistic. Sometimes things will go your way and end fairly. Even decades of injustice within old and respected institutions can come to an end the very day after they still seemed invincible.

Thank you for your work.


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Underneath Lebanon, Israel sees hidden battlefield

Dear Editor,

Your “Underneath Lebanon, Israel sees hidden battlefield” is absolutely wonderful. This kind of reporting makes what is great about AP. It is truthful, informative and makes one understand the situation and where things are heading. We find this characteristic of your work except that it is often marred around Israel reporting. Often but not now.

  • About anti-Israel bias, nine cases/twist are in (but not enough to ruin the report).
  • They are serious because they all come at the beginning of the report.
  • Most are AP’s attempts to insert rewritten history into the fresh report.
  • This is probably done by editors “improving” the reporter’s work.

“With tensions mounting” – Tensions don’t mount – people act in a way that does tensions mount. This is a stylistic trick to hide that there is an aggressor, as we have seen already before in many AP reports.

“the volatility” – See the previous remark.

“when Lebanese troops fired at Israeli soldiers clearing brush” – The Lebanese did not fire at soldiers clearing bushes but at officers far removed and not involved it this routine maintenance.

“on their side of the border” – Whose side is “their side”? This is the most misleading AP formulation in weeks; though it matters little on whose side it was as the tree trimming was just a pretext to the Lebanese sniper attack, the question to AP gets even stronger: why hide that the tree was on the Israeli side of the border?

“retaliatory helicopter strike” – Soldiers the world over shoot back when attacked, except for Israelis – they “retaliate”! This feeds the old stereotype that Christians turn the other cheek but that Jews have the old-fashioned revengeful God of the Old Testament.

“Neither side has signaled that another war is imminent” – Very misleading as the Israeli leaders have all signaled that another war is NOT imminent. So what you write is true and still false. You employed “Neither” again, hiding the aggressor – again.

“use to civilians for cover if war erupts” – Where is AP’s indignation? How is AP as a prominent member of the free press going to protect these poor civilians? Using human shields – THERE now is a cause for AP to start a firestorm – instead of the unworthy cause trying to ignite anti-Semitism the world over by slandering Israel.

“Several guerrilla command posts”Guerrilla – American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: “A member of an irregular, usually indigenous military or paramilitary unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy, as by surprise raids.” The qualification “indigenous” does not apply here and neither is the area “occupied territory.” Hezbollah are the intruders. That’s why it’s relatively easy for Israel to find locals that are willing to risk their lives by telling on them. (See also An example of a choice of words: “Take Hezbollah” in “Course – 18 points to bear in mind.”)

“It’s difficult to independently confirm the allegations on the ground.” – Now, this is an issue by which we will be able to tell the men from the boys in reporting. How could we determine which of the parties is most likely lying? The answer: Israel has nothing to gain to fabricate these charges, and it has also not the infrastructure to do so as a considerable portion of its armed forces consist of conscripts that are left-wingers if not pacifists, that will not allow warmongering empty stories to be launched. The other party has everything to win by pretending it’s not violating Security Counsel Resolution 1701.


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Stabbings suspect unlikely to return to Mich. soon

Dear Editor,

1. Both in your video reports and in your written reporting as in “Stabbings suspect unlikely to return to Mich. soon,” you refuse to identify fully the suspected serial slasher as a Christian Arab. You have not trouble to label him a man, an Israeli, tall and large.

What about the truth scares AP? Is AP afraid to cater to a stereotype of Christians being murderers? Much more likely, AP doesn’t care about feeding the prejudice that Muslims or Jews are murderers and therefore does only half of the profiling. (See “passive bias” in our earlier review Fears remain in Mich. after stabbing spree arrest .)

A missed chance to point out that Arabs from Ramle have a good name under Jews in Israel. They fall under the category “early Israeli Arabs,” that were already inside the Jewish State from 1948, got to know Jews and are much easier to trust than Mideast people new to the Country (Jerusalem, 1967) or that have never met a Jew (compare our review of your excellent report “Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army“).

2. AP identifies the difficulties to keep the suspect alive until trial, though he has not received any threats, and to prevent him from hurting anyone else. In a glaring oversight, no one talks about the most obvious danger, that he might try to kill himself. Control freaks don’t like putting their lives in the hands of others – one reason why they do the opposite. As long as he is suspected to be this serial killer, he should be on suicide watch and AP should ask specialists and the authorities about this.


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Fears remain in Mich. after stabbing spree arrest

Dear Editor,

Bias is such a tricky thing. By now the whole world knows that a suspected serial killer was arrested when he was about to fly to his native Israel. Prejudice will say: “Is he a Jew or a Muslim? (I always knew that you can’t trust them.)” Bias in reporting is:

1. You write that he’s a Jew but you fail to point out what an exception he is and that Jews and Blacks in the US have become much closer in the past decades.
2. You write that he’s a Muslim/Arab but you fail to point out what an exception he is and include prominent Israeli Jews saying so.
3. You write nothing about him being Jew or a Muslim and most people will assume he is either, further strengthening the hateful stereotypes that are around.

In “Fears remain in Mich. after stabbing spree arrest” you chose option 3. His mother describes him as “a religious, God-fearing man.” But before you published this report it’s already well published in Israel that he’s a Christian from Ramle – no Muslim, no Jew.

You see – already when you don’t go against known bias, your reporting is biased.

We could call it “passive bias.” You can quote us on this.

Please correct in subsequent reporting.


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Course – 18 points to bear in mind

To write to insist on proper reporting on Israel, there are many principles or ideas we better keep in mind.

These guidelines are not because this way we can guarantee success. Rather, when we violate these “rules” we diminish the chances to influence Israel reporting positively. (Compare – If physicians would wait with treating patients until they could be sure to improve their health, they would do nothing most of the time, which certainly were going to cost health and lives.)

First a practical course in understanding the issues at hand.


You can use our Blog to get training & understanding (& lots of information & awareness) to write against anti-Israel bias. We suggest you do as follows:

1. Copy an AP headline that you find on this Blog.

2. Google that headline between “quotation marks.”

3. Read the AP report. See if you find any bias. Make notes if you like.

4. Now compare with what we wrote.

5. Did we miss something? Did you? How would you have presented a feedback to AP?

6. You may wish (in the beginning?) to change that order: first read our Blog’s review (4.) and then go look for & read the AP report (1.-3.) & then think about how you see it (5.).

Now a list with 17 principles to keep in mind in bias busting.


That doesn’t mean that we can’t be forceful or even angry. But the main context of our writing needs to be constructive. So we write because we expect better or improvement from them. Or to let them know that we got hurt and we expect them to not do so again. Or to point out a mistake that should not be repeated. Never should we write just to vent our anger or to threaten or insult (back).

It might help to keep in mind that the reader of our response might (most possibly) be human (too), and that if we would have been in their place we could easily have made the same mistakes; or if we were raised or educated like them, we would have the same blind sports, prejudices or limited range of friends. Even the meanest thing written doesn’t prove malicious intent.

As long as you can believe that the journalist could be well-meaning & naive, consider him/her mislead (instead of purposely misleading) & try to help him/her see more of the truth. Be their ally, not their foe. They might turn out your ally, in the end.

When we are convinced that the one we address will not be sensitive to our words or even be outright evil, we can still have a good reason to write back if others would read over his/her shoulder, to reach them. To let others know that this hate-speech is untruthful, and to show what defense we could bring up to neutralize such bigoted words.

Try to write with the feeling that we’re going to have a positive impact – and that if we’re not, that we’re going to find out how to help effectuate change for the better. This work can be done better and more pleasantly when we can trust and are able to feel positive about our abilities and are not completely desperate or hopeless.


Are you sure that what they write is untrue? It could be that you got insulted by lack of the right context but that the facts in themselves are as reported. Are you not pleased by what seem the facts – check them (see the next Chapter 7. Basics). Maybe we’re upset by lack of some contradiction against prejudice against Jews – try to isolate the stereotype and formulate the truth against this.

Learn what terms in Middle East reporting are biased. http://www.camera.org/index.asp?x_context=7&x_issue=405&x_article=405 .

An example of how a choice of words determines the impression given. Take Hezbollah. It is officially “recognized” by the US, the EU and others as a terrorist organization. But it goes beyond terrorist attacks. Besides acts of terror it has amassed a weapon arsenal good for fighting wars from build up areas (the population as human shields) as a true alternative army. It is also an occupying force in South Lebanon that receives its main support from Syria and Iran. It also does humanitarian relief work, clearly from a wish to gain favor with the local population and to use as a fig leaf for its violent agenda. And it’s a major political party, represented in the Lebanese Parliament & Government. It could be called any of the above or a euphemism like the military wing of the Party of God – the last three words a translation of its name. It could be termed a group of resistance fighters, hiding what exactly it resists, its murderous & totalitarian ideals (http://www.standwithus.com/pdfs/flyers/hezbollah_program.pdf) and its might makes right philosophy. It could be described as guerilla fighters, hiding that these are foreign occupiers in the area and not representatives of the local population trying to obstruct a foreign occupier. It could be named a militia or paramilitary group, pretending that it is merely a group of armed civilians with its own anti-government agenda. It has been characterized as militants, which is a soothing term, as is extremists. The only true word seems terrorists – the rest a manipulation of public opinion.

Check your spelling.


There are others that try to do the same. Connect to them, learn from them, show them what you did. But don’t speak for others as if your opinion on its own would not count. Neither isolate yourself.

We will meet people with completely different convictions about life that motive them to fight for honest reporting about Israel. Some because they are Jewish, some because they are not Jewish (but believe in solidarity), some because they are right-wingers, some because they are left-wingers, some because they are religious, some because they are not religious, etc. It’s best for left-wingers to go after left-wing media bias, etc., but not a must.


Either focus on a (few) specific point(s) or write a comprehensive analysis about every sour point, but in any case don’t connect it to all ills in the world.

The shorter and the more to the point your reaction, the greater the chance that it will be read & (where applicable) be published.

We are a good editor of our own words when we may extract the essence in a few words, instead of being verbose & wordy.


Where we can, we should connect the Liberation of Jews to other liberations. Let’s look at an example.

Fathers and (especially) mothers are easily blamed for any imperfection in their children. Sometimes these actually are the result of their inadequacy, but then some mention should be made of the daily burden they were under from working for a living, and how little help there was to help ease their parental burdens.

Jews are often forced to cooperate with the oppressive society they live in because the authorities let their safety depend on their cooperation. This way they are hijacked by the powers that be because the hostility of the general population gives them no other safety net.

Then Jews are blamed for all ills that society has, as if it all was their idea in the first place. Overlooked is that the isolation of Jews from the general population left them no choice than to cooperate with the rulers.

A solution is that all of the population starts to embrace the Jews and so rescues them from their captivity, so that they can’t be blackmailed anymore into supporting society as it is, even when it doesn’t deserve such support. Blaming Jews for supporting the establishment, hands them over to them because they then have no one else to rely on.

(On an international scale the same happens as here depicted on a national level.)


Even when we’re sure that we spotted a clear case of anti-Semitism, don’t use the term. If we must, use: “stereotypes against Jews,” “Jew-hatred,” etc. The word anti-Semite paralyzes people who could become our friends or at least could stop looking like our enemies. We don’t need people to feel bad and guilty (focus on the past) at all; rather, people should feel good about themselves and take responsibility (future orientated).

To overuse the A-word also cheapens it.

Insist on proper news reporting not as a favor to you, Jews or Israel, but rather as their responsibility to be truthful and their unique chance to contribute to the development of a better world.

Now, it would be too crazy if someone would respond to an accusation of Sexism with an indignant “I’m not Jack the ripper.” However, that is, unfortunately, the situation when we point out someone’s bias against Jews. They say “I deplore what Hitler did and I have Jewish friends.” Most of the times such a reaction even seems sincere. (As if a happy mixed gender marriage proves that the guy is not a sexist.) When uttered by real full-time Jew-haters, they use their Jew-hating Jewish friends just as a fig leaf.


When we feel that we can’t reach the other we tend to exaggerate. So try to become good at getting your point across so that we don’t need to go ballistic and be dismissed for our fierceness. Behind bottomless anger often powerlessness hides. So take power (and write an elegant rebuttal) and we’ll have no need to feel powerless anymore.


Don’t rush from a simple wrong word to predicting that failure to correct it will spell the end of Mankind.


It’s good to be humble, but not too much. No one in the world is more (or less) important than you. If you want to correct an injustice, no embarrassment of fear should stop you.


Don’t use arguments that the other doesn’t believe in. Don’t just bring what convinced YOU. Make a case that will persuade THEM. Don’t say “But in the Holy Bible G-d Himself promised the Land to His People” to people who obviously don’t believe in this. Rather say: “As every People deserves a homeland and is getting one ever since WW II, why should Jews be an exception?”


Give the right information instead of just repeating the faulty. This is especially of value if you want your words to be published. Only if you can be sure that your adequate antidote against the poison will be included you may quote the misinformation.


We don’t want to seem to have the most arguments on our side; rather, we want to be truthful. Therefore, admit nuances, admit that Israel is not perfect, if you want to come across as honest and reasonable, and your position to be accepted or at least considered. Ignore arguments from people who seem on Israel’s side but that are less than truthful.

Don’t leave out arguments that you dislike (“cherry picking”). Rather, honestly report them and learn to answer them or admit that you can’t yet. If a “new” argument sounds completely made up, say so and explain why you’re suspicious of it, and that it’s not reasonable to have to answer on the spot “new” allegations. (We write “new” because if it is made up, these fables will often have roots in old anti-Jewish stories.)


No society in the world is yet perfect; to demand perfection from Israeli society as if only in Israel things are crooked, is something to protest against. (Also, when perfection is brought up as a condition for Israel’s survival or safety, we have grounds to protest.)

When workers are underpaid and under-protected, when the rich have an ongoing field day, when corruption exists, these are not valid complaints against Israel per se, as these ills are universal. What’s more, often the situation is Israel is just a bit better even, with more self-critical people around than anywhere else.

Demand for Jews what is natural for all people. Why should we tolerate that Jews should fear for their lives for being Jews? Why should Israel as the only country in the world not be allowed to give preferential treatment to its nationals?


Like in every oppressed group, also Jews tend to fight each other & tell each other what the oppression says about them. When a Jew says something negative about Israel or Israelis, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically true. At least, criticism is often exaggerated.


Israeli and other Jews are played against other people – don’t fall for this fallacy. There are no long-term contradictory interests between people or Peoples. Also, the Holy Land is BIG enough for all people who want to live there (when we respect each other). Don’t love the Jews because you think that’s the best way to hate Muslims. Let concern for all people go together with caring about Israel.

Don’t be afraid to show that you are a friend of the Jews.


Give well-meant, generous compliments where they are due. If there is some or much to appreciate in the piece you comment on, start with that.

If you get to an exchange of views, don’t fail to voice agreement with whatever your opponent says that you are in agreement with. If needed we at least can agree to disagree, or agree that we both want the best reporting of the news.

Be enough of a good sport to admit when you’ve lost an argument. (That you wanted them to do when you thought that you had the best cards.)


No one is perfect. Neither we should be. Write without too much pretense. Do the best you can. When you think it’s finished, re-read & re-read your piece with a critical eye as long as you find ways to make it better. When ideas about improvements start coming in slow, send it away.

There is not enough time and too much at stake to wait till we are perfect enough; we need to learn on the job and grant ourselves permission and patience to get better over time.

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Libya says Palestinians freed in deal for Israeli

Dear Editor,

“Libya says Palestinians freed in deal for Israeli” is without anti-Israel bias. However, it misses several chances to correct frequent bias also featuring at AP. Look at the people that you mention. Such nice chances to break oppressive stereotypes (who doesn’t break them, confirms them).

– The tipped next leader of Libya (where Israelis are not allowed to visit), Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, his girlfriend is the Jewish Israeli actress, Orly Weinerman.

– Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman – Often called an extremist, hawk and racist, seemed to have had no trouble striking a deal with what is often reported as the toughest Arab state, Libya.

This also throws a refreshing light on the culprit of the inability to strike a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.


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Man arrested at Atlanta airport in stabbings spree

Dear Editor,

We read your breaking news of a potentially hopeful arrest of a possible suspect in a string of 20 gruesome racist stabbings that terrorized people across three states and left five dead, a suspected serial killer, in “Man arrested at Atlanta airport in stabbings spree.”

You mentioned that the suspect is white and tall and an Israeli citizen.

In the unlikely case (not many Jewish serial killers ever anywhere) that it becomes clear that the guy is a Jew, I hope that you will publish that together with a slew of Jewish and Black leaders highlighting the closeness that has grown between the two communities in the US in the last decades.

If it turns out to be an Arab citizen of Israel, I hope you will have Israeli Jews (President Simon Peres?) testifying that this is an exception because most Israeli Arabs, different from the oppressive stereotype, are moral, trustworthy, law-abiding citizens.

In any case, police must have been looking for a person highly evil or crazy, and I hope that you will stress that no community can be held responsible for producing such a person. As we see it, news agencies should take the responsibility to break oppressive stereotypes and defuse hatred. Thank you for your work.

[It’s now clear that he’s neither; rather, a Christian from Ramle.]


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Lebanon rejects US concerns over military help

Dear Editor,

“Lebanon rejects US concerns over military help” is the follow-up of your “US military aid to Lebanon put on hold.”

1. In the earlier review (US military aid to Lebanon put on hold) we supplied AP with proof against the untruth in “The State Department said Monday there was no evidence that American-supplied equipment had been used by Lebanese soldiers involved in the shooting incident.” Our link: http://www.mererhetoric.com/2010/08/07/photos-confirm-lebanon-used-american-weapons-to-attack-israel/ . We were eager to see if you succeeded using this info – BUT YOU DIDN’T!

Instead you removed the quote and replaced it by an even more brazen State Department quotation: “U.S. military cooperation with Lebanon contributes to stability in the region.”

AP, you’ve let down your readers here!!

Then, to add insult to injury, the last four paragraphs are completely messed up!

2. The completely unprovoked sniper attack that murdered a reserve high officer in the Israeli army, a father of four, and seriously wounded a colleague, you describe again as “a confrontation,” “fighting,” “clash,” “a dispute over a tree,” “Lebanon asserted itself.”

Instead, it was plain murder. The victims were not even close to the tree trimming, that was routine and as always coordinated with UNIFIL. At a request of the Lebanese Army the maintenance work was even postponed for three hours what enabled them to invite journalists (one died when Israel shot back) to see a case of Arab pride (sharpshooting two unsuspecting soldiers of another country across the border at peaceful times).

The tree was just pretext, but you bring it as causative.

3. You bring conflicting opinions as equal [always a disservice to unsuspecting readers] that Hezbollah has or hasn’t infiltrated the Lebanese Army. Why not believe the Army itself? At their official website http://www.lebarmy.gov.lb/English/Kirras.asp we read:

1.8- Supporting the Lebanese Resistance [read: Hezbollah] …. the Lebanese Resistance against the Israeli occupation of Lebanese territories [read: Hezbollah] is a legal right which ends up only with withdrawal of occupation. This Resistance [read: Hezbollah], which has been supported by the government, the army, and the civilians, has led to the defeat of the enemy on Lebanon’s land….

In other words: they claim that the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah fight for the same thing.

We expect much better from AP!


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US revises Israel travel warning after complaint

Dear Editor,

We are absolutely thrilled that AP, after its earlier “Israel complains about new US travel advisory” has now written “US revises Israel travel warning after complaint.”

AP takes on the most powerful US anti-Israel lobby!

How ironic it would be when, while their hate-spreading colleagues would sit behind bars after a just & fair trial for slandering Israel, and your righteous writers MARK LAVIE & MATTHEW LEE would be jailed by insulted authorities. We’ll write & campaign for their speedy release with the same fervor & success as we fulminate against anti-Israel bias in AP!

That is journalism at its best, to say it as it is, even if the powers that be don’t like it.

And what a bonus at the end of the report, that you again quote the State Department spokesman in all his silliness.


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Colombian ex-president to teach at Georgetown U

Dear Editor,

You conclude your “Colombian ex-president to teach at Georgetown U” with this AP mantra: “Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.”

It was a self-defense interception, the deadliness came from self-defense, only on one boat a minority of the passengers became violent.

You seek any opportunity to push these distortions. What does that say about you?


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Aug 11, Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials

Dear Editor,

In your Aug 11, Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials, you present excerpts from Arab News, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on peace talks between the Palestinians Authority and Israel.

The “Editorial: Crux of the problem” has two points:

– to defend the right of the Arab League to decide on Palestinian matters, and:

– to blame Netanyahu for any lack of peace in the Region.

On the first point, the four reader reactions under it are more convincing than the Editorial.

On the latter issue, the Editorial says so many things that so many people believe, that it’s outright irresponsible from AP to spread this falsehood & hatred without any annotation. If a publication would badmouth Blacks, with so much Racism still around, would you just quote it verbatim & leave it at that? We hope not! And anti-Israel stuff is nothing different.

When are we going to read an Editorial in your Roundups that glorifies the Jewish State?


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Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights

Dear Editor,

We saw your “Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights,” published earlier under the poetic title “Palestinians, crammed for decades in refugee camps in Lebanon, may get broader right to work.” Either headline was worth its formulation already as it informs people of something generally and for decades considerably consistently kept away from the general public outside the Region. And then the report is such an elaborate, well-organized and easy-read – bravo!

There ARE a few problems within the text:

– “after his family fled what is now Israel” – we would say: after his family allegedly fled what is now Israel.
“lost her right leg in an Israeli air raid” – we would say: allegedly lost her right leg in an Israeli air raid.
Anti-Israel rhetoric and story telling are endemic here. For truth-loving outsiders it’s therefore important not to dismiss everything that is being said but at the same time to keep some reserve about accusations toward Israel.

– “attacking Israel repeatedly from southern Lebanon, giving Israel a pretext to attack villages and twice invade” – we would say: attacking Israel repeatedly from southern Lebanon, giving Israel a necessity to attack terrorists hiding in villages and twice occupying and patrolling lands.

– “Unlike in neighboring Arab countries like Syria and Jordan where Palestinians enjoy more rights, the refugees in Lebanon live mostly on U.N. agencies’ handouts and payments from the rival Palestinian factions.” – we would say: Also in neighboring Arab countries and areas like Gaza, Syria and Jordan, while Palestinians do enjoy more rights, millions of refugees there too live mostly on U.N. agencies’ handouts and payments from the rival Palestinian factions, or have fled the Region creating their own world-wide diaspora.

– “Fanaticism and extremism thrive on misery and poverty” – we would say: Fanaticism and extremism thrive on misery and poverty, popular wisdom goes. (This Marxist thesis has never been properly proved.)

But again, thank you for addressing this injustice. Icing on the cake would have been if you had mentioned that the young State of Israel absorbed millions of Arab (Jewish) refugees and did it’s best to not have any refugee camps. But without icing it’s still cake. Thanks.


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Israel finds rare 2,200-year-old gold coin

Dear Editor,

Traditionally you don’t put any spin on Israeli archaeological news, and you continue this approach in your “Israel finds rare 2,200-year-old gold coin.” Do the same with the political news and we’ll close this blog.


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No agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks

Dear Editor,

You purged your “US officials optimistic about direct talks” from your website and replaced it by “No agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks.” Did it become more truthful & real?

The opening clause reveals that US optimism had been inappropriate.

Then we still read of more US made baseless optimism and lies:

“We continue to work closely with both sides” – there is only one side obstructing

“describing the Mitchell-Netanyahu session as “a good, productive meeting”” – there is no production needed there

“there was no deadlock. “We are very close”” – sure – for 20 years now.

The parties themselves are also (mis)quoted:

“an Israeli official: no breakthrough” – take it from an expert

“Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: “The key is in Netanyahu’s hands,” he told The Associated Press. He said the meeting between Mitchell and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday was “constructive & very positive.””Read this again and again and see how he shamelessly proclaims the opposite of reality, without AP’s any objection.

“Israel is insisting on talks with no preconditions” – so it’s to blame for failure of talks?

“The last direct talks ended in late 2008 after a year of negotiations.” – Not true; they ended when Olmert stepped down, many months later.

“Erekat has said the Palestinians made a counter proposal to the U.S.” – a total fabrication.

“the more hawkish Netanyahu has taken power.” He is more hawkish, but not than Erekat. He didn’t take power but there were elections that the Loony Left finally lost; he heads an almost national government, a broad coalition, just without the center left Kadima party.

This report is nothing better, with its own twists and lies. We can only conclude – again – that the withdrawal of the previous report must have been aimed at sparing clueless US officials deep embarrassment. AP as the State Department’s poodle.


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US officials optimistic about direct talks

Dear Editor,

You purged your “US officials optimistic about direct talks” from your website. It must fill revisionists with envy when they see how easily you rewrite history. Let’s try to find out why. In any case the reason cannot be that it was unappreciated or unsellable – 4,680 hits when we googled the title.

The structure of the report is very interesting, in four sections.

+ The first four paragraphs are problemless, which is an accomplishment.

+ Then follow a number of paragraphs where US officials are quoted voicing their unfounded optimism that must have created the headline:

– characterized Mitchell’s talks as “serious and positive”

– after today’s meeting, we are closer to reaching that point than we were yesterday

– it was possible that an announcement about direct talks could be made as early as

– We’re almost there.

+ And then we get a number of twists and variations to the truth:

– “After nearly two decades of intermittent, inconclusive talks, the Palestinians are wary of entering open-ended negotiations.” – Left out is that the Palestinians got concession after concession (a lot of autonomy on the West Bank, total Autonomy in Gaza), and that the Jews got thousands of killed and maimed people as reward; these “inconclusive talks” paid off very well for the Palestinians who themselves did not deliver anything; then to portray them as “wary” is the greatest chutzpah in the world.

– “Direct talks between Abbas and Netanyahu’s predecessor, Ehud Olmert, broke off in 2008.” – Not true. Olmert had to step down and the Palestinian leadership made a strategic decision to ignore Netanyahu and write him off as an extremist. They did not “break off” – they were broken off.

– “Since May, Mitchell has been shuttling between Abbas and Netanyahu, but has made little headway.” – With the Palestinians.

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has been pushing hard to move to direct talks. – Pressing the Palestinians hard.

But we are used to such AP falsifications, so that can’t be the reason to withdraw the report.

+ Then the report rounds off with some lines about the Ramadan, totally out of place here.

We conclude that withdrawal of the report must have been aimed at sparing clueless US officials further embarrassment. AP as mouthpiece of the State Department.


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Israel defense minister opposes soldiers’ grilling

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel defense minister opposes soldiers’ grilling” disappoints on three counts.

A. Your rendering of Barak’s stand against soldiers having to testify is unintelligible.
We will try to explain here what we think Barak must have said or meant.
If it doesn’t make sense, AP should ask sharp questions of formulate better.

Why does Israel not agree to any panel cross-examining its soldiers?
Inside the Army the behavior of individual soldiers and the commanders is evaluated.
If soldiers failed, the army will take measures: prosecution, demotion, procedural changes.
In Israeli politics only the political echelon carries responsibility for any action by the Army. This is a system found in many democracies, called ministerial responsibility.

B. Barak’s three-hour testimony you condense to two paragraphs, numbers 14 and 15 of the 16. This is as good as not quoting him at all.

You leave out that not intercepting the ships would have been completely irresponsible, and that since the activist refused inspection by anyone, this was the only option left.

C. May we suggest that you ban from your reports the following expression except for when you are in great need of writing some anti-Israel bias:

  • raid; instead: interception (this report indoctrinates with it a record four times)
  • both [parties]; instead: don’t hide Arab aggression by equalizing it with violence from Israeli self-defense
  • international outcry; instead: media smear campaign, but informed world leaders (G-8) backed Israel

We should be able to recognize AP reporting by its quality, not by its bias.


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Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination

Dear Editor,

You have rewritten “Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination” so we rewrite our review. Did it get any better, is our first question. The first installment was less than half the length and AP was Hezbollah’s mouthpiece in it. And now?

This time it opens with that Nasrallah acknowledged that he did not have absolute proof.

Now AP also writes that pressure is mounting on Hezbollah over a Netherlands-based tribunal investigating Hariri’s assassination.

We now also read that Israel immediately dismissed Hezbollah’s accusations: “The international community, the Arab world, and most importantly, the people of Lebanon all know that these accusations are simply ridiculous.”

AP also depicts the assassination, its context and its implications.

Nasrallah is quoted at length but critical (read: fatal) questions on him are included.

We deem this report perfect. It informs & does not mislead. It’s intelligent & truthful.

It shows no resemblance with the earlier version and should not carry the same title.


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US Mideast envoy to press direct peace talks

Dear Editor,

“US Mideast envoy to press direct peace talks” seems to be an exercise in employing equivalence – the style-form that needs to hide the aggressor (so: the Arab side). Look at the ingenious use of the following words:

to get Israel and the Palestinians to agree
can be done with rather quick meetings with both of the leaders.
we’re pushing both sides to begin direct negotiations
see if both sides are ready
increasing pressure on the parties

Only after all the above, hidden away in the second part of the fifth (out of seven) paragraphs do we read that in fact Israel doesn’t need to be pushed and prodded and that only the Palestinian leadership is obstructing direct peace talks.

AP closes this hazy piece with a total smoke screen. It quotes Abbas who told reporters that he want the international community “to invite the Israelis and Palestinians to open direct talks.” A chutzpah, that AP does not expose.

It is as if someone would say that AP and AP Israel Watch should listen to each other better, hiding that already you don’t and we do.


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US military aid to Lebanon put on hold

Dear Editor,

In “US military aid to Lebanon put on hold” we read of the heartwarming concern for Israel of US Congressmen and AP reports it. There is very little anti-Israel bias in it – only a few euphemistic (militants, shooting incident) words and aggressor hiding equalizations (exchange of fire) that seem to be standard in AP reports.

The State Department had to rain on the parade, but AP showed it as it as: who are friends are and who are not.

AP might not be aware of the untruth in “The State Department said Monday there was no evidence that American-supplied equipment had been used by Lebanese soldiers involved in the shooting incident.” In a follow-up you may refer to the fact that proofs are in: http://www.mererhetoric.com/2010/08/07/photos-confirm-lebanon-used-american-weapons-to-attack-israel/

This was truthful, unbiased, informative reporting on Israel. Bravo!


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Israel threatening to quit UN probe into flotilla

Dear Editor,

The anti-Israel-bias-circus in full swing in “Israel threatening to quit UN probe into flotilla.”

Israel threatened – Later we see that it’s a reaction to what the UN said.
a deadly raid – It was an interception and the deadliness was self-defense.
on a Turkish flotilla – Just on ONE boat there was trouble.
heading for Gaza – FINALLY NOT claiming it was braking a blockade.
the May 31 raid – You always use the word at least twice in every report.
nine pro-Palestinian activistsTerrorists.
were killed – In self-defense.
aiming to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza – But this is not true; aiming for trouble.
Israeli prime minister’s Office issued a harsh statementHarsh?
its policy of boycotting U.N. probes – As if they are recalcitrant.
Israel has considered the world body and its committees biasedConsidered? Not true?
the world outcry against the deadly raid – (third time “raid”!) – For the 19th time AP refuses to mention that the G-8 backed up Israel on the interception completely.
Israel’s strict three-year – Why strict, Why not fitting? Four years, by the way.
Israel’s blockade on Gaza – Together with Egypt and for self-defense.
Israel little choice but to cooperate – Israel can only be forced to be reasonable?

Fifteen points of bias in such a short report, many of them repeat offenses. Boo.

After all this bias, the last three paragraphs are fine.


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Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination

Dear Editor,

Your “Hezbollah accuses Israel of Hariri assassination” makes us ask ourselves if AP would headline a speech by Hitler with “Nazi leader accuses Jews of inferiority” and then describe his points of view without any word against that. That’s what you do here.

That’s what you do every time someone ventilates hatred against Israel.

Missing are:

Common sense: the guy is a master terrorist, not a philosopher.
The UN tribunal uncovered that Hezbollah did it; does AP expect them to admit?
To call a UN tribunal an “Israeli project” is just beyond implausible.

AP – again – mouthpiece of Israel haters. How embarrassing for AP’s founders.


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Israel complains about new US travel advisory

Dear Editor,

With great excitement did we discover your “Israel complains about new US travel advisory.” Is AP, itself so often biased about Israel, going to report on Israel protesting unfairness by its mighty old foe the US State Department? And is Israel’s case going to be represented fairly?

Well the report had a few funny issues, but for the rest it was unbiased!

[The State Department’s platitudinous reaction is in and is inserted verbatim, for all to see in all its vainness and silliness.]

1. “Israel protested Monday against what it charged was….” – Charged, claimed, said, named, termed, suggested, accused, etc. These verbs in this context are completely redundant and just say: “We from AP doubt its validity, but don’t blame us for describing their claim.” Of course Israel protested what it charged. What is wrong with writing “Israel protested Monday against….”?

2. “The rockets hit Israel’s Eilat and Aqaba in Jordan, where one person was killed.”Left out here is that in Israel the rockets did no damage but in Jordan there were several wounded. So the situation was even less equal to Israel’s advantage than reported here.

3. “Officials from both countries blamed Islamist militants in the Egyptian Sinai desert.” – Yes, they did, but you left out what AP reported earlier in “Egypt admits rocket attack from its own soil.” So why used “blaming” if it’s admitted?

4. The culprits are terrorists, most probably Hamas, and not “Islamist militants“! Egypt is incensed that Hamas this way rewards all support in mediation and humanitarian gestures that Egypt has provided to the Junta of the Gaza Strip in the past years.

The attempt to report this and report it well is appreciated, but apparently it’s hard for AP to get it straight, isn’t it, when it concerns Israel.


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Israeli held in Libya returning home after release

Dear Editor,

“Israeli held in Libya returning home after release” is a long, interesting report without anti-Israel bias. Associated Press Writer MATTI FRIEDMAN all over again.

Not only unbiased but also many worthy facts about Israel & its neighbors. All truthful.

If we could wish for more than perfection, we would have liked that its closing clause “Libya, like many other Arab countries, was home to a large Jewish community until the middle of the 20th century, when Jews fled mob violence and state persecution linked to the Arab-Israeli conflict.” would have added “unlike Morocco,” clarifying that it doesn’t have to be like that.

We missed a reference to the curiosity that the Libyan leader is Jewish according to Jewish law (Jewish mother), which might explain some of his hostility toward Israel, as well as his unique ambivalence as well as the relationship of one of his sons with an Israeli Jewish girl. But since Muammar Gaddafi did not appear in the report, that might be out of context until we read what his connection was to this story.


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Netanyahu testifies about violence on Turkish ship

Dear Editor,

A story AP needs to carry is that this morning Netanyahu testifies for the Israeli commission about the fiasco and violence on one of the Gaza-bound Turkish ships. Will you ignore it anyway? Will you report his statements fairly? Will neutralize anything he says by innuendo and counterclaims? We’re very curious as AP puts out so much anti-Israel propaganda but then sometimes has impeccable pieces on the Middle East. Let’s check item for item.

1. Do you report? YES! “Netanyahu testifies about violence on Turkish ship” [NO! Before midnight in Jerusalem AP purged the report from its site!!! Shame on AP.]

2. Is the headline unbiased? NO! It’s not the worst bias in the world, but why not capture the essence of his testimony in the headline? Why not “Netanyahu testifies: Confident Israel will be cleared”? Instead, you use a negative word (violence) that you associate with Israel.

3. Is the first paragraph without bias? ALMOST! “Turkish ship that tried to break the Gaza blockade” you write, but if that was its purpose it would have agreed to transfer the goods to Ashdod port. No, these organizers were seeking a confrontation at sea, not as you write.

4. Are the closing clauses without anti-Israel bias? YES!

5. Is the opening section fair? YES!

6. Is counter-opinion overrunning/annulling his statements? NO!

7. Is AP putting in context and is it worded fairly? NO! The third and the fourth paragraph read as if put in by someone else. They are not factual at all. They have ten biases!!
– “The commandos met with violent resistance on board the Mavi Marmara and opened fire” suggesting that this was as in a knee jerk reflex, while this was the slowest decision-making in the world. So bad that the army at first hid the video evidence from shame.
– “The bloodshed drew an international outcry” Again you leave out the blanket support that the G-8 gave Israel after the whole incident. AP needs to keep spreading around the myth that Israel is a hated and isolated entity. You have NOT acknowledged this generous international support even ONCE! As we write to you now for the 18th time! Here is our first email on this to AP: [G-8 Leaders support Israel]
“forced Israel to ease its blockade” Double bias. The blockade was by Israel AND Egypt. You leave out that it was for the PROTECTION of these countries.
– “the pro-Palestinian activists” – rather were terrorists, eager to die as martyrs.
– “Both the activists and the soldiers have accused each other of provoking the violence.” This is double bias: moral equivalence and a lie put together. There is widespread proof that does not necessitate any further doubt of what had happened. And it equalizes the aggressors with the defendants.
– If IHH is a “Turkish charity” Hamas is one too! Rather, IHH is (as Netanyahu testified here) a recognized terrorist organization with a charity cover.
– “Turkey’s government has noticeably cooled ties with longtime ally Israel after the deadly raid.” The cooling of ties was way before, out of the blue at the Davos World Economic Forum, January 2009 and counting: Turkey sounds upbeat about joining EU.
– The commandos did nor execute a raid but an interception.

8. Is the AP context not eclipsing the words of the speaker? YES! The context comes a bit too early and lengthy and with lots of bias – three long paragraphs after just one statement by Netanyahu, giving old news (chasing readers away) and lies (more of the same of what we’ve read all the time) before most of the meat is delivered.

9. Is anything missing? YES!

– Missing is that the commandos opened fire unbelievably late. They should have used lethal force as soon as their lives were in danger. Maybe then the terrorists on board wouldn’t have crazed themselves so much and fewer would have had to be shot.
Not only is this important aspect missing, AP writes the opposite: “The commandos met with violent resistance on board the Mavi Marmara and opened fire” suggesting that this was as in a knee jerk reflex. In fact it took dozens of minutes.
– Missing is that the violent passengers were not just extremist (as you do report) but also a small minority manipulating & using the vast majority of true peace activists on board.
– You mention the blockade but not what caused it: the need to protect against terrorism.
– See our next, our last but not least criterion for fairness (10.).

10. Are the prime minister’s words conveyed faithfully? NO! What is reported is more or less OK, except for the excess of qualifying verbs: he suggested, said, told, said.
What’s much worse is that important parts of what he testified were missing, and those are things that AP omits all the time!! From Israeli Left-Wing newspaper Haaretz:
– No country or army examines itself more thoroughly than Israel and the IDF
– Israel’s blockade on Gaza is imperative to its security
– Hamas threat to Israel’s existence can’t be ignored
– All political efforts we made couldn’t stop the ship
– It was obvious that the flotilla organizers were interested with clashing with the IDF
– While we did prevent a humanitarian crisis [in Gaza], we did not succeed in preventing the image of a humanitarian crisis – an image that was entirely false
– He hoped the panel would emphasize in its report Hamas’s violations of international law: “inciting to genocide; systematically and intentionally firing on civilians; using [their own] civilians as human shields; and preventing visits by the Red Cross to kidnapped IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit.”
On the latest quote: the need for such an emphasis lies in the refusal of “news outlets” like AP to bring the facts. And here again AP blacked out the news.

Conclusion: AP gets points for bringing the story, for not portraying Netanyahu as a hawk or liar, for creating a headline that was only moderately biased, and for beginning and ending the report unbiased.
On the other hand, most seriously, the context AP puts in, comes too early, and with lots of biases. No words are put into Netanyahu’s mouth, but most of what he said is omitted and those are points we often miss in AP reporting: prominently: the violence against Israel and its need – no: obligation – to protect itself and its remarkable level of self-restraint and striving for peace.
All in all, not the worst AP report on Israel, but still a good opportunity killed by leaving out the most important parts of the testimony and flooding it early with false context. Not Good.


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Rocket from Gaza hits Israeli city, no injuries

Dear Editor,

In “Rocket from Gaza hits Israeli city, no injuries” AP has been so busy explaining (away, or) that the attack wasn’t so bad (“rare, caused damage but no injuries”) that you forgot to report the news.

Ashkelon is a large city and only in reach for the better rockets from Gaza. Therefore it has been spared much ballistic war crimes in the past years. That Ashkelon is now hit is more alarming because it demonstrates the greater firepower by Gaza terrorists.

You do report on the shock in general and statistical terms. What a difference with Palestinian stories that are always good for personal sob-stories.


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Israeli nuclear whistleblower out of prison again

Dear Editor,

In “Israeli nuclear whistleblower out of prison again” you write that “he refuses to speak in public in his native Hebrew.”

Calling him a whistleblower means that you are partial, because this honorary title is disputed by the people who call him a traitor.

You leave out that Israel’s nuclear arsenal is defensive only and of crucial importance for Israel’s survival.

Glaringly missing is that Vanunu is not against nuclear weapons. In 1981 he protested against Israel’s destruction of Iraq’s nuclear reactor. This proves that he’s not a pacifist but rather an anti-Zionist, to put it mildly. We can also see that from this quote from 2004: “We don’t need a Jewish State. There needs to be a Palestinian state. Jews can, and have lived anywhere, so a Jewish State is not necessary.”

What you leave out is that the rabbi’s son has converted to Christianity.

And if he became a true anti-Semite? A Moroccan Bobby Fischer? We don’t know. Clear is that, not unlike other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel fables, he claimed in 2004 that the State of Israel was complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that there were “near-certain indications” Kennedy was assassinated in response to “pressure he exerted on Israel’s then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona’s nuclear reactor.”


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Former HHS secretary questioned at Israeli airport

Dear Editor,

“Former HHS secretary questioned at Israeli airport” wonders why a former secretary of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department of Lebanese descent, now the president of the University of Miami, visiting Israel as part of a delegation of university leaders invited by the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange, was interrogated at the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel for nearly three hours.

For the same reason why they search our luggage and carry-ons at every building in Israel that we want to enter. Palestinian suicide bombers. Very unhealthy.

The more you act as if you should be above suspicion, the more you will be searched.


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UN names Israeli, Turk to Gaza flotilla probe

Dear Editor,

In “UN names Israeli, Turk to Gaza flotilla probe” AP shows itself as unstoppable.

Again you relentlessly hammer the same old misnomers into us. Will we ever accept?

Israel’s deadly commando raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla – Four distortions.

Israeli commandos tried to prevent pro-Palestinian activists from breaking Israel’s blockade of Gaza. – Three distortions.

Eight Turks and one Turkish-American were killed during the raid. – You like to use the word “raid” at least twice in every report, we know. And strangely no one got hurt – Israel just killed nine people. It’s good you don’t let us forget your version of what happened.


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Gaza power plant shuts down citing lack of fuel

Dear Editor,

“Gaza power plant shuts down citing lack of fuel” fails to hide for our team the truth.
You tried but you don’t succeed.

“The plant serves Gaza City and its surroundings, while the remaining million people in the rest of the tiny coastal territory rely on neighboring Egypt and Israel for their power needs.”

You make a lot of noise about the PA not delivering enough fuel for the plant, and stay silent about the rest. That means that Egypt and Israel are faithfully delivering electricity to Gaza and that the suffering (again) is caused by inter-Palestinian strife.

We would consider revealing and not hiding that, part of unbiased reporting.


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Turkish protest ship returns home

Dear Editor,

“Turkish protest ship returns home” is a tiny report. Let’s see how much bias you got in.

  1. Turkish protest ship – The trouble was not the protest but the violence by a minority.
  2. deadly raid – The deadliness was not in the raid but in the commandos being attacked.
  3. raid – It was an interception, not a raid.
  4. to protest Israel’s blockade – The blockade was by Israel plus Egypt.
  5. Israeli troops intercepted the boats – Here you use the right word; does that mean that the earlier misnomer “raid” now doesn’t count?
  6. clashed with – The commandos were attacked and had to shoot to save themselves – clash is an equalizer as if there were no aggressor and no defender.
  7. pro-Palestinian activists – Terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists that were seeking a martyrs’ death.

If we leave aside the second paragraph that only gives facts, you delivered half a dozen biases in 59 words, in three sentences – two per clause. Is this a world record?


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Train crashes into minibus in Israel, kills 7

Dear Editor,

“Train crashes into minibus in Israel, kills 7” was small and factual, and was very limited in that it carried no context or background information. We see no bias in it.


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Former West Bank militant stronghold gets cinema

Dear Editor,

It would be hard to point out bias in “Former West Bank militant stronghold gets cinema” because as a work of fiction it has very little resemblance with reality as apparent by most people in the know. It would be easier to go look for any truth.

To transform this story into anything truthful would take at least as much time as it must have taken to compose this elaborate variation to reality. This piece is beyond misleading or biased – it is outright propaganda and fiction. That this is acceptable in Arab society is sad; but that an institution as AP stands for this type of creative writing is shocking.

Rather than point out all twists and manipulations, we will try to explain some of the principles that are behind their artifact. This can be useful when encountering other propaganda.

1. Palestinians are innocent, powerless complete victims. Opening clause speaks of “A grieving Palestinian father.” Other examples would be: “”shocked” by the destruction at the time.” And: “the devastation of the second Palestinian uprising.”

2. Palestinians are better than you – saints. Love them. “A grieving Palestinian father’s decision to donate his 12-year-old son’s organs to Jewish and Arab children.”

Never mind that decisions like that have been made by hundreds of Israeli Jews, when their loved ones were ambushed by Palestinian war criminals, punishing Jews for their chutzpah to want to live securely in a Jewish State. The Israeli health system and its workers do not make any distinction between Jewish or Arab patients, nurses, organs, doctors, etc.

3. Everyone with a heart likes the Palestinians – you should join too. “dozens of Palestinian and foreign volunteers and funded by about $650,000, most from the German and Palestinian governments and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, human rights activist Bianca Jagger was in town to attend. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad cut the ribbon.”

4. Palestinian violence just happens. There is no cause and no one decides to kill, maim or destroy. It just happens. “the second Palestinian uprising, which erupted in 2000.” They never started the violent revolt – it erupted.

5. Israeli violence comes from their wickedness. Choose the starting point of every story very carefully. Never show that Israel commits the least violence possible to protect themselves against Palestinian violence that preceded it.

“Ahmed was shot dead by Israeli soldiers who mistook his toy gun for a real weapon.” No word about the mortal danger Israeli soldiers are in because of ongoing Palestinian violence and the split second decisions these young men need to make all the time that could mean that they die or survive, or kill someone innocent. Not a word about what a four-year old was doing with a toy gun – infusing his family with hope in the future?

“normalization with Israel, something they oppose as long as the West Bank remains under Israeli occupation.” These people also did not want normalization with the Jewish State when the West Bank was under Jordanian occupation. In fact, almost the whole of the West Bank now has autonomy except on security issues – and if that will stay needed is in Palestinian hands.

6. Equalize the Palestinian perpetrator with the Israeli victim. Looks impossible to do, but once you see it modeled you will understand that it’s relatively simple and a very fruitful concept. “at the height of Israeli-Palestinian violence.” “a weeklong 2002 battle.”

7. Just print the lie. Westerners will never get it. “our sacrifice has not gone in vain.” We just read that his death was accidental – now suddenly it was a contribution to a cause? We would have said “His death was not in vain,” but that’s not what the father says.

8. Blame Israel for defending itself, never credit Israel for being as soft as possible. “a weeklong 2002 battle that left 53 Palestinians dead” “potential for growth is limited because Israel continues to restrict trade and many Israeli military checkpoints that hobble the movement of people and goods remain in place.”

9. There are no Palestinian terrorists in Jenin. “a weeklong 2002 battle that left 53 Palestinians dead.” http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa/mfaarchive/2000_2009/2002/4/jenin-s%20terrorist%20infrastructure%20-%204-apr-2002  http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/MFAArchive/2000_2009/2002/7/Suicide%20Bombers%20from%20Jenin

10 . Leave out. This looks so simple but it’s the king of media manipulation.

Leave out that Israel could have bombarded the terrorist in Jenin but decided to go from house to house to spare any civilians; leave out that the monstrous terrorists employed this by booby-trapping a whole block killing a massive number of selfless Israeli soldiers. But do bring the saintly “grieving Palestinian father’s decision to donate his 12-year-old son’s organs to Jewish and Arab children.”

Don’t bring up the suicide bombers and drive by shootings that killed over a thousand Israelis and maimed many more; just say that the Palestinians suffered: “West Bank towns to bounce back from the devastation of the second Palestinian uprising.”

Ignore violence between Hamas and the PA and constant fear for the Palestinian security forces the Palestinian population live with. The evil one is Israel.

And this is the only useful thing that can be learned from this “report” – how the Palestinian manipulation of the media works. AP – thanks for the lesson.


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Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel

Dear Editor,

“Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel” is without bias except for…. the headline – again.

It rather angered the Jerusalem based National Holocaust museum Yad Vashem, that you quote.

But in fact it infuriates all decent human beings, not just Israel.

An important anti-Semitic myth is that everyone hates the Jews and that Israel stands alone.
That’s what this headline seems to imply and that’s why this bias is such a big deal.

Further, we would have liked AP to have noted that comparing Israelis with Nazis falls under the EU definition of Anti-Semitism. We also missed a reference to the rather curious and ironic combination of the present Iranian regime denying the Holocaust AND threatening to wipe out the Jewish State soon.


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Hero hijack pilot Reginald Levy dies at 88

Dear Editor,

“Hero hijack pilot Reginald Levy dies at 88” has little bias about Israel; it has little to do with Israel.

The only strange thing is the anachronism of calling the hijacking terrorists “Palestinian militants.”

“Politically correct,” even if AP has to rewrite history for it.


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Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials

Dear Editor,

Under the banner of “Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials” AP regularly brings editorials from around the globe. We wonder why we never saw an impartial one on Israel. “Israel co-operates at last” is mostly friendly (though condescending) in tone but has so many hostile terms and gaps in understanding for what Israel politics is all about, that it is sad.

The message of the whole piece: not inhibited by too much knowledge we know better than Israel what’s good for her.


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Israel indicts 3 Arabs on espionage charges

Dear Editor,

Israel indicts 3 Arabs on espionage charges is a short report that identifies the Druse as Arab. It fails to mention that Druse play an important role in the Israeli Army and Border Police and generally are loyal to the State. That Israel’s Secret Service found an exception among the People supposedly descendants of Jethro, father-in-law of Moses, that was the whole point of this news.

AP is just too busy plotting Jew and Arab against each other to have time to notice reality. Sad.


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Kids of 9/11 dead camp with teen victims of terror

Dear Editor,

In your “Kids of 9/11 dead camp with teen victims of terror” we read “Some come from opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” But then it stays eerily silent about these kids. Almost all of the terror victims in Israel, Arab and Jewish, are victims of Palestinian terrorism and nothing else. AP hardly writes about Arab terrorism against other Arabs. Here it hides it in the equalizer “opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” A missed chance to embrace truth.


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UN official: no overlap between 2 Israeli probes

Dear Editor,

AP’s anti-Israel bias was alive and kicking in your “UN official: no overlap between 2 Israeli probes.”

The headline is so skewered that nothing good could come from the whole report already. These investigations are supposed to investigate what led to the killing and wounding aboard one of the Gaza bound Turkish ships. AP has put Israel into the role of the accused already. AP only sees a role for investigating Israel. But it’s more than the headline that’s out of line here.

The president of the U.N. Human Rights Council is interviewed and no mention is made of the body’s staunch anti-Israel stand. Neither are told of any Israeli spokesperson. The Israel-bashers so often are offered the world forum through AP. Why is to hear both sides so often absent when it concerns Israel’s enemies seeking attention?

Half a dozen of AP’s favorite myths, many of its own proud making, are re-recycled here again. The fact that you keep broadcasting these false versions of reality, despite our protests, makes you a manipulator of world opinion and your reporting into propaganda. And when people find out it’s AP is degraded. What would it take to change these lies in AP reports?:

  1. “Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla” – It was rather an interception and only on one of the boats.
  2. “Israeli commandos trying to prevent breaking its blockade” – Rather, Israel had offered to transport the humanitarian content into Gaza through Ashdod port, which it did after the interception, but that would have prevented the terrorists, weapons and money on board to reach Gaza, which was their real motive.
  3. “pro-Palestinian activists” – Rather, the ones who died were part of a terrorist mob who in majority before leaving expressed their wish to not come back but die as martyrs. .
  4. “its blockade of Gaza” – The blockade was by Israel AND Egypt, for self-defense.
  5. “Israel has said the soldiers acted in self defense after being attacked” – No, Israel has proved that it was in self-defense. It’s all over the Internet. Israel at first withdraw its footage out of shame for the pacifistic attitude of the commando’s. Here the readily available proof, no only of Israel’s trigger-un-happiness but also of AP misrepresenting the news for weeks on end: .
  6. “Israel considers the council biased because it focuses more of its attention on the Jewish state than on any other country” – This is like saying that Jews consider Hitler genocidal because he headed an attempt to eradicate all Jews. It’s not Israel’s view on the council that makes it suspect, but rather it’s permanent anti-Israel stand.


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US: Time now for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Dear Editor,

In your short “US: Time now for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks” we found no bias. Good for you!


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Sentence in Israel rape by deception case delayed

Dear Editor,

“Sentence in Israel rape by deception case delayed” is your second installment in this case (see: Lying for sex _ old sin means jail time in Israel) and you have not made any amends, despite our earlier protests.

We’ve pointed out how you over-quoted one side, misquoted the other and missed the chance to congratulate Israel on its wonderful laws against sexual crimes – all to no avail. In this short report you only quote one side and insinuate racism.

Again not a word of celebration on Israel’s exemplary laws to protect everyone against sex offenders.


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Rockets fired at Israel, Jordan resorts; 1 dead

Dear Editor,

In your “Rockets fired at Israel, Jordan resorts; 1 dead” you write “The rockets appeared to have been fired from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, an Israeli police spokesman said, though Egypt denied the claim.” We would like to focus on your choice to believe the Israeli authorities over the Egyptian. What basis did you have for that?

Our suggestion: two: A) Common sense – where else would the rockets ave come from – Israel, Disneyland? B) The track record of statements by the authorities of the small but stable Middle East democracy of Israel. If only you could remember to put your eggs in the Israeli basket more often.

Your subsequent report “Jordan: Proof that rockets fired from Egypt” (containing detailed and extensive denials from Egyptian authorities) made a similar choice against believing Egyptian dismissals. And your “Egypt admits rocket attack from its own soil” finally confirmed the wisdom and sense of reality from your reporters and editors.

We found no bias in this report, except maybe in the headline where Israel is written before the comma, and Jordan only afterward, while the casualties were in Jordan, giving the false impression of – again – trouble in the Jewish State.

Also your two follow-up reports that we name above we found to be spotless. Good for you!


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Fox gets front-row seat in White House press room

Dear Editor,

In your “Fox gets front-row seat in White House press room” you find it necessary to quote Helen Thomas’ anti-Israel outburst partly and tuned down. However, we miss (again) any antidote against this hate speech. You cite qualifications by others (“offensive, reprehensible, indefensible”) but this way you give the impression that she should not have SAID it, not what’s wrong with it. This feeds the impression that anti-Semites are right but can’t voice their opinions.

You should have written: Israel is the National Homeland of the Jewish People, like all Peoples are entitled to one. You should have noted that the Lebanese journalist overlooked that more than half of all Jews in Israel are refugees from Arab countries, and not from Poland, and that the Arab States are oppressing and using Palestinians as Israel never has and nor will.


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Israel to expel hundreds of migrant workers’ kids

Dear Editor,

Sorry to say that your “Israel to expel hundreds of migrant workers’ kids” is biased from the very headline. It reads like another humanitarian Israel made scandal. As you write yourself, the measure is not only to extradite foreigners who are in the country illegally (including 400 minors), as all modern countries do, but also to legalize others (including 800 older children). Why didn’t AP make the headline: “Israel to authorize hundreds of migrant workers’ kids”? Bias it is.

Then, your headline gives the impression that migrant in Israel will lose the presence of their children. Rather, the truth is that those foreign workers that are expelled will be forced to take their minors with them. Would anyone like it any other way?

You fail to report that there is much opposition in Israel against the immigration stop. Instead, to add insult to injury, you report two xenophobic reactions, both without anyone saying them (“Some Israelis complain that….. Others worry that….”).

You quote the Prime Minister’s extreme position. This is another, frequent form of bias: to cite an Israeli with the most radical vision & to leave out that there is much disagreement with that idea, creating another false impression about the Jewish State.

Lastly, you missed the complete lack of logic in the second part of the only opinion you really quote. “This is a tangible threat to the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel,” and we think we found out why. Check http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=184044 and see for yourself how your report misquotes the Israeli leader of government.

Netanyahu is in the JPost quoted twice saying that the decision was compromise between Zionist and humanitarian values. You made all this effort to NOT include this likeable stand and were left with this nonsense quote, because it’s taken out of context. The threat to democracy he refered to is permitting the influx of a million illegal immigrant.

So here we have it. A systematic attempt to let Netanyahu and Israel come out unsympathetically.


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Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army

Dear Editor,

Your “Older Gazans recall Israelis, youth sees only army” is absolutely amazing!

From the headline though the first 135 words, for almost four paragraphs, you describe reality as it is. And that about Gaza and Israel! We are so pleased.

We have often written to you that it matters little that you give accurate information in later parts of your reporting if you messed with the readers’ brains in the headline and opening clauses. But the opposite is true too! How little it matters that later on we are feasted on AP’s hobbyhorses, its stale myths and twists, when most readers are properly informed by the parts read most.

Right to the end, Associated Press Writer BEN HUBBARD continues to inform truly.

And before we might get critical about eight sour points later on, we want to celebrate you some more on this achievement. In world media often so negative and hostile about Israel and Israelis, and with a history of unfair reporting yourself, AP sets a new standard here! If only someone could hold you to that standard from now on.

For comprehensiveness we will give the main distortions that lie mostly in partial words and half-truths that largely we know from so many other AP reports:

  • “Hamas overran the territory in 2007.” (No, it was properly elected by the population. In 2007 it expelled the opposition (Fatah) but it had risen to power democratically.)
  • “deadly May raid on an activist flotilla seeking to break the blockade.” (Rather, they could have sent the goods through Israel’s Ashdod port, but refused, so they were not braking any blockade, the ones making trouble were not peace activists but murderous Islamic terrorists. This was an interception, not a raid. The deadliness came from Israelis defending themselves.)
  • “the impoverished seaside strip” (We have pointed out to you before that their problem is not poverty; see Gaza family struggles to survive in a tent)
  • “Israel’s three-week offensive” (It was rather a defensive campaign.)
  • “The war killed 1,400 Gazans.” (Hamas killed, by using the population as a human shield, fighting between them, never having build one air-raid shelter for them.)
  • “many of them civilians.” (But most of them Hamas fighters and policemen and relative to the circumstances, civilian death toll was low due to Israel’s efforts only.)
  • “left swaths of the strip in ruins” (By now mostly rebuild.)
  • Sari Bashi we never heard from before. She is in her own class of liars. “the lack of contact between Gazan and Israeli civilians leads to the “demonization” of Gazans in the Israeli mind, which could lead to greater violence from the Israeli side.” (This is a concoction that bespeaks of a very deceitful and malicious spokesperson.) Here you can read about Israeli empathy in a truthful way: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/opinion/08friedman.html?_r=1&emc=eta1 .

But all this filth cannot undo all the beautiful, true information this report spreads!

Shalom it will be,

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Knicks’ Stoudemire in Israel to trace Hebrew roots

Dear Editor,

You “Knicks’ Stoudemire in Israel to trace Hebrew roots” has no anti-Israel bias.

That should be the rule, not the exception.


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Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march

Dear Editor,

In your “Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march” we did not discover anti-Israel bias and we are happy about that. That would have been true if this was a report in a local paper. But if it’s for worldwide consumption, there was a bias because of context.

You contrast the subdued Jerusalem Parade with the “flamboyant gay pride parades elsewhere in the world.” Well, by that “elsewhere” you can’t imply Iran (doesn’t have any Gays), Gaza (there the name for closet is jail), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan – etc., etc. Because then we would see how much better the situation for GLB’s is in Israel, and that is not on AP’s agenda.

We do regret that AP did not seize the opportunity to point out the most advanced legal protection that Gays and Lesbians enjoy in Israel.

Not only does one see lone women walk the streets of Jerusalem every time of the night, Israel has become a trail-blazer in establishing laws to advance the traditionally weak.

Talking of women, they were much in the background in the piece and illustration.


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Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension

Dear Editor,

“Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension” had to be your revision of the deceitful report described in “UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border.”

Five AP writer are named as having worked on this rewriting of AP history.
Any real changes?

Well, for starters, there is no headline anymore pointing out that the Lebanese had been lying. And the tree is now elevated to icon status. To figure prominently in AP’s newest myth: There was a border clash over a tree – not a Hezbollah ambush on Jews.

But then, we are much, much surprised to find a lot of TRUTH in this report that had been sorely missing in hundreds of earlier ones!

  • Israel uneasy about the growing arsenal of Hezbollah
  • Hezbollah, the real power in the Lebanese border area
  • Lebanon influenced by the Iranian-backed group’s clout
  • to restore calm, was clearly in the hands of Hezbollah (the aggressors)
  • the monthlong conflict in 2006, when Hezbollah fired almost 4,000 rockets
  • as Israel’s military bombed strategic targets all over Lebanon
  • gunfire from the Lebanese army, apparently aimed not at the soldier hanging over the fence, but at a base some distance away, where a senior officer was killed by a shot to the head. Another officer was wounded.
  • 18-year occupation that followed its invasion in 1982 to fight Palestinian forces
  • the trees being cut by the Israeli army are on the Israeli side
  • In Washington, State Department said the U.N. finding was conclusive. “The firing by Lebanese armed forces was totally unjustified and unwarranted,” he
  • the attack was unprovoked aggression.
  • The conventional wisdom in Israel is that another war with Hezbollah is inevitable.

The dissonants: “a small spark could ignite another war” (rather, people ignite wars), & (twice someone) called for restraint from all sides (equating victim & perpetrator).

You replaced an account covering up murder by a report informing the public.

May we honor the one responsible for this sea change!!


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UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border

Dear Editor,

Our previous UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border review was very brief.
We just pointed out the full scope of the news that you might not have had.

You removed this report from your collection (after it found readily acceptance around the Web) and rewrote history under the new title “Flare-up over tree accents Israel-Lebanon tension.” This was posted at 1:19 PM. Then we wrote to you. Then you republished the report at 5:08 PM with three extra paragraphs about a meeting that then had taken place with representatives of the Israeli and Lebanese armies and UNIFIL.
But you added nothing from what we sent, nor to the identical 7:29 PM EDT version.
This is serious.

The purged report by 6 reporters and edited anonymously is worthy of any con artist.
But that still could be an oversight or unintentional imperfection.
However, after ignoring the content of our email, the defect becomes deliberate.
Let’s go into some details to see how serious a fraud this is.

The most read and so the most important part, the headline was biased to start with.

You HAD TO restate the (false) “claim Israel violated border”?

Why not: “UN validates Israel’s border claim”?

The only thing that could save this report after that, would be its first line.

Well, the opening clause is deceptive too.

It pretends that the dispute was about legality of Israel’s maintenance at the border.

It completely ignores that this was routine work, as always coordinated with UNIFIL.

UNIFIL had notified the Lebanese army, that cynically used this to set up an ambush.

A sniper attack on senior Israeli commanders, not even close to these border works.

You pretend that this was a border attack and ignore anything Israel had said about it.

You became the fig leaf for a sniper attack. How low can one fall?

Then you continue to label this a “clash,” obscuring that there was a clear aggressor.

You compound this falsehood by pointing out that “how volatile the border remains.”

Volatile borders don’t kill. A decision was made to try to kill Israelis.

Israel does not “occasionally” cut down shrubs and trees there, but regularly.

Your first quotes on what happened are for…. the Lebanese army and “a witness.”

You print the lie “U.N. peacekeepers intervened to ask the Israeli to stop cutting the tree, but Israel refused” and add that UNIFIL has not commented on that. So any lie that is not condemned verbatim you can print as undisputed truth?

Then comes a brilliant paragraph. Look at that. Anyone with too little time on his/her hands will at least see this line: “Both sides claimed the tree was in their territory.”

There it stands, proudly & small. Among all the wordy paragraphs this is an eye catcher.

AP, this is not bringing the news, this is manipulating the reader.

They both claimed it, but one was lying and you knew it.

You just wrote the UN confirmation in your verbose introduction.

But you go from strength to strength, and even improve on this one.

Then you go on to state that “Lebanon acknowledged that the tree was south of the Blue Line” but you describe the demarcation as “an official, U.N.-drawn boundary, drawn in 2000 following the end of a two-decade Israeli occupation of south Lebanon that began with a war in 1982.”

Never missing a chance to manipulate the public!

The Blue Line was not imposed on Lebanon.

Rather, it was agreed upon and ratified as UN Resolution 1701, by Lebanon too.

But you don’t write “Lebanon violated UN Resolution 1701.”

(And you happily insert “Israeli occupation of south Lebanon” leaving out that that was Israel’s self-defense against terrorist Hezbollah, always ready to label Israel aggressor.)

No, you have even better in store for us.

“Lebanese Information Minister Tarek Mitri said his country disputes the Blue Line demarcation in certain areas, including the village of Adeisseh where the clash took place, and saw Israel’s act as a clear provocation.” (Now, THAT is chutzpah.)

In other words: it would not matter that it was south of the Blue Line.

Only after that lie, you let UNIFIL & Israel explain that this was south of the Blue Line.

O, yes, Israel get quoted too – from paragraph # 8.

On and on AP goes, but not a word about the sniper attack that this was on Israeli commanders not even close to the excuse tree for the shooting.

Meanwhile Mitri, the Lebanese minister, maintained that Lebanon had not been notified in advance of the pruning, while it had cynically used the info to set up the ambush.

Giving all the cameras and journalists in the area, we see that THEY were notified.

Despite our earlier warning that the murderers were probably from Hezbollah, you don’t hesitate to deny that.

Brazenly, you round off by describing “Wednesday’s funerals.”

We read about Lebanese Sgt. Abdullah Tufeili’s 3-year-old daughter, Zahraa, and 6-year-old son, Mohammed Jawad.

It seems that the Israeli murder victim was not laid to rest (but he was) and not an iota about his four children that lost their father to hatred of Jews.

AP, no one needs to disgrace you.

You do it all by yourself.


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UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border

Dear Editor,

You must be very happy to get this following news.

Not, as you report in “UN disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border” has the UN confirmed that “the” tree was on Israeli soil, but many more aspects of the Israeli version of event are now confirmed by the UN:
– This was routine work,
– This was coordinated with the UN who informed the Lebanese Army ahead of time

It seems very clear that murderous ambush by people in uniforms of the Lebanese Army, was a blatant violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

See/read/hear for yourself:

http://idfspokesperson.com/2010/08/04/audio-transcript-of-israel-army-radios-interview-with-unifil-spokesman-milos-struger-4-aug-2010/ .

We expect an immediate change in your reporting.


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Arab League backs Palestinians on restarting talks

Dear Editor,

Your “Arab League backs Palestinians on restarting talks” doesn’t just have a spin – it’s a virtual pirouette.

Israel is named a dozen times but never quoted until a token, blend sentence in paragraph 14. Israel is blamed for the lack of peace. AP delivers the message without any comment that in fact Israel has been most forthcoming. AP is accessory to slander.

Halfway the report we get feasted on another spin by the always ready to slander Israel the US State Department. The Arab nations are lauded on wanting peace talks. Again AP has no annotations, fails to point out that they in fact said the opposite. AP is a repeat offender even inside one report.

(Your opening clause was: “Arab nations on Thursday backed the Palestinian president’s refusal to immediately restart direct talks with Israel despite heavy U.S. pressure.” This refusal you professionally hid in the headline, and now in the State Department’s turn.)

But that wasn’t all of it. We can’t call AP lazy! AP then goes on to gives us their “view” in clear sight. We can’t blame AP here for not giving counter-information to biased sources – they ARE the source of these distortions, in plain violation of their own editorial statues. The Israeli government is labeled hawkish, hard-line, without any truth of provocation.

And look at the following beauty. (Can we have the name of the editor who wrought this – we need to honor such talents.) Instead of repeating that Netanyahu is unconditionally for direct peace talks, AP writes “Netanyahu opposes all conditions for renewing direct talks.”

Then AP’s cherry on the cake of dirt that rounds off the “report.” AP labels Jews living in Jerusalem’s Old City “settlers.” Never mind that Jews had lived all over this Old City for millennia, including in the so-called Muslim Quarter (the mezuzoth still clearly on the doorposts of the apartments from which the Jordanians had evicted them) – they are now invaders.

Therefore, Jews are “living in houses bought by Jews in established Arab neighborhoods” is truly the distortion of the week.

Closing words of wisdom go to world champions on peace, some well-trained terrorists, or as AP names them: the militant Hamas movement.

AP’s true colors all over. Instead, some high color would be called for.


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More than matzo balls: Kosher cooking revisited

Dear Editor,

Your “More than matzoh balls: Kosher cooking revisited” has the good aspect that it’s showing Israeli life from its jolly side, for a change.

That is so welcome that we forgive you the minor kashrut inaccuracies in the report.

The Jerusalem Post outdid you with http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/Features/Article.aspx?id=183049. We had wished that like them in the paper edition, that you would have mentioned briefly that there are many vegetarian Jews that never would touch any of these animals unless to cuddle.

But you broke through the stereotype as if Jews must mean trouble – good for you.


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Lebanon, Israel clash near border; at least 4 dead

Dear Editor,

An earlier report “Israel says senior officer killed in Lebanon clash” was withdrawn by AP but still made it into 500 WWW sites. That report and its latest sequel “Lebanon, Israel clash near border; at least 4 dead” are not biased – they are outright mendacious. How can anyone still believe in AP reporting? We will give some examples how AP deliberately hides the truth, but the list will not be exhaustive, because there is no way to keep up with the distortions and name them all.

“Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire Tuesday” – The hidden truth: Snipers in uniforms of the Lebanese Army, but because of the higher age of the soldiers killed probably Hezbollah terrorists, ambushed Israeli troops killing one senior commander and seriously wounding a second.
“in a fierce border battle,” “Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire,” “in Tuesday’s clash” – The hidden truth: Lebanese launched an ambush, Israelis only shot back. Then the Lebanese asked for a ceasefire to evacuate the wounded; after half an hour they fired a rocket-propelled grenade at an Israeli tank (that missed) and the tank then fired back. AP makes it completely unclear that there was an aggressor and that Israel was only defending itself. This smoke screen is clearly deliberately placed.
“underlining how easily tensions can re-ignite” – The hidden truth: Tensions don’t shoot to kill. This was not tension that got out of hand but rather a murderous preplanned attack.
“began after an Israeli soldier tried to remove a tree along the border” – The hidden truth: The two hit Israeli commanders were not at all involved in maintenance of border visibility. AP reports this, 6 paragraphs later, though.
“Israel claims Hezbollah has significantly expanded and improved its arsenal of rockets since 2006” – The hidden truth: Israel has revealed last month not only the photographic proofs but also that Hezbollah is endangering its own population, what AP completely deleted from its news “coverage” – see https://apisraelwatch.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/israel-says-images-show-hezbollahs-intentions/.
– AP quotes at least 6 Arabs of completely different position that all blame Israel as the aggressor. This is many more than the Israeli sources quoted. And instead of showing how all these Arab sources lie, AP gives the impression that Israel must be lying, because how can so many people be wrong. Israel, though, is a democracy, enjoys freedom of the press and its army has large sections of recruits and left-wing soldiers, so that there is no way that it could make up a story and would get away with it, so it should get the benefit of the doubt. Also because in every instance like this before, information from the Israeli army in the end turned out to be the most correct.

AP’s “LEBANON-ISRAEL BORDER” VIDEO report http://video.ap.org/?f=MAFIT&pid=i3IR0_tPwYzVYKs3OmtoLlEOKr12JHAS is even much worse. The AP reporter, [Diane Capli,] told us in a completely matter-of-fact tone that a number of people got killed in a border dispute over a tree and then proceded to give sound bites from a UN and a Lebanese official (the latter is clearly lying – so deliciously clearly lying) – and no Israeli at all.

It’s not clear if you actually are for


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Outspoken British PM embroiled in diplomatic rows

Dear Editor,

Your “Outspoken British PM embroiled in diplomatic rows” is one of the worst AP reports that we have seen ever. You deserve a bad press about this the world over, and our time will come that AP will be called to give account.

What is dirtier that quoting a liar and Israel hater, then asking if he says these things because of “youthful inexperience” or because he’s “a truth-teller distinct from his Labour predecessors, whom he has accused of relying on spin”?

Look in our Chapter 7. at our Blog, to see the truth about Gaza. A fine prison that is.

What was it about Hitler that attracted the masses? His youthful energy or his pride?

Sorry to have to point it out to you, the four letter word is HATE. And you sell that as “free from spin.”

To add insult to injury you have the audacity to claim that “Cameron’s attitude also bears a striking similarity to Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher,” who was one of the closest friends Israel ever had.

You are so friendly to repeat his accusations as: “Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish activists, …. that the Palestinian territory “cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.” AP does give a little and much too late some token counter-arguments – in the second half of paragraph 17.

True, he says all kinds of other damaging things, but first of all he was after Israel – a perfect pact with AP.

We do doubt the mental state of the reporter when we read about “tax hikes that will hit rich and poor alike.” But in the end what counts is not intelligence nor sanity, but rather goodness & truthfulness, which are seriously lacking in this AP report.


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Peres: Croatian WWII camp was a show of `sadism’

Dear Editor,

This is a fine report except for…. the headline – again. And since most people will ONLY read the headline, this is most serious.

“Peres: Croatian WWII camp was a show of `sadism'” was an unnecessary editorial choice, to put it lightly. It disarmed the messages inside the report. Peres did say this, but that was not the main massage of his visit at all. If we look at the two top news events here, we can immediately see how AP is hiding the main news in plain sight – again.

A fair, honest, truthful heading should have been something like:

“Israeli President accuses Iran to fancy another Holocaust” – the last word here not used euphemistically for a change; or:

“Israel-Croatia ties and friendship further strengthened.”

AP will report anything about Israel, except the truth. We will not get used to it and not give up until this has changed.


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Egypt: US assurances may boost direct peace talks

Dear Editor,

A. In “Egypt: US assurances may boost direct peace talks” we have to go to the third sentence / paragraph to find the first bias. Should we be grateful for the first two? Look if you can find the twists (two).

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is under intense international pressure to restart direct peace talks with Israel frozen in 2008,” it reads.

The two problems are in its tail. The direct peace talks were abandoned not in 2008 but rather in 2009 when Ehud Olmert had to step down, as we wrote to AP now at least 8 different occasions. And not at all when Israel went after Hamas in Gaza.

And these talks were not “frozen” – Abbas walked away, because we could blame the next Israeli Prime-Minister to be an impossible hard-liner, and get away with it. As AP reporting has shown ever since.

Yes, AP is not just an influential news reporter and supporter for democracy and freedom of the press the world over . It has made itself also a major player in the Mideast, unfortunately spreading hatred, hindering the peace process by enabling terrorists and the PA to play their media games unhindered, and so promoting local wars and an endemic rise in anti-Semitism.

B. The whole rest of the report is not much better. Let’s look at the verbs AP uses for the different leaders.

  • Egyptian presidential spokesman Suleiman Awwad did not disclose
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is under intense international pressure
  • Arab foreign ministers will meet Thursday to consider…., potentially adding more pressure on the Palestinian president
  • Abbas has insisted
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused
  • Mitchell warned Abbas
  • President Barack Obama will not be able to help
  • Awwad said
  • Obama has committed to exerting efforts
  • President Hosni Mubarak has received
  • Obama, followed by calls from Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all signaling
  • Assurances from the U.S. might convince
  • Netanyahu has called for…, has accepted…., but has refused to
  • Netanyahu said…., demanded
  • Egypt’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the Arab foreign ministers are looking to hear
  • Egyptian officials say
  • Obama could help
  • the Palestinian document noted
  • Mitchell demanded
  • Obama gets involved.

That means that:

The US: will not be able to help / has committed to / signaling / might convince / could help / demanded / gets involved.

The Arab League: did not disclose / will meet / said / has received / are looking to hear

The PA: is under pressure / has insisted / noted

And Israel: has refused / has called for / has accepted / has refused to / said / demanded

Again the PA as poor victim, the US and Arab League as sweet heroes, and Israel as inflexible bully. While Netanyahu is the one saying all the time that we are for a Palestinian State and let’s talk.

This is impartial reporting??


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Israel won’t pay medical bill for wounded American

Dear Editor,

“Israel won’t pay medical bill for wounded American” has no negative bias about Israel except for its headline.

Now, a headline is what most people read, so it’s not a trivial thing!

Doesn’t it sound unfriendly? Doesn’t it remind us of all the bad things that Israel is accused of all the time?

Why not: “American-Israeli not automatically entitled to medical costs in demonstration injury”?

This will be fought over in court, so the qualifier “automatically” just means: for the time being.

So, a serious AP bias, after all.


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Israel, green group dispute Jordan River’s safety

Dear Editor,

Your tiny report “Israel, green group dispute Jordan River’s safety” lack two crucial pieces of information. This could be a simple oversight, but unfortunately all mistakes in AP Mideast reporting effect Israel’s image negatively, and are never in its advantage. Therefore we have no choice and label these imperfections part of AP’s bias too.

1. “Israel is building sewage treatment plants that are supposed to end the Israeli waste flow into the river by next year.” Left out is that the Palestinian Authority has no intention to preserve the environment. Not it looks as if Israel is the polluter.

2. “The Jordan River has dramatically shrunk as its waters have been diverted for agriculture and drinking.” As agreed in the peace treaty with Jordan, an enormous amount water is diverted to the Hashemite Kingdom. Why is this left out?


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7 crew reported dead in Israeli chopper crash

Dear Editor,

We found nothing biased or wrong with your “7 crew reported dead in Israeli chopper crash.”

For the record – it also held no pro-Israel unbalance, so it does nothing to neutralize AP’s ongoing anti-Israel bias.


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British PM visits Turkey: Iran, Gaza on agenda

Dear Editor,

Frankly we don’t mind some European Prime Minister slandering Israel to get a warm reception from another anti-Semite. This has been a Gentile pastime by politicians for centuries and a proven way to cement friendship between the nations.

But we very much protest when AP takes it as its holy task to spread this murderous slander the world over!!

“British PM visits Turkey: Iran, Gaza on agenda” should have been about the Turkish-British relationship. Instead, we read the word Israel 8 times in the first 8 paragraphs.

How many of these vicious statements get confronted with te facts, or let’s say a response by someone not ant-Israel? (Not counting AP that reports them as worthy words….) None! Again a report calling Israelis a bunch of low-lives.

And, of course, AP does not find this the proper occasion to reveal to the world that the G-8 generously supported Israel https://apisraelwatch.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/g-8-leaders-support-israel/ . In the past month there were 14 AP reports that easily could have referred to this, but AP hides this major truth for the world.

Why is AP much more to blame and damaging than these anti-Israel heads of government? Because everyone knows that politicians lie; but AP claims to be an impartial provider of news, and most people believe their reports – still.


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Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel war

Dear Editor,

1. Exactly 4 days after an AP report that claimed that inappropriate dress can LEAD TO (sic) rape (of women) (Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group), we now have AP claiming that the discovery of natural gas close to Israel and the Lebanon can LEAD TO war (“Natural gas could lead to new Lebanon-Israel war”). Again, as if the one could be the natural out the other.

The same wacky “reasoning” of magicking away any responsibility of aggressors. In general any responsibility for Israel’s enemies, AP moves out of plain sight. The report here euphemistically adds that it fears that war may spring from a “spark new war between them” hiding that it is Hezbollah that is threatening and that Israel is having no violent intentions at all. And this hiding of the perpetrator and his responsibilities, is only the first serious problem with this report.

2. Hezbollah is a creatively called “militant group” but is rather an internationally recognized, major terrorist organization. One just wonders how AP would characterize Hitler if her were in power today.

3. One would have hoped that AP now would present Israel’s claim to the gas find. Rather, as always, AP first brings the claim by the terrorists, that Israel wants “to steal natural gas from Lebanese territory and vows to defend the resources with its arsenal of rockets.” This introduces the novel idea that these rockets and attitudes would have any defensive function. Very creative.

4. Only after the terrorists vented their contraptions, Israel gets to say the fields it is developing do not extend into Lebanese waters. In all fairness AP adds now that experts say that that “appears to be correct.” Meanwhile, though, Israel is put in a defensive position again.

5. Now AP makes a very strange move. It disputes the experts’ claim that Israel is doing OK with the addition “but the maritime boundary between the two countries – still officially at war – has never been precisely set.” Now, this then also could disqualify the terrorists’ claim that Israel would be fishing in their waters, but that’s not what AP writes. And the extent of territorial waters doesn’t depend on a peace treaty but rather on international law. Nevertheless, Israel’ defense is called into question with no Israeli invited to defend it.

6. Now a Hezbollah chief gets the floor to spread his propaganda first hand. A luxury normally not given to Israel.

7. Now the report proceeds to give us some objective and relevant news about the seize and significance of the finds. It seems that seize does matter.

8. In paragraph nine we finally get to hear from our first Israeli, a happy academic, immediately followed by another Hezbollah crony, producing his own variations to violent speech and truth.

9. And only new we get to hear from an Israeli official. He is calling those claims “nonsense.” Did it escape AP how that sounds? He’s quoted “calling those claims “nonsense”, saying….,” what means as much as “just a claim by an Israeli.” Look at how a Norwegian official after that is quoted directly: he “told The Associated Press that….”

10. Now, the few readers that are left after all these details, can read AP’s analysis. Is it a surprise that we get just another piece of moral equivalence? “Israel and Hezbollah each accuse the other.” AP moved the argument from the threat of a terror organization via their claim that their intentions are defensive toward that the murderers and the democratic state of Israel “each accuse the other (sic).”

11. Now we get, for the connoisseur, a piece of twisted history of the “devastating 2006 war,” specially created by AP for this report. See if you can see the manipulation – it’s not hard to spot. Here they go: “That fighting, in which Hezbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid sparked a massive Israeli bombardment, killed about 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis.” The terrorists killed 160 Israelis without firing one rocket – if we may believe AP, that is. No word on that the Hezbollah guerrillas hid between the population and that Israelis tried to spare as many civilian lives a s possible, while the terrorists tried to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible (a war crime) in a massive terrorist bombardment (AP calls it “a massive Israeli bombardment“). From aggressor to victim – the Arab story according to a shameless AP.

12. “Israeli officials, however, say they believe Hezbollah has managed to triple its prewar arms stockpile to more than 40,000 rockets.” Israelis believe it, or is there any basis for it? Also left out an earlier report from Israel with proofs that these rockets are stationed close to schools, hospitals and civilian housing.

13. A lot more follows in this lengthy report, but we would like to finish with the piece that AP chose as its bottom line. It brings the worry that “in times of crisis” such rigs are “vulnerable…. because those sites are exposed.” Exposed to what? Ah, terrorists! AP presents it as a natural disasters. And every rig in the world is vulnerable to acts of terrorism, but since Israel is everyone’s fair game, only Israel needs to worry?


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Lying for sex _ old sin means jail time in Israel

Dear Editor,

Here is the sequel to your scandalous “Gaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian group” in which we were educated that women should ask themselves if it’s not them that provoked rape.

“Lying for sex _ old sin means jail time in Israel” is not just reversing the burden of moral proof – it manages to condemn Israel for having the most extreme laws against sexual crime.

And, of course, such a protest was not launched with previous cases (the reporter says: only one, but Haaretz tells us: previously such men were convicted on fraud charges (that’s more honorable?) – http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/jurists-say-arab-s-rape-conviction-sets-dangerous-precedent-1.303109) when a Jew was convicted for getting a woman to have sex with him through deceit. No, only now the perpetrator is an Arab, AP shouts alarm: racism.

Now, it could be that AP is horrified at the idea of Israel’s stern anti-rape legislation, and who are we then to soothe them? But no, AP doesn’t just opine that this protects the wrong party. No, it uses lies, twists, uneven reporting and other manipulative tricks to come to its shoddy conclusions.

We are not surprised to see that it’s Amy Teibel who’s doing AP’s dirty work – again.

Israel has the most protective laws against sexual abuse anyone could imagine and beyond. Yes, these laws taken to the extreme could lead to absurd prosecutions, but anything good can be abused.

We should ask ourselves, if we would rather err on the side of caution or better not. In other words, what would be worse, a man being falsely accused of sexual violence or a woman not having legal backing to defend herself against sexual force?

With so many women fair game all day long, moving between mostly insensitive men, Israeli law is on the side of the potential victims, rather than would-be perpetrators. Scandalous, shouts AP. Wonderful, we object.

Let’s go through some examples to see how AP works its report towards scandalizing Israel’s world record feminist position, instead of celebrating it. That AP produces two women-hating reports within a week that violate any sentiment against rape, each written by a woman, makes the situation only more cynical.

Lying for sex. It happens all the time.” – With this brilliant opening AP sets the tone of the report. Rape also happens all the time – and that makes it OK?

Yet a married Palestinian man has been ordered jailed for 18 months for having sex with an Israeli woman after giving her the impression he too was Jewish, as well as single and interested in a relationship.” – Here we have it. Half of the charges were that he pretended to be a Jew and he will be imprisoned for that. Doesn’t that sound like racist injustice?

His conviction of “rape by deception” has drawn charges of racism” – In case we didn’t get it, she brings up the R-word herself. And now the reporter is going to make her case.

She quotes: the convicted man, his lawyer, and 4 specialists against this verdict.

Missing anyone? The victim, her lawyer, people who think that was a great verdict.

No, Mrs. Teibel lines up the whole world against the Israeli court and lawgiver. They are not a model of pro-feminist law enforcement; rather, they are racist. And she makes this case by only quoting people who agree with this.

Lastly, let’s look at her third expert witness, Dana Pugach, head of the Noga Center for Victims of Crime. AP’s Mrs. Teibel quotes that she: “suggests the law sometimes takes things too far.” She might actually have said this.

But when we look in the above mentioned Haaretz report we see that this same expertsaid she thought the verdict was appropriate.” Don’t you feel violated when you’re lied to like this by the media as AP does here?

AP is willing to blame rape victims for rape and complain about too stringent laws against rape, just to make the case that Israel is racist. Raping the public’s mind. Yuck!


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High security for Israeli athletes in Turkey

Dear Editor,

We are most disappointed with “High security for Israeli athletes in Turkey.” After the brilliant “Turks protest Israeli volleyball team” earlier in the day, we had contemplated a creative writer’s award for your anonymous journalist who coined “pro-Palestinian protesters” for “anti-Israeli protesters.”

But now we see the same twist in this next “report,” we’re afraid the Award is off.

Further we found the same old fill-ups like raid (twice), Israel deadly & refuses, etc.

We can’t award a reward on one clever word – sorry.


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Turks protest Israeli volleyball team

Dear Editor,

You open “Turks protest Israeli volleyball team” with an interesting twist.

Instead of calling the hooligans the obvious “anti-Israeli protesters” you call them “pro-Palestinian protesters.”

The whole report has token counter-arguments but basically the Turks get an open mic from AP.

As anyone get who attacks Israel.

You somehow forget to report the G-8 stand – for 8 weeks now [G-8 Leaders support Israel] .

Sorry to say, but your “reporting” here is too ridiculous to deserve a details critique.


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After UN court ruling, fears of global separatism

Dear Editor,

In “After UN court ruling, fears of global separatism” Israel is curiously absent.

While AP makes sure that Israel is in the news around the globe on a daily basis, when a lengthy analysis is given here about regions that want to split off from an acknowledged state, Palestinians are suddenly not mentioned. Kurds are.

Does that mean that AP is now rooting for the One state solution – all Jews leave and no separate demilitarized homeland for the Palestinians? Or Jordan is Palestine?

AP is like a dear spouse. Even after knowing her for years, she still surprises us.


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Israel: Controversial conversion bill shelved

Dear Editor,

“Israel: Controversial conversion bill shelved” is impeccable. It even contains a filling for the lacuna that we reported earlier (Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill).


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Israel urges Lebanon to block ships for Gaza

Dear Editor,

“Israel urges Lebanon to block ships for Gaza” is another example of AP shamelessly plotting against Israel.

It recycles all the lies that we’ve seen – and protested against to no avail – in the past weeks plus some innovations.

We assume some people at AP REALLY hate Israel because they are so industrious in their slander. Both the old lies are republished all the time but also new “ideas” are volunteered how Israel and Israelis are despicable.

Look at the first two paragraphs. Israel is the aggressor – again. (Will it ever be stopped?) “Israel is urging,” Israel “warned,” Israel “accused” and when finally quoted, it’s presented between quotation marks, as if to say: look what it says. But the real place for quotations marks is made objective when we read about these “aid ships.”

We’re not going to point out all the lies and distortions in it. They can be found in our recent emails to you.

That you’re still in business must mean that either no one is reading AP or no one is taking it seriously. You’re digging you financial grave with your incitement, even if you would never be fined for it. Who wants to be lied at by people who claim impartiality?.


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Israeli troops kill Palestinian at settlement

Dear Editor,

“Israeli troops kill Palestinian at settlement” is another perfect example of AP spreading anti-Israel sentiments.

You start with “Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man entering a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Thursday, drawing a Palestinian accusation that soldiers are too quick to open fire.”

Instead, you should have opened with “Israel put a stop to infiltration attempts by Palestinians of a Jewish settlement in the West Bank on Thursday. After a warning of the would-be infiltrators to stop and warning shots went unheeded, troops shot and killed one man while others escaped. Though it is believed that the main motive for a string of break-ins was criminal and not terrorist, a discovered thief can easily turn to murder and so be a danger to life in these quite pastoral quarters. Therefore an ambush was set up to stop the nightly phenomenon.”

The headline should have been “Israeli stops infiltrators to settlement.”

AP chose – again – to start with the Israeli response to the Palestinian action and on top of that in the very first paragraph include a quote condemning Israel as if it went violent – again.

AP leaves out that troops first fired at the feet of the trespassers, and only when that didn’t help, fired to kill.

AP gives all the Palestinian statements to condemn the shooting; Israel gets no word in on its motives.

The report finishes off with a four paragraph “report” on Palestinian demands “for peace” without any Israeli rebuttal.

AP – if you are impartial and against terrorism and incitement, you hide that masterly!


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Hezbollah: Members to be indicted in Hariri death

Dear Editor,

“Hezbollah: Members to be indicted in Hariri death” is a good example of AP at its worst.

Free speech for one of the most bloody leaders the world still has, with no comments inserted by anyone disagreeing. No critical questions are asked and a veil of decency is draped over terrorist Hezbollah. AP as terrorists’ mouthpiece.

Funny that this never happens with anyone but violent anti-Israel inciters.


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UK proposes tighter universal jurisdiction rules

Dear Editor,

There was little bias that you could have inserted in “UK proposes tighter universal jurisdiction rules” but the little that you could, you did.

In the beginning you report that the new rules seek “to make it harder for its courts to arrest foreigners accused of serious human rights violations.” Much too late and too little, only in paragraphs 3, 8 & 9, we find that the problem was with bogus complaints, not with a tackling of real “serious human rights violations.”


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Boney M asked to skip hit in West Bank gig

Dear Editor,

At least “Boney M asked to skip hit in West Bank gig” was reported, but AP was still poo-pooing the incident.

The headline was a bit too tame. Would it not have been more appropriate to head it “Boney M asked to skip ancient Zionist hit in West Bank gig” or something like that?

And we would’ve expected AP to stand up against censorship & the rewriting of history & report more condemnations.


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